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Understanding Love & Relationship Karma
Love & marriage are one of the most important aspects of our life. I have answered the maximum number of questions on love, marriage and relationship over the years. Success in love relationship is a special skill. Some of you feel no matter how many times you try, there's never that 'complete satisfaction' in love, while the others may be naturally gifted at making a super rapport with nearly everybody they deal with. The actual key lies in certain Karmic influences that are present in your birth chart. Karma is the name given to all the predestined events which you are bound to experience in this life time. The theory of Karma has it's roots in good deeds that we accumulated in our past. The karmic events are the harvesting time for our fortune if we have done enough good in past life. Vedic Astrology provides answers & reasoning to our perceptions and also leaves us with solutions to clear the blocks in the way of Love & Relationship Karma.

How planets realign your love & relationship equation
With the upcoming transits of Saturn & Venus, combined with the movements of Jupiter in Virgo & Rahu (Dragon's Head) in Leo, I see a lot of realignment of equations in terms of nearly all relationships over the next 2 years. Whether it is love & marriage, family, siblings, children, friendship or business partners, there are going to be all round changes in relationships. The effects expected are many. For example Saturn could block love, turn marriages serious but at the same time bring commitment in long term relationships. Rahu, the Dragon's Head is capable of creating a romance in the most unexpected of the circumstances. Rahu is known to bring love to people who have known each other for years but didn't see each other as love partners, till Rahu did the trick. With Rahu making a move into Leo, the next 18 months could be your best phase for finding love. Jupiter is the biggest harbinger of marriage. It brings marriage in the most difficult & unlikely circumstances.

How Love & relationship Karma reading can help you?
Love & relationship Karma report covers the changes, opportunities & precautions needed to succeed in relationships, such as Love, Marriage, Family, Children & professional partnerships. This report would help you anticipate the likely changes, suggestions on how to handle the shift in relationships. You will know what to do & what to avoid doing and also the challenges that are likely to come in relationships. This report should help you remove hurdles & suggest remedies to avoid obstacles in Love Karma for you besides predicting your best timings of finding love and commitment in love. 

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