Vedic Compatibility

Vedic Astrology has ancient principles with the ability to assess the effect of a match / relationship between two individuals covering their mutual love, respect, physical desires along with the effects on each other’s health, finances, luck, career, spiritual progress & many such areas. Since Vedic astrology imbibes the rules of Vedic civilization, we also find vital clues to help us lead a virtuous & harmonious life with our partner for  life. 

Carrying out Vedic astrology compatibility is therefore a quest for finding a fulfilling life with the person you love with minimum stress & maximum happiness. Best chances of finding a true soul mate exist with carrying out Vedic compatibility study.

Vedic texts give preference to family bonds and its strength. If relationships, of all sorts, are balanced then life becomes smooth itself. But how far is it possible? Difference in basic nature and responses make others behave differently at different situation. How the other person will react or how the life will go through the ups and downs and be together? Vedic Matching has no end for assessing it. [It not only analyzes the love relationships but also includes the compatibility in business or employer/employee relationship, relationship between siblings etc.]. Thus the Marital compatibility analysis is taken as prime and technically refined as it is Nakshatra based. It goes beyond the limit of signs/aspects – it is mostly Nakshatra based and importance of signs and comparative position of planets are also not ignored.

Zodiac belt is occupied by twelve signs that contain 27 nakshatras- constellations- hence more intricate than compatibility that is sign based only. As signs has their qualities and attributes likewise Nakshatras has. Each Nakshatra depicts nature in a very much refined form. The person born in that Nakshatra carries those qualities. Ready reckoner of ashta koota Milan is based on Nakshatra of the Moon sign only. It not only foretells about the nature- mental or sexual compatibility of the partners but also covers the areas related to finances, children, good luck for each other, emotional attachment for each other, health etc. Almost every area of life is covered in ashta koota Milan- however, is not ultimate. Ashta means eight and koota means factor. Each factor depicts flow of energy related to different areas of life.

The eight factors are:
Vashya: means within control. This is related to ego of partners.
Varna: related to caste. It indicates the nature of mutual affection between the partners.
Tarabala: health and longevity.
Yoni: biological and sexual compatibility.
Grahmaitri: It indicates mental and intellectual compatibility.
Gana: it indicates prosperity and behavior. This is important for those who run business.
Bhakoota: It is taken for financial and professional support.
Naadi: it is taken for internal metabolism and hereditary factors.

 The minimum points required for matching the charts are 18 without any dosha and the maximum are 36. 

Matching from 18-21 is generally considered an Average Match. This category requires lot of adjustments from both the sides. Other factors of horoscope should also be considered.
Matching from 22-26 is considered as Fair Match. Matching from 27-32 is generally considered as Good Match. Many other doshas are reduced in this category. Matching above 32 points is considered as an Excellent Match.  However, matching of 36 points indicates complete matching of charts and indicates too much or polarity and mirror imaging of each other that may sometimes become difficult to adjust. Therefore practically the category between 27-34 is very good for marital harmony.

Apart from that the major factor to be considered is Manglik dosha. It is also known as kuja dosha or chevvai dosham also. Presence of Mars in the 1-4-7-8-12 houses in the birth Lagna known as to cause manglik dosha. According to many other experts 2nd house is also considered.

Any malefic planet that affects the seventh house mars the longevity and happiness of conjugal bliss. Since other malefic planets are not as much harmful as Mars thus presence of Mars that affects the seventh house and also eighth house is considered more than any other planet. The similar malefic presence of planet as similar in the partner’s chart cancels this dosha. Therefore, the matching of the charts according to Manglik dosha consideration is not ignored at all.

Mars dosha is also assessed by Moon and also by Venus Lagna as these two planets plays important role in marital life. However, the effect of these lagnas differs and also the effect of mars dosha in these three lagnas.

Besides these important factors the presence and their cancellation both are to be considered comparatively and assessed well.

To know about your own personal compatibility you should also know the date, time and place of birth of the partner.

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