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2023 Libra Marriage Horoscope

2023 Libra Marriage Horoscope

2023 Libra Marriage Horoscope indicates a tough time and you may pass through many humps in married life. Mars, lord of marriage in your horoscope, would be in place of suddenness and longevity until 13 March, and this is not a positive sign for a happy marriage and the health of your spouse.

  • You need to be careful in terms of your spouse's health as some blood-related ailments would occur and may create a problem.
  • Avoid quarrels with your partner and keep your character clean.

Rahu resides in the place of marriage till 30 October 2023, and this may attract the comforts of life. Your urge to dominate people around you and especially your partner will increase. Lack of happiness, disagreements and fights in the couple would be visible. Later months of 2023 would be on a better note in terms of marriage.

  • Try to build trust in your marriage and your partner; time will witness problems due to a lack of faith in each other.
  • Give priority to your relationship instead of wasting time on others, you must remember that this is a transit time and will pass through soon.

Another malefic effect on the place of marriage will be of Saturn from 17 January, though it will give mutual understanding on one hand, and on the other hand, your responsibilities will increase, and you may be able to devote less time to your partner. From 17 June to 4 November, when Saturn will be in retrogression, this period will add obstacles and difficulties in your married life.

  • You need to be calm and patient for aspired results and need to be faithful and devoted for smooth married life.
  • It is advisable to not be disheartened by tough times as nothing is static in life, especially time and the journey of the planet and soon times will be better.

Jupiter's transit in place of disease and disputes may enhance the related things in life, and your health would be a matter of concern. After 22 April, the energy of Jupiter will combine with Rahu and will form Guru Chandal Yoga. This may raise possibilities of disagreements and disputes and may cause discords which may result in separation. After 30 October, Rahu moves to the next house and Jupiter alone in place of marriage will bring some relief and happy moments in married life. Jupiter will also shower its blessings to maintain a cordial relationship.

  • Don’t indulge with another person in a close relationship and mark your boundaries for a better married relationship.
  • Utilize November and December to repair your relationship with your spouse or partner and try to bring things to normal.
  • The later period may also be good to extend your family and those who are planning for a baby, may get good news and a chance to expand their family.


2023 predictions also indicate some disputes that may even extend to legal matters. But you need not worry too much as things will get resolved and you will get relief by the end of the year.

If you are single, you may get into a relationship and tie the knot. You will get the approval of elders and a love marriage may convert into a happy marriage with the blessings and best wishes of all your near and dear ones.

  • The latter half of 2023 will be a mixed basket and it will be better to avoid any kind of dispute or differences during July-October due to the placements of retrograde Saturn in the house of loss and retrograde Jupiter in the house of speech and family relations. It will be better to realize that mutual harmony will have to be balanced with your spouse with tact and effort. Travel plans will bring happiness and intimacy back into your relationship.

The axis of Rahu and Ketu till 30 October 2023 in the 2nd house of speech and 8th house of hurdles can raise your anxiety bar over unpredictable issues that will have a sudden impact with a baseless foundation.

GOOD MONTHS FOR LIBRA MARRIAGE 2023: November and December

BAD MONTHS FOR LIBRA MARRIAGE 2023: January and February


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2023 Libra Predictions on Financial Prospects from Spouse

2023 Libra marriage horoscope indicate mixed results on the part of financial prospects from your spouse because there may be money from your spouse or in-law’s side but the sudden and unplanned expense would disturb your financial status. Mars' placement in suddenness may bring expense that you were not expecting in the past, it might be over health issues on your own or your partner, unplanned shopping, etc. But on the other side, this is the period that will bring financial support from in-laws or your spouse in a time of need.

Sudden financial gains are on the cards from 6 April to 2 May, it may be from your spouse's side. November and December will bring financial upliftment from the spouses' side. Jupiter aspects house of gains and income from the place of marriage indicating gains from the spouse side. You need to be careful and plan your expense based on earnings. There should be a balance between the both.


2023 Libra Predictions on Physical Compatibility

In 2023, the beginning of the year indicates some disputes and a lack of mental and physical compatibility, though by the end of the year you will see some new developments and your bonding with your partner will get strong. You will enjoy the company of your partner, especially in the latter part of the year.

Jupiter will be alone in the place of marriage after 30th October and your relationship will be on a better note. You will feel that your compatibility could rise and you may spend happy and sensual moments with your spouse or partner. In November and December, Venus, significator of love and romance, influences the place of bed pleasure, self and relationship. Here it will increase feelings which may create the urge for sexual moments and mentally you would want to be with your partner; therefore, for compatibility, the last phase of 2023 would be good or positive.

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