Phone Consultation

Vedic Astrologers

You can schedule an astrology consultation session via PHONE (voice only) at the time & date that suit you. If you prefer, you can choose a LIVECHAT or VIDEOCALL consultation.

Why PHONE SESSION over email consultation?

  • Interactive – the energy opens up solutions.
  • Conversational consultation helps you articulate your concerns better.
  • While talking to our astrologer, you can even discuss more than one issue with our astrologer.
  • Confidential & anonymous.
  • Simple & friendly guidance that is non-intrusive.

How to book a session?

  • Fill in your birth details – Date, Time & Place of Birth – to help construct your horoscope.
  • Schedule a date & time from available options.
  • Click on the weblink our team shares with you to start the session.

Career Consultation

Job or business? When is your golden period? When will you get a promotion? What luck does your business partner bring you?
& for more concerns…

Time of success, job or business, should you change your job, & for more queries...


Love/Marriage Consultation

Love or arranged marriage? Of the people you know, who is the best option as your life partner? Is your partner lucky for you? Compatibility with partner.
& for more concerns...

Age of marriage, description of life partner, compatibility, & for more queries...


General Consultation covering more than one topic

Things not working out for you – what should you do? Will you get into an higher education field of your choice? When will your health improve?
& for more queries…

When will tough phase be over, will you study abroad, & for more queries...


Money & Finance Consultation

What will bring you a regular income? Your regular source of income? Will you inherit property? What should you do to avoid losses?
& for more queries…

Regular income source, where should you invest, what to do to avoid losses, & for more queries...


Family & Chidlren Consultation

When will family property issues be over? When will you have children? Will your relationship with in-laws improve?
& for more queries…

When will you have children, will you receive family’s support, & for more queries...


What do others say about our Phone Consultation sessions?

That is all for today. I want to tell you that my mother has recovered well with the remedies given, thanks again

Sri Lanka, Colombo

Thank you very much Pandit ji, appreciate the advice given

Singapore, the Republic of Singapore

Always satisfied with the sessions given, will book more soon

Amit Kumar
New Delhi, India

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