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2023 Aquarius Marriage Horoscope

2023 Aquarius Marriage Horoscope

You are introvert by nature and when you involve yourself in a relationship, you are not only a committed lover but a good friend too. You believe in connecting mentally as a priority over physical compatibility. You are possessive of your personal space and freedom but also aspire for your partner’s support in adverse situations.

Aquarius marriage horoscope 2023 predicts that your marriage will be full of pleasant and unpleasant moments throughout the year. The planetary configuration indicates that you will have the flavor of both joy and sorrow in your relations. The essence of the 2023 Aquarius marriage horoscope will be based on how you embrace both joy and sorrow without surrendering.

  • 2023 will be favorable for marriage in the first half of the year with the help of Venus that which will provide good understanding and warmth in existing relations and a good life partner, if you are single.

The latter half of 2023 will be progressive with moderate strength and the works of planet Venus will be reflected with the formation of new associations or and any social interaction may materialize into marriage. Overall the 2023 marriage predictions indicate that marriage prospects can be fruitful with your earnest efforts to maintain calm and sanity in your marital relations.

  • The prospects for you if you are single will be fruitful in the middle of the year after 22 April 2023 when Jupiter, the significator of marriage, will move into the 3rd house of initiative and aspect on the 7th house of marriage.
  • There is a strong possibility that you may take a marital decision in June as the second half of the year is quite favourable for this matter and you may have the opportunity of forming a new association through a social network that may materialize into future marriage prospects.

Saturn is your planet and will be placed in your ascendant for the whole of 2023 after 17 January 2023. The impact of Saturn will be felt on the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses of efforts, marriage and status, so Saturn will have a comprehensive impact on your marital relationships based on your behavior tools and actions in your relationships.

The placement of Jupiter will be in the 2nd house of family in its sign till 22 April and will work as the healer and bring respite from arguments or any misunderstanding within the family/personal relations. Rahu and Ketu axis throughout the year may be the cause of disruption in family/marital/love relations and can affect your mental stability.

  • The first half of 2023 will be the marker for a boost in your emotions as the relation of Venus with Saturn and Jupiter may present charming moments between you and your partner for strengthening your bond with the scope for good conversations, shared feelings of love and attempts at rectifying any issue by listening to each other.

The start of the year, January-February, indicates spending quality time with your spouse and rectifying small arguments with a diplomatic approach and the right mindset while making any communication and that will support a positive essence in your marital relations.

The second half of 2023 will be stronger and more fruitful than the first half, especially after April 2023:

  • Jupiter will move in the 3rd house of initiative and siblings and may bear some stressful results as retrograde Jupiter from 4 September till 30 October in the 3rd house will have the cluster of planets of Mercury, Sun and Jupiter conjunct with Rahu in Aries and will make you impulsive in your marital relations.
  • Saturn will be retrograde from 17 June 2023 till 4 November 2023 but the aspect of Saturn on the 10th house will make you stronger and motivate you to overcome any kind of emotional challenges through your patience and reasoning in your marital or love relationships.
  • Rahu and Ketu axis will change its stance on 30 October 2023 and will move in Pisces in the 2nd house of the family which will make you aware of the complexities of conflicts in the relationships, that may fluctuate due to the partnership of other planetary configurations like Sun, which is the lord of the 7th house of marriage, during the latter half of the year.

Overall, the movements of Jupiter and Saturn will exhibit a significant effect of positive and negative situations for you and may even cause arguments with your partner and detachment due to any personal habit or professional responsibilities. But, on the contrary, the movement of Rahu at the end of the year to Pisces will bring a decline to the bothering issues. Personal relationships will become intense due to physical intimacy with the addition of romance in your relations or reunion with someone special from the past.

The perception of your family/marital and love relations will start taking shape with your efforts and manipulation, as the transit of Venus in your love and marriage house will enhance the prospects of peace and harmony with positive outcomes in your relationships, so it is essential to reconcile issues and let the love blossom between you and your partner.




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2023 Aquarius Predictions on Financial Prospects from Spouse

The 2023 Aquarius financial prediction indicates a well-settled graph with a consistent curve. Jupiter is the lord of wealth and is placed in its sign of finance and gains till April 2023, which indicates you will prosper through your efforts and earnings that will be good at the beginning of the year.
The movement of Jupiter in the 3rd house of initiative and efforts and its aspect on the 7th house of marriage indicates that gains can be accumulated throughout the year but with efforts to make joint investments in mutual funds.

The aspect of Saturn on the 7th house will restrict your spouse from making any big joint savings so it will be your effort and power of convincing your partner for financial gains in joint ventures.

Caution is advised in making joint investments with your spouse in any pursuit as Saturn is the lord of the 12th house of loss and it may bring delay and disappointments along with gains.


2023 Aquarius Predictions on Physical Compatibility

Physical compatibility will be based more on emotional connectivity rather than physical attraction. The planetary configuration indicates that Mercury is the lord of the 8th house of sexual orientation and Aquarius is an airy sign with an introvert nature, so physical compatibility will be ruled by good communication and physical satisfaction. There will be a strong and intense output of emotional and physical bonding during the month of August but be careful in July as it may endorse you with attraction towards a third person other than your spouse/partner, which may adversely affect the stability of your relations. Overall, your physical compatibility with your partner will go through high and low phases based on the varying moods of happiness and sorrow during 2023.

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