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2023 Pisces Marriage Horoscope

2023 Pisces Marriage Horoscope

2023 Pisces Marriage horoscope indicates that you will foresee moderate but positive and optimistic results in terms of your marriage prospects in the initial half of the year, although you may face disappointment at times due to other commitments for which the personal front will be ignored. Overall, marriage prospects will be beautiful with communication and mutual understanding taking the lead role for maintaining cordial marital relations.

  • Predictions suggest that there are good chances of finding a suitable partner or for getting good marriage proposals around mid-2023, as can get someone who comes close to the kind of partner you aspire for in your life.
  • By 22nd April 2023, Jupiter will be placed in Pisces and aspect the 5th and 7th house, revealing that this is the best time to propose for love and marriage to your beloved.

2023 Pisces Marriage Horoscope foretells that its personal planet, Jupiter will be present in Pisces in your 1st house or ascendant at the start of the year and will remain there till 22 April 2023. Jupiter will conjoin Rahu in the 2nd house of family during the month of May 2023, forming ‘Guru Chandal Yoga’ that may cause some restrictions in relationships due to unnecessary illusions.

The period from the latter half of the year reveals that the retrograde position of Jupiter from 4th September till 31st December predict that personal matters will not be cordial and there may be lack of mutual understanding with your partner.

  • Saturn, lord of the 11th and 12th houses of gains and detachment, will remain in the 11th house of gains in the first month of 2023, for quite a few days, facilitating a good understanding with your spouse and there will be honesty in your relationship.
  • The transit of Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th house of loss, post 17th January 2023, and its retrogression from 17th June to 4th November 2023 indicates setbacks in intimacy with your partner/spouse due to the lack of mutual coordination; therefore, mutual effort should be initiated to cover any rift that may occur.

2023 marriage predictions for Pisces indicate that the beginning of the year marks the presence of Saturn in the 11th house and Sun in the 10th house with Jupiter’s placement in your ascendant, which will make your married life blessed with good mutual understanding, love, attraction and the willpower to stand with each other through thick and thin. You will face a twist in relationships when Jupiter moves in the 2nd house and Saturn in the 12th house, when all priorities in mutual relationships will change in the latter half of 2023.

  • The conjoining of Jupiter with Rahu, Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house of family from 15th May and post May indicates problems in your personal/marital life and relationships will turn sour without any reason if timely rectification of issues is not taken care of with vigilance.

Mercury, the lord of the house of marriage, and its placement in the house of speech where it gets retrograde from 22nd April till 14th May will bring rudeness in your speech as confusions may be there at your family front which will add stress to your personal relations.

The latter half of 2023 will be a mixed basket of relationships and it will be better to avoid any kind of dispute or differences during July-October due to the placements of retrograde Saturn in the house of loss and retrograde Jupiter in the house of speech and family relations. It will be better to realize that mutual harmony will have to be balanced with your spouse with tact and efforts.

  • Travel plans will bring the happiness and intimacy back in your relationship.

The axis of Rahu and Ketu till 30th October 2023 in the 2nd house of speech and 8th house of hurdles can raise your anxiety bar over unpredictable issues that will have sudden impact with baseless foundation.


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2023 Pisces Predictions on Financial Prospects from Spouse

2023 Pisces marriage horoscope indicates that the beginning of the year will be good for your for your financial prospects. The strong placement of Mars and Mercury in the house of travel and career will bring chances of money gains through foreign sources where your spouse may be involved with you in joint ventures that will not only bring expansion in your career but give excellent support with passive advice and partnership.

  • Jupiter’s placement in the ascendant in its own sign and its aspect on the house of marriage will make the partner’s financial position very prosperous with good gains with your strong support. Your spouse may make joint ventures with you in your career with investments that will be profitable for future savings in safe instruments.
  • The location of Mars, that is your wealth lord, and Venus, which is your spouse’s wealth lord, will be placed in the 4th house of stability during the month of May that will invite the prospects of money gains from multiple sources including overseas projects that you will gain with sudden proposal.

2023 Pisces marriage predictions indicate that August may be restricted in terms of your monetary gains as both the wealth lord for you and your spouse will be in a non-progressive tone. Further, the Rahu-Ketu axis in the mutual wealth house of both of you may reduce your gains as per your expectations; but be assured that monetary gains will be there with a positive trend.


2023 Pisces Predictions on Physical Compatibility

You will experience good compatibility in your love relationship along with strong physical intimacy as the lords of physical attraction for you and your partner is Venus and Mars respectively, which indicates that the initial part of 2023 will be good for you as both emotional and physical attraction will be present and you will support each other well, especially till April 2023.

Rahu and Ketu axis marks the fulfillment of physical pleasures with mutual heightened intimacy with each other till 30th October 2023.

The conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu from 22nd April to 30th October in the 2nd house of speech may affect the tone of your words that may become impulsive and rude during any disagreement, bringing conflicts in your relations. You will not make any effort to clear any doubt with each other, especially from 10th May till 1st July when Mars will be placed in its debilited sign Cancer in the 5th house and this may bring a collapse in the mutual understanding but your strong sexual attraction towards each other will tone down and stabilize your relations.


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