Pandit Onkarnath

Pt. Onkar Nath is an experienced and a very intuitive Vedic Astrologer with the worldwide follower & clients. His personality is a blend of modern education & great Vedic Indian values. Aged around 45, he belongs to Delhi and has a family tree which boasts of deep Ramayana teachings & modern day professions of Engineering and Sciences. This unique mixture with an education in Commerce and Law makes gives his Vedic Analysis - deep routed, psychological and with a practical edge, as he himself lives, experiences & obeserves in his own life, the questions clients ask him.

He was highly requested for his Astrological Consultation from over 40 countries around the globe even before he got associated with www. The unique part of his following is that people who have consulted him in past would rather wait for days for him than consult someone else.

He is widely traveled & immensely well read. Due to his busy schedule & heavy following, he is able to give a limited time to Astrology Consultations. We are proud to have him associated exclusively with now. He advises on relationships, love match, career & business issues, partnerships, Money & finances and questions related with Health & children. His predictions have come true in past leading to a cult following & client base for him.

We invite you to a real experience in Astrology & form a long bond with us through Pt. Onkar Nath.

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