Happiness and old age: An astrological outlook

  • Sep 27, 2019
  • Pt. Punarvasu

All of us look forward to age healthily and wisely. After all, old age is a great time to sit back and cherish the small things in life, away from the challenges of adulthood. However, the challenges may still be there or may not be there. According to Vedic astrology certain planetary combinations, placements and house strengths define your longevity and state of happiness or struggles in old age. As we celebrate the International Day of the Elderly, we present you an insight into the astrology of old age.

International Day of Older Persons or World Elderly Day is celebrated on 1st of October, every year, to create awareness among the masses on issues of concern and to encourage the global leaders to address the related challenges. According to the United Nation’s statistics, almost 700 million people are now over the age of 60. By 2050, 2 billion people, over 20 per cent of the world's population, will be 60 or older. Asia as the region will lead with the largest number of older persons in the world.

In the light of this, it would be both interesting and useful to figure out if your old age be content or not. For this, astrological analysis of your 4th, 5th, 9th and 12th house is deemed essential. The role of Saturn and Ketu is also vital in gifting you a graceful and settled old age.

What defines old age and longevity?

The role of your moon sign, constellation or nakshatra of the planet moon that you are born in, along with the strength and placement of Saturn and that of your 8th house and its lords helps ascertain the prospects of old age and longevity. Saturn and Ketu are the planets which signify old age in Vedic Astrology. The horoscope in which Saturn and Ketu are present in a good state, in a friendly zodiac sign, depicts existence of happiness and absence of depression and health complications in old age.

  • The constellation of your moon sign decides your longevity.
  • The ruling planet of your moon sign decide the quality of your life.
  • The ruling planet of rising ascendant signifies your health and overall being.
  • Saturn is the main planet which plays a significant role in offering a good life span.
  • Your 8th house has an important role to play in defining your life span.

What are the key indicators of a happy old age?

Happiness in your old age is dependent on the strength and state of your 4th, 5th, 9th and 12th house. An in-depth analysis of these houses in your birth chart and their lords define the span and quality of your old age.

The role of your 4th and 5th house: In general the role of your 4th and 5th house is fundamental in establishing happiness and contentment in your old age. Your 4th house defines domestic peace and harmony and your 5th house signifies your children. In essence, an elderly person will derive happiness from home, spouse and children. So, if these two houses are strong enough in your chart, you are sure to have a comfortable and happy old age.

  • Your 4th house and its ruling planet or lord defines happiness from domestic front. So, if benefic are present in your 4th house and it is free of any kind of affliction, you will most likely lead a satisfied old life.
  • Your 5th house is the indicator of children and happiness from them. Thus, a good state of this house will ensure support, love and care from your children in your old age.

The planet which rules your moon sign and the planet which rules your 5th house gives you the skills and courage to redefine your old age. Some challenges related to mental and physical health are given, but the ruling planet of your 8th house has the key to unlock the probable solutions to these hurdles.

The role of your 9th house: In the situation, where your 5th house is afflicted to give you the desired benefits, the role of your 9th house comes into play to bestow you with happiness in old age. The planet which rules your 9th house helps you in channelizing your thoughts in the right direction to bring about required change in your life to make it better and happier, even in the old age. Because, it is never too late to be happy!

The 9th house of your birth chart signifies philosophy, religion, righteousness and it has the power to give you the needed insights on how to age with maturity and attain mental strength and happiness.

The role of your 12th house: The 12th house of your birth chart signifies salvation. It denotes the genuine fulfilment that one attains or wishes to attain in their old age. The ruling planet or the lord of your 12th house plays a significant role in defining the quintessence of happiness. In the event, where dissatisfaction from family, spouse and children are quite apparent in your birth chart, you need to align your energies with that of the ruling planet of your 12th house to derive true satisfaction and bliss in your old age.

A more accurate prediction of your old age can be done by analyzing your moon sign and by delving deep into your birth chart. If you are curious enough to know what your old age is going to be like, click here.

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