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Taurus Horoscope

Till : noon The day will see you working hard and achieving goals. Do not give up and keep up your sincere efforts as your hard work will definitely pay. Achieving your goals will also be possible and get a lift due to your spirited approach which completes all your pending work accumulated over time. The environment at work and home remains cordial throughout the day.
Thereafter till tomorrow: It is a wonderful day when joy surrounds you in all walks of life. The day is soaked in a positive frame with some piece of news that is really good or an unexpected gift bringing cheer at home. You won't believe it that someone has... more
August 2015 will be a positive month for you but you might find your temperament very unsteady and fluctuating at times. This is on account of retrograding Venus which is also your ruling sign. There could be changes at home and sudden developments could come about which could bring about changes in your ancestral home or there could be a possibility of a move from your parental location. Major decisions should be avoided as chances of mistakes are present during this month. Venus Retrogression is a very peculiar phenomenon and the effects of retrogression of Venus can be appreciated more in detail through a special more
A dream period at work. Your years of hard work & plans get materialized this year. Saturn governs your career & profession. Saturn is in its most powerful degrees now. You could nearly wish your career path & make it come true. You need a lot of hard work now. This is a period when you need to make hay while the sun shines. Time wasted could be opportunity lost. New ideas, plans & making things happen should you plan your actions.

The very strong period will temporarily get side tracked between 3rdMarch & 20th July 2014. Your focus therefore should be on completing as many projects as possible before March... more
1. Business deals - Favourable day throughout for all kinds of business deals.
2. Love & relationships - Happy day. Low profile.
3. Money transactions (Loans/Investments) - Favourable day throughout for all kinds of business deals. Money will prosper on work commenced today.
4. Speculation in stocks & shares -   Positive day for all long investment and speculation. There will be gains. (Subject to support in speculation in birth chart).
Taurus employees are sensible, realistic and practical. They carry the strength to face most difficult challenges and hurdles at work. One of the best things about them is their persistent nature..................... more
Taurus man and Taurus woman make very dependable, caring and loving partners. Ruled by the beauty plant planet Venus, Taurus has natural fondness for good looks..................... more
Ask your specific Question - What should be the right line of career for me? | Should I have a partnership deal in business? | When will I find love of my life/ Soul Mate? | Which person to choose for marriage? .....................more
Taurus individuals are usually smart at handling finances. Ruled by the planet of luxury Venus, Taurus wants and needs money like air. They enjoy money for the luxuries..................... more

Taurus Love Horoscope: (based on sun sign)

Taurus, the second sign of the natural zodiac – ruled by Venus- becomes more desirous when with Rahu in the same sign. But this will also creates ripples too. Too much of desires means too much of expectations and where these expectations are not fulfilled then it is liable to create fluctuations in love life.  You will like to gain control on these fluctuations and on the surface you will be successful also but there will remain restless deep within.
The year begins with some ego reactions to feeling underappreciated are quite possible now.  This is not the best time for ego stroking on social and romantic levels. You may not appreciate how others are handling your just now. Pushing it won't solve any problems. In fact, lonely or frustrated feelings that might arise now are likely a reflection of your own inner discontent. Getting in touch with what is making you feel down could help you to solve problems now. This is not the best time to ask for what you want.  It is best to keep control on your emotions. Don’t rely on advices given by others- they may be wrong or jealous of you! More

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Taurus - The Person

The stature of the persons born in Taurus or Vrishabha will be medium or short and often inclined towards corpulence, lips thick, complexion swarthy, square face, well-shaped lips and dark hair are prominent features. Women in Taurus are generally handsome. They generally resemble the bull in their behavior toward new people if they are not listened to properly. They have their own principles and ways. Often they have a piercing intellect. They shine well as authors, book dealers and journalists.

They are not bound by sentimentality but appreciate truth. They are remarkable for their ability to commit to memory. Physical and mental endurance of Taurus are note-worthy. They have much business sknack and good intuition. They often think they are born to exercise authority over others and in a sense they are right. They are sensitive to physical influences. They are often liable to extremes, zealous and easily accessible to adulteration. They are sensitive to suffer from nervous complaints after their fiftieth year but their memory and powers of imagination will never deceive them. They are slow to anger, but when provoked, furious like the bull. Taurus are passionate and may become preys to sexual diseases in their old age unless they moderate their pleasures and learn to exercise self-control.

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Taurus Career Horoscope

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Taurus Love Compatibility (based on Sun sign)

If your Sun is in Taurus:
 It makes you a great personality by your loyalty and faithfulness. Yes, Taurus sign is famous for that. It’s element is Earth and fixed. Therefore, Taurus personality is slow and stable. Slow, steady, methodical and perfect are the keywords for you. Venus - the ruler of Taurus is symbol of love. more

Taurus Love Personality/characteristics

Taurus man and Taurus woman make very dependable, caring and loving partners. Ruled by the beauty plant planet Venus, Taurus has natural fondness for good looks, glamour and luxury. They seek and provide material comfort and security in committed partnerships.

In love, Taurus natives are extremely loyal, trustable and devoted. They would prefer constancy, harmony and bliss over surprises, adventure and thrills of highs and lows in a relationship. If a sincere relationship along with the idea of building a comfortable home together attracts you, falling in love with Taurus can be a great choice....more