Astrological predictions unveiling attributes and future prospects of your daughter!

  • Oct 09, 2019
  • Pt. Punarvasu

International Day of the Girl Child is a universal recognition day announced by the United Nations; it is likewise called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. October 11, 2012, was set apart as the primary Day of the Girl Child. The perception underpins great opportunities for young ladies and builds familiarity of gender equality faced by young ladies worldwide. This inequality incorporates areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, and protection from discrimination, and violence against women and forced child marriage. The reflection of the day likewise "reflects the successful emergence of young ladies and young women as a distinct cohort in development policy, programming, campaigning and research."

International Day of the Girl builds consciousness of issues faced by young ladies around the globe. Many worldwide development plans do not include or think about girls, and their issues become "invisible.

The Day of Girls helps bring to light not only the issues that young ladies face, yet in addition of what is probably going to happen when those issues are tackled. For instance, educating girls diminishes the rate of child marriage, disease and reinforces the economy by helping young ladies having access to higher paying jobs.

Daughters are indeed a Gift of God and so should be looked upon a blessing not a curse. Blessed are those parents who have a loving and caring daughter in their life.

Fifth house in anyone’s birth chart is considered as The House of Children and so it holds a significant position when it comes to progeny, recognizing the traits, education prospects and the future of your girl child. It also represents creativity, intelligence and mental inclination of a native. The fifth house in your birth chart highlights your thoughts which could be both ways-positive and negative.

Jupiter is the significator of Children. The state and positioning of this planet in your horoscope concludes whether you’re meant to receive a beautiful gift in the form of a baby or are there odds of some complications.

The Fifth Highest Degree of a planet will lay grounds for deciding how your relationship with children is going to take shape. It is known as Putra/Putri Karaka in Vedic Astrology. The placement of Putra Karaka in your moon sign will give broad picture of your life and future relation with your children. Whatsoever planet signifies Putra-Karaka in your horoscope will hold a prominent position while highlighting the conduct and nature of your children.

Find out your Relationship with your Daughter based on your moon sign:

The fifth house has to be looked upon when it comes to Family Planning. It would decide the auspicious time of a child birth and the power to bless you with a baby is entirely in the hand of this house. The influence of benefic planets in your birth chart is a great asset for getting good progeny prospects and your domestic life would be stacked with overdose of happiness and positivity. Children born under the period of such planetary effect are meant to succeed in almost every sphere of life. There are no major complications involved and flow of life becomes easy.

On the other hand, influence of malefic planets in your fifth house will suppress the positive prospects and bring about complications in the pregnancy procedure. It is likely to give irks to the expecting couple. And hence the couple may incline towards adoption.

Are you concerned about your daughter’s future? These predictions which will clear all the perplexities.

The moon sign of your daughter will bring about her characteristics, conduct and educational interests. The placement of the planets based on her moon sign, play an important role in blessing her with positive health, uplifting career, decent life partner and the power to overcome the hurdles of life.

  • Aries – Your daughter is active, confident, ambitious, frank, impulsive, and courageous and has abundant raw energy in her. She’s always ready to explore anything new or fascinating. She is an action-oriented individual and is bestowed with leadership qualities. These qualities empower her to face squarely the challenges of life. An interesting fact about her is that she prefers to be an independent thinker, has a pioneering attitude and wants to be at head in all matters. However, long term goals are left without completion due to lack of patience. This actor needs to be altered.
  • Taurus- Girls born under this moon sign have great endurance and patience. Thus, they are slow to anger, but when provoked they become angry and vicious like a charged bull. Your daughter isn’t impulsive instead she waits for the right opportunity and then takes full advantage of it. She is fond of good food but is conservative in spending money. Overall she is an ambitious and a cheerful girl.
  • Gemini- She is fond of travels. Mercury, being the ruler of this sign makes communication, reading, writing or speaking, their forte. Your daughter is a curious creature who wants to know anything and everything, wanting to know the why of everything that keeps on happening around. However, the duality of their nature makes hem fickle-minded, not allowing them to finish tasks on time.
  • Cancer- Your daughter is known for her mood swings, which wax and wane periodically. She might be timid at one time and courageous at other. She is an emotional being who is blessed with a fertile imagination. She is intelligent, industrious and frugal and is known to have a reputation for justice and fair play.
  • Leo- Generally, girls born under this sign are noble, ambitious, large-hearted, magnanimous and generous. For your daughter, her self-respect means everything to her. She is very helpful in nature and fair in her views and expects to be treated justly. When angry, she roars like a lion, but her anger is short lived. They’re fearless and have a capacity to adapt in hard times.
  • Virgo- Girls born under Virgo moon sign are more intelligent than average and possess a very good memory. They are very methodical, likes to follow rules and regulations. They are considered as health faddists as they take great interest in health matters of self as well as family members. They love music and fine arts.
  • Libra- Your daughter is meant to have a sensual disposition and keen observation. She fully weights the merits and demerits before voicing opinion on any subject. Girls born under this sign are intellectuals’ with sense of imagination. They like being truthful and honest. In no case they can be bullied by anyone.
  • Scorpio- Your daughter is a determined girl who knows how to push away the obstacles and move forward in life. On the other hand, she is extremely emotional and has a fertile imagination. But whatever she does, it happens to be executed with great passion and zeal.
  • Sagittarius- Being a fiery sign, girls born under this sign are stacked with energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. You’ll find your daughter to be bold and ambitious; she will have great self-confidence and confronts challenges with courage and fortitude. She would generally stick to the principles in spite of knowing that it may bring about unfavorable outcomes. Occult science and philosophy could be her area of interest.
  • Capricorn- Girls belonging to this sign are prudent, thoughtful and practical-minded. They’re calculative, business like and have a good organizing personality. They have a great ambition about their career and aspire to reach the top. They’re found to be humble, sympathetic and generous, and noted for their perseverance and strong-mindedness.
  • Aquarius- You would be glad to note that your daughter is selfless, pure at heart and is always ready to help others. For this reason Aquarius is known as a humanitarian sign. Further, she’s intuitive and a good judge of character. She is capable of acquiring a very high level of education and show interest in studying psychic subjects like psychology, Astrology, healing arts etc. They can be good writers or spokesperson as well.
  • Pisces- Girls born under this moon sign are honest, humane and helpful. They are good at educational pursuits and are just in their dealings. However, they may lack self-confidence at times. Your daughter could be a good actor or musician. Support her in all her endeavors and her fly high!

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