Yoga and Raj Yoga Analysis

Yoga and Raj Yoga Analysis

About Yoga

In the study of relationships of planets with one another in a horoscope lies the beauty and strength of Vedic Astrology. This is the known as the Yoga Analysis. In an otherwise weaker looking chart that has some key planets debilitated, the native can still get great results when the strength of those planets is analysed with respect to other planets leading to spectacular results for a certain phase in life! This is what is drawing so many people to astrology. Back in 2013-14, had issued updates on the formation of Maha Yoga in transit that had bestowed many of our patrons with beautiful results. As they saw great period in life. Similarly Career benefiting - Adhi Yoga was also reported in many of our members’ horoscopes recently. 

About Yoga & Raj Yoga Analysis Report

Yoga is said to form in your horoscope when two or more key planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars etc cluster together in a sign or aspect each other mutually, or are sitting in each other's signs. This leads to creation of special energy which causes amplification of the results of the individual planets. This gives special effects and trends for specific time duration in one’s life.

It is due to the Yogas that a native with very ordinary looking birth chart could go on to become a World leader! If the Yoga bestows King-like power, status and wealth, it is popularly known as Raj Yoga. Some of the popular Yoga include Gaj Kesari Yoga which bestows the patrons with leadership quality and cult following is found in the horoscopes of Mahatama Gandhi and Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister.
Some beneficial Yogas are listed below. When you request Yoga & Raj Yoga Analysis of your horoscope, your chart is thoroughly studied to list out the possibilities of different Yogas and the time when their results are manifested in your lifetime.

Some common and beneficial yogas are:

Gaj Kesari Yoga - This is present when Moon and Jupiter are either placed together or are opposite to each other or are in the 4th and 10th place from each other (i.e. in an angle). The results are status in society and political position in some cases.

Panch Maha Purush Yoga - This is usually present when any of the planets out of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn occupy their own sign or are in their exaltation sign (the position of great strength) and at the same time occupy either the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house. This gives a great personality or a special human being (Maha Purush) destined to be good and progress high in life, property, power, status and respect.

Adhi Yoga - This is usually counted from the Moon sign. The 3 beneficial planets - Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, if they are in the 6th, 7th and 8th place from Moon cause this yoga.

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This report will help you understand:
  • The highest potential of your chart
  • How & when luck would favour you.
  • The special periods of your life when you will be greatly helped by the amplified effects of Yogas and how their results will manifest in your life.
  • This would also help you plan your life effectively.  
  • You can also ask ONE specific question with this reading

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USD 59 / Rs.3540

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