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2023 Capricorn Marriage Horoscope

2023 Capricorn Marriage Horoscope

Venus will be conjunct with Saturn from 1st January to 17th January 2023 and this position will give you different opportunities to find a partner whom you can trust and proceed further with marriage. You will be very excited to meet your romantic interest and will open your heart for more surprises.

  • Venus will make you enjoy a strong bond with your partner and you will explore various new ideas to relish the moment.
  • Your family and friends will support you, whatever you decide for your future.
  • Venus’s retrogression from 23rd July to 7th August might create challenges for you with respect to your partner and their parents. Misunderstandings and disapproval can create disharmony with your partner and family members.

Saturn’s position from 17th January till 17th June 2023 will be favourable for your married life and you will make financial gains and initiate a lot of investments and savings.

  • Saturn’s position will make you discern between good and bad decisions, which will make your family members support you in all aspects of life.
  • You will earn respect and trust in your relationship.
  • However, you may have a laid-back attitude that might irritate your partner and create troubles. You must avoid procrastination to maintain love and harmony in your relationship.

Sun’s position from 14th January to 13th February 2023 will make you think twice before getting into the loop of anger and disagreements. There will be animosity and strife in the connection, which may cause strain in your mind. Try not to overthink and remain optimistic. But at times your ego might overpower you and trigger you to pick up fights with your partner.

The position of Jupiter will give you chances to improve your relationship with much more love and care. You will have many romantic ideas and might plan travels with your partner. Positivity will prevail and both of you will understand each other’s viewpoint.

  • Retrogression of Jupiter from 4th September till 31st December 2023 will demand attention towards your relationship.
  • You might get confused while making some decisions.
  • But then things will gradually change and both of you will try to rebuild the bond.
  • The position of Mars from 10th May to 1st July 2023 will increase the intimacy and sexual pleasures in your relationship. But your aggression and impulsiveness might create dissatisfaction with your partner. Both of you will develop more intimacy and, at the same time, this might create friction and end up in fights. Control anger and analyze the situation before reacting – this will ease the situation.

Position of Mercury from 8th July to 25th July 23 will make the thrill in your relationship diminish so you must replace it with some innovative ideas. Things will be challenging, especially in the process of communication and physical attraction. This period will make you understand the importance of your partner, who has your back during hard times.

Rahu and Ketu will play a massive role in showering happiness in your companionship. From 30th October till 31st December 2023, you will feel past hurt and pains may get triggered, which might create disagreements between both of you.



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2023 Capricorn Predictions on Financial Prospects from Spouse

Saturn’s position from 17th January to 17th June 2023 predict that your partner will bring financial growth and abundance. Both of you will plan financial investments and will open multiple sources for earnings. You will lavishly spend on your requirements and will have financial freedom. But do not invest on stock markets from 17th June to 4th November 2023 as Saturn’s retrogression will bring changes in your partner’s wealth.

Jupiter’s position from 22nd April to 4th September 2023 will increase your partner’s income, which will help your household budget or in framing goals and investment. Your partner will get a handsome hike and promotion which will give both of you improved financial reality.

In the beginning of the year till mid-January, Mars’s position will cause troubles and fluctuations in wealth. During this period, you might face financial crunch so it will be better if you have financial planning in place.


2023 Capricorn Predictions on Physical Compatibility

The beginning of 2023 will bring happiness to your love life. You will find increased bed pleasures and intimacy in your relationship. Position of Mars from 1st July to 18th August 2023 will increase the physical attraction and keep your heart open for some more romantic moments. You will plan a wonderful trip with your partner and few more surprises to increase affection between both of you.

Mercury’s position from 18th January to 7th February 2023 will give you harsh speech and disagreement with your partner. This period will trigger your past emotions which might be hurtful, but then it is advisable not to hold back your true feelings. This period might bring distress and anxiety in terms of love. Keep giving more opportunities to love, this will ensure that the going is good for you.


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2023 is going to be an exciting year with Saturn’s journey through Dhanistha Nakshatra shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius after 29 years, making you begin your professional journey or relationships anew... more

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