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What happens when Moon - Mars combine


The research by our core team has thrown up a very rare concentration of Moon-Mars in your chart. Moon governs happiness, mental strength & wealth. Mars is the raw power, the enthusiasm behind working hard to get to your goal. This Moon-Mars Concentration is giving you an uncanny ability to amass wealth.This also turns into a distinctive feature of your horoscope, as two planets are concentrated in one part of your chart, making it into a focal point of your life. Your most life events will tend to be related to this area. Hectic life events & active huddle of planets have a thing in common - you would enjoy an active, busy & lucky life.

You are one among our lucky member’ database who have strong clustering of planets in any one part of their horoscopes. In your case, individual planets have combined changing their inherent nature into completely different amazing results.

Results of Moon-Mars Yukta Yoga

The periods of operation of this planetary partnership holds out a special promise of progress based on your creative ability, financial and business prudence to make money. Moon-Mars is a powerful wealth generating combination. These effects would manifest and fructify in a strong manner at various times in your life, while only some specific years would see the magic this combination promises. Knowledge about what this combination promises & how to use it can be used as an excellent tool to achieve success & overcome hurdles.

Benefits of Yukta Yoga of Moon-Mars Reading

It will cover detailed effects of this Yukta Yoga ( the combination of planets when they cluster in a chart).

Helpful Tips:

  • Suggestions on how to forge your nature & conduct to act at the ‘right’ times to maximize growth & progress.
  • Remedies & detailed timelines of up to 15 years can be mapped by our expert team for you.
  • Vedic remedies are also covered to lessen any negative forces in your chart.

Report Size:

12 Pages