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Your birthday is a significant annual event when the Sun returns to the same point, exact to the degrees and minutes, where it was at the time of your birth. Vedic Astrology has the concept of a Solar Return horoscope which has as its reference point this very fact.

This Vedic Birthday reading is a unique reading not available in Western, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian or other Astrology systems. The uniqueness rests on two aspects:

  • The existence of Muntha: 'Muntha' is the location where your Soul Energy rests for the entire birth year after moving a place each year & determines the broad trends for the year. It is an amazingly accurate technique to predict events, available only under the Vedic System.
  • A Mini Dasa System: This covers a one-year period instead of the 120-year cycle that the Vedic system follows. It gives accurate timelines for predicting events that you will go through during your birth year.

Since birthdays are the perfect occasion to reflect on life’s journey, to help you plan the next 365 days, do download our free gift to you – Your Vedic Birthday Reading. We have in store for you important insights into your health, career, finances, relationships, marriage, education, and a snapshot of your life from this birthday to the next.