2023 Health Family & Children Horoscope

Your 2023 Health Family & Children Report

2023 Horoscope promises growth, hope and opportunities compared to the rapid and confusing movements of Saturn, Mars and Rahu during 2022. There is hope this year and by moving ahead in the right direction, with the right opportunity, we have a great chance to reclaim our lives back in 2023, rebuild, prosper, and grow.


What are the Health Family & Children Trends for 2023?

  • Family life, children and health will see a steady period with Saturn in a non-challenging period but new outside influences and new circumstances would come up many times.
  • Saturn will play a positive role with its placement in the new age sign of Aquarius from 17th January 2023 causing technology to bring progress in our profession, health or even wealth creation.
  • Your relationships may undergo substantial challenges and rough weather during the period of Venus’s retrogression.


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2023 Health Family & Children Predictions for YOU

Indastro’s 2023 Health, Family & Children horoscopes are based on Moon Signs. If you do not know your Moon Sign but wish to get accurate predictions as per Vedic Astrology, find out your Moon Sign here.


Aries Moon Sign: You might have some weight & health issues in 2023 due to negligence. Post 22 April, you will experience a good time vis-à-vis your marital & family relationships. 2023 will also bless you with the opportunity of healthy progeny prospects, if you wish to expand your family.


Taurus Moon Sign: 2023 could raise your healthcare costs. There is the possibility of a new addition to the family in the beginning of 2023 & there will be overall happiness in your family life. Latter half of 2023 will bring the joy of acquiring luxuries, assets & comforts for your family.


Gemini Moon Sign: Health in 2023 will be stable though some ups & downs will be there. Family life, generally, will remain calm & smooth. There may be some disruptions in family harmony over property related issues or some other disagreement during mid-2023.


Cancer Moon Sign: 2023 will divert your attention towards your family & children’s growth. At the same time, your loving & nurturing Self will need nourishment from your family members. In January, there might be ego clashes & misunderstanding with family members, especially your father.


Leo Moon Sign: Jupiter’s position will ensure a controlled atmosphere at home. You will be involved with your children & help them with your advice. But Sun’s placement in the initial period of 2023 shows a dip in your health & emotional setbacks. Focus on improving your immunity.


Virgo Moon Sign: Health in 2023 will generally be good. Things will be smooth for the family with occasional obstacles that may cause stress. Virgo children will achieve expected results in exams or any competition. Chances to go abroad for studies may also develop.


Libra Moon Sign: You will be blessed with patience & wise decisions which will help you bring stability to your health & family life. Jupiter's assistance will enable you to adopt a considerate, regimented & organized attitude to meet the needs of your relationships & a healthy lifestyle.


Scorpio Moon Sign: Sun's position in the first few months of 2023 may create disturbances in your relationship with your partner, family members & children. Best to avoid conflicts & fights during this period. Jupiter’s placement will make you more involved with your children.


Sagittarius Moon Sign: The first half of 2023 will see improvements in lifestyle & energy levels. This year will make you both learn & unlearn things which, at the end, will make you far more responsible & reasonable. You might invest in land & property in the name of your spouse & children.


Capricorn Moon Sign: First quarter of 2023 will be enjoyable & rejuvenating as you will travel & spend valuable time with your family & children. Children would love your company & guidance. Mars may give you angst & aggression, redirect this energy towards the welfare of your family.


Aquarius Moon Sign: Family life may remain moderate in 2023. Health may not be very smooth. Some old ailments may trouble you. 2023 promises good opportunities & fortunate times for Aquarius children; the year may be utilized to work hard & improve your grades.


Pisces Moon Sign: Health will remain moderate but opportunities to be together will strengthen the bond between you & your family members. Pisces children will have mixed results in 2023, but there may be some good & expected outcomes in the beginning of 2023.


Your Health 2023 Focused Astrology Report. Get this 40 page horoscope report absolutely free !