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Pitru Shaapa

HE FIFTH HOUSE represents the house of progeny. The Ninth house is the house of Dharma. It represents the father and the paternal bliss (and curse). Being the 5th to 5th house, it is the house of grand children. Being the trine (trikona) house its lord associating with the quadrant (kendra) lord gives yoga. Being the 12th to 10th house it drains out 'Karma'. 9th to 9th house is 5th house, which is also house of grand father. Hence ascendant (lagna), 5th house and 9th house, is called Pitru Thread. When the Pitru thread is afflicted it shows father's curse or Pitru Shaapa. The curse of the forefathers appears usually when the native has not performed the last rites for his forefathers in his previous life failing to liberate them from the ghostly existence. Not following the family tradition may be also be the reason for such a curse. Those who have the Adhikâra to give Tarpana should do so ninety six times in a year as given below.

12     Amâvâsya
12     Sankramana
15     days in Pitru Paksha (Bhâdrapada Krishna Paksha)
24     Vaidhruti and Vyatîpâta yoga (2 every month)
14     Manvantara
15     Pûrvedyu, Ashtaka, Anvashtaka (Saptami, Ashtami and Navami) of Bhâdrapada, Margashira, Pushya, Mâgha and Phâlguna Krishna Paxa)
4     Kruta, Treta, Dvâpara and Kaliugâdi days
Sum = 96

Various combinations are given in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Many of these indicate the 5th house, 5th lord, the Sun . This scribe has seen many charts having Sun in 9th, where the natives have lost their father in their early years vindicating the dictum Karako Bhava Nashaya. When Rahu and Ketu are in any way connected with the 9th house or 5th house, either directly or through their Arudhas or through their badhaka houses, Pitru Shaapa is indicated. While natural malefics, Sun, Mars, Saturn become yogakaraka for certain ascendants, the nodes 'Rahu and Kethu' are always malefics to all ascendants and affect and afflict the tenanted house.

When 9th house or lord of 9th house from lagna (or Moon), the badhaka house to 9th or its lord (badhaka lord), are afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, Pitru Shaapa is indicated. Such affliction causes disruption of education, employment, marriage, progeny, etc. Pitru Shaapa is also generally seen in the charts of mentally and physically challenged children and/or their parent/s.

Chart 1 has Moon in Aquarius, its ninth house being Libra. Its Arudha, counting Venus from Libra is Taurus. 8th House from Taurus is Sagittarius with Ketu in the sign. Rahu and Saturn aspect Sagittarius. The native suffered from neurological problem from his teenage and had a mentally challenged child that passed away early. He has Pitru Shaapa.


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