Sasa MahaPurusha Yoga

A grand yoga is caused by the specific configuration of Saturn in the horoscope. The lucky ones who have  this yoga that goes by the name of Sasa MahaPurusha Yoga are blessed with illustrious persona. Saturn's higher level significations including great deeds, fair & justice, ability to inspire others to follow them and respect in others' hearts.

This yoga is behind your ability to look after people, especially the marginalized ones and take people along with you. Your power lies in being a leader to your cult. You would have a physical presence bordering on the leaner side. With your ability to policy-creation and a raw desire to possess riches & power, it is making you competent, wealthy and learned. These effects would be in line with the strength of Saturn in your chart & your personality will be laced with these features.

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Benefits of Sasa MahaPurusha Yoga Reading:

  • Understanding your strength due to this yoga
  • How far it will take you to stake claim to greatness and fame
  • Strength & results of Sasa Yoga and time periods when the results manifest for you
  • Special Vedic remedies and suggestion to ward off any evil and strengthen the effects of this yoga
  • You may ask ONE specific question with this reading.
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