Your Numerology Reading

About You:

If you are born on 9th, 18th or 27th of the month then you are born under the number ‘9’. It is governed by the planet Mars. It is the last single digit number and known as to be the complete in itself. The effect of number ‘9’ is more exhibited in Aries and Scorpions. Ruled by Mars the number ‘9’ is courageous and born fighter. Aggression with hastiness generally produces obstacles in the early part of life. As the years pass by you learn to handle things. Strong determination and enthusiasm makes you one of the successful people in life. You are independent in nature and desire to be your own master. you are sensitive to sufferings of others. you can become so sensitive and philosophical in their sufferings that by and by deep thoughts of life may lead you to deeper spirituality. Your intuition is very strong also. Occult attracts you the most. You are patient but not always. You have drawn your own limit to become patient. It is unpredictable that for what and when you will be patient.

Negative traits- You will not listen to others. Even though you know that you are wrong but will not admit it easily. When number ‘9’ is afflicted can make you a liar. Strong materialism rules over head. Under the negative influence you can use spiritual powers or intuition power for nefarious means. You like to live in world of illusions. Fantasies can sometime mislead you from the practicality of life.  Foolhardiness and impulsion can lead to great dangers in life.

In Career:

Number ‘9’ never afraid from the hard work. You are reliable employee and generous boss. You are blessed with leadership qualities. You are dynamic and possess commanding skills. Never afraid of obstacles – you work day and night to bring perfection in your work. However, it may take some time to adapt with something new. You are flexible that is why it is not difficult for you to adapt with new and to work in varied fields. Many number ‘9’ hold more than one field in life or their field of work would get change. Ready to adjust and aggressive to meet challenges- makes you successful. Empowered by these qualities number ‘9’ can be found in many walks of life.

You are resourceful and excellent in organization. But you need to get full control in your hands. If not, you will let things go on as it is and not concerned of any loss then.

You are comfortable in Army or Defense Services, chemists, doctor, lawyer, technician or work in any industry. You have special dexterity in hands that makes you excellent in art or music.

In Relations:

Number ‘9’ belong to Mars that makes it amorous. Full with fantasies of romance and new ideas number ‘9’ showers his complete sincerity and devotion to partner. You are honest, sincere and sympathetic in love. You can at any length for your love ones to protect them or to make them at ease. Fantasies at love are very much strong. You float in dreamy environment and make your lover feel like in Heaven when in love. When you love someone, then it is from the core of the heart. Your feelings run deep that is why you tend to give more than you get. However, if you find no reciprocation of feelings of love then can become cold at heart. You will not like to suffer or brood over long and quickly get in search for new shoulder to lean on. if you are not able to find the new solace quickly then your feelings of love could get dry soon and will take some time to activate then. 

You are comfortable with people born under your own number and with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. Whereas people born under 5 are not suitable with you. you are neutral with people born under the numbers 6 and 8.

Double digit numbers have some special qualities rather than that of single number ‘3 ’. 

18th It is the number of excellent organizational skill. People born with number ‘18’ are broadminded and generous. You work hard and inspire others also to work hard. It is hard to express yourself to others. Though you love all but misunderstanding due to lack of expression may lead to back biting. Deceptions, social upheavals and bitter quarrels come to you easily. Use your verbal powers judiciously to avoid any hassles further.

27th is the number of selflessness and humanitarian. It is well known as ‘the Sceptre’. It is promise of authority, command and power. You are intelligent and rise to success. you carry your own ideas and keep originality. You don’t like to copy others’ or their style. You are strong to keep your individuality. This is the creative number and represents sown seeds that will reap a harvest. You are sensitive to the feelings of others but become very much cold if not reciprocated  well equally. A fortunate number to carry out plans and future events.

Lucky features for Number ‘9’:

Day- Fridays, Tuesdays and Thursdays-  take it as in the given order. 

Direction – South.

Color- All shades of crimson or red, tones or rose and pink.

Gem- Red Coral, garnet and blood stone.

Diseases-  Problems related to intestines and rectum.

Famous persons born under this person:

Ramakrishna Paramhansa- 18th February

Raj Kumar- 9th October

Bruce Lee- 27th November

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams18th January

Chelsea Clinton- 27th February

Priyanka Chopra- 18th July