Vasuman Yoga

What is Vasuman Yoga?
Moon has been accorded great significance along with lagna or rising sign in Vedic astrology. Of the 12 houses in a horoscope, 3/6/11 houses have not been much appreciated for their negative significance apart from their positive effects on our life. However when 10th house - denoting the Karma bhava or the house that rules over your career is counted along with 3/6/11 and the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus & Mercury are placed in these houses from Moon Sign, it casues Vasuman Yoga in a horoscope.

Effects of Vasuman Yoga
Vasuman Yoga makes one extremely wealthy, getting all comforts without much efforts. The inclusion of 10th house with 3, 6 and 11 indicates growth & expansion in life. And it is this growth which is the basis of results of Vasuman Yoga. The native grows his wealth & stature slowly and steadily. This Yoga in the horoscope ensures perpetual prosperity in life. And the effects of this yoga prevail even if there are some other inauspicious combinations in the chart.


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Vasuman Yoga Reading will cover the following:
  • Analysis of Vasuman Yoga in your horoscope & its strength
  • Results of this Yoga expected in your life
  • Analysis of dasa period when this yoga will manifest in your life
  • Remedies & Suggestions to maximize the good effects of this yoga.
  • You can also ask ONE specific question with this reading.
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