Your Numerology Reading

About You:

If you are born on 4th, 13th, 22st, or 31st of the month then your birth number is ‘4’. It is ruled by ‘Rahu’ in Vedic Astrology and in Western Astrology is known as ‘Dragon’s Head’ and some people take Uranus as its ruler. Astrologically, it is not assigned by any sign but since its merits are parallel to Sun thus the personality of number ‘4’ is more pronounced if they are born between 21st July to August end.

Number ‘4’ creates a personality who is gathering information all the time. You possess well information about the most subjects of life. This is the reason you are able to oppose others and your ideas mostly vary from others. Others may take you as ‘always opposing person’ this may be due to your way of opposing will be rather blunt. You have somewhat rebellion personality and never get afraid to oppose who so ever is in front of you- authority, community or government. You are inclined to be attracted towards social conditions and you are very positive and unconventional in views and opinions. You may be rigid in the beginning with your views but may get relaxed after assessing the pros and cons and also due to respect of worldly wisdom. Things without logic are not at all acceptable.

Negative traits of number ‘4’ that you tend to promise more than you deliver. At the end of the day you find it difficult to cope with the work pressure and unable to fulfill your promises. Sometimes your self confidence may swing bringing loss to honor or position. It is also possible to get attracted by worldly vices soon. You can avoid negative traits by keeping your morale and confidence high. 

In Career:

Number ‘4’ brings lot of vicissitudes in life. This may be because you may have create many oppositions around – some open and some hidden ones. You love to have high ranking jobs in large institutions like educational institutions. However, you have good business sense and will do well in running your own work or politics. You will do well in professions like teaching, journalism, research work, science, astronomy, astrology, publishing, hotel management etc.

Sports attract you very much and it is not surprising if find it irresistible to become a coach of your favorite sport. You have good ability of organizational skill. You have a talent to plan and execute too. your farsightedness is superb that makes you successful entrepreneur.

Fame and success attracts you a lot that is why you work hard to get it and secure your position through it. Success never comes to you easily. You may have to work a lot for securing your financial or positional stability.

In Relations:

Number ‘4’ people are soft in nature. Emotions rule your head most of the time. You get hurt easily but you forget it quickly too. You come out of the depressive stage very easy that is why it is easy for you to make friends.  Number ‘4’ is convenient with group gathering and enjoys the games that are in teams like volleyball or cricket. The best quality of number ‘4’ is that it never holds grudge for a long that makes relation strong and more secured. Changing life directions or relationship quiet often is not your style.

You go well with the people born under number 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9 whereas your vibes will not match with the people born with number 6 and 8. However, number 5 is neutral for you. according to numerological principles you will get on excellent with the number ‘1’ people as it is ruled by Sun.

 Double digit numbers have some special qualities rather than that of single number ‘4 ’. 

13th known as to be the most unfortunate number. you will not find the 13th floor or apartment or suite/room in most places. It is symbolized by ‘Death’ or ‘Skeleton’. It indicates sudden changes in plan, places or negation of desire. The vehicles with number ‘13’ are found to be more prone to accidents. However, it is said that the number is either extremely unlucky or extremely lucky too. It is said that it is lucky for those who have solved the mystery of life and death. It then becomes number of ‘Power’ but if the power is misused then it may destruct oneself too.

22nd is the number of illusion and delusion. The person born under this number is clear hearted – though he may act like clever but is influenced by others’ opinion very soon. The person born with number ‘22’ is known as to live in fool’s paradise. Number 22 is not good for judging others. It is described as ‘ A good man blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back full of Errors’.

31st  belongs to people who are not materialistic and take decisions according to their emotions. Their mental plane is very much strong. However, depression comes to them naturally and they love to live in seclusion.

Lucky features for Number ‘4’:

Day- Saturday, Sunday and Monday- take it as in the given order. 

Direction – East.

Color- Electric Blue and Grey, all half shades or tones or electric colors.

Gem- Hessonite or Sapphire.

Diseases- Generally people born under Number ‘4’ are easy to combat with diseases, however, you may suffer through respiratory problems or problems related to digestive tract.

Famous persons born under this  number:

George Washington  22nd February

Vaijantimala- 13th August

Margaret Thatcher- 13th October

Michael Faraday- 22nd September

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – 22nd May

Liz Greene- 4th September

Isaac Newton- 4th January