Venus Retrogression Report:

Jupiter and Saturn are two major slow moving planets and produce lasting impact on life events during their transits.
Jupiter, the planet of expansion, causes increase in activity in both good and bad areas of life.
Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to revolve around the complete zodiac.
Therefore, it takes a year approximately to transit over a sign.
In Vedic astrology, the happenings of events are observed by different Dasha systems and transit of Jupiter boosts and makes one motivated to do the things in the concerned sphere of life.
So even when the transit may be the same for persons who share the same planetary combination but the events may differ as it is deciphered by Dasha, which may differ from person to person.
Jupiter is a benefic planet and so it makes us feel good about the significance of the house or the planet to which it is transiting.
If we expect that Jupiter would bestow us with wonderful gifts, we are sure to be disappointed.
It just motivates and increases the confidence and joy in the concerned area of life.
Problems arise when we overdo, and are so confident that we ignore reality and don't think of consequences.
Jupiter gives the benefits and it is on you to grab the opportunities to reap those benefits.
Don’t wait for things to happen for us.
Instead one should be aware of the potential for doing and polishing over the details to feed our optimism.
Saturn, the planet of contraction, causes significant effects that may appear to be painful at a glance.
It takes approximately 29-30years to complete the zodiac circle.
So it takes about 2.5 years in one sign.
Since it is the slow moving planet hence its results are more effective and seen as it takes more time period to manifest its result.
Since it a slow moving planet, the things concerned with that house or planet to which it is affecting, get slowed down--we encounter delays, frustrations, and pressures.
But these times also challenge us to face reality, thereby offering us much wisdom and even freedom.
Significant decisions are often made during this transit.
Saturn is famous as a planet of depression.
But it is not the fact.
In Vedic astrology it is known as planetary clock.
When in transit, it influences the house or planet and it gets activated and produces the result.
Now it depends on your personal birth chart to which house it is signifying.
In some cases it gives benefic result too.
Since it is also significator of mass so many politicians get public recognition in its transit.
In any case Saturn is planet of maturity so it gives experiences and lessons to the house it is transiting and blesses one to learn to how to manage the affairs of that house.
That is why it is known as a great teacher also.
But such effects contribute very positively by making one more competent to face and improve one’s conditions.
Venus is the planet of love, affection, romance, sense pleasures, marriage, childbirth, art and music, wealth of property and vehicles and diseases connected with vision and the pulmonary, windy, urinary and generative systems.
Venus moves over the zodiac in about one year and thus she takes a month to cross a sign.
It has the longest length of main period of twenty years.
During her main or sub periods she promotes the areas mentioned above, the quality of these being influenced by other planets in natal and transit charts.
Used with prudence and self control, the blessings of Venus can bring much happiness and material satisfaction.
At times all of them [Jupiter, Saturn and Venus] move in “retrograde motion” [apparently backward motion].
During retrograde motion the planet passes through a point thrice that is why it is also called as triple transit.
So the event is likely to happen again or need repeated efforts in the area of concerned significance.
Then it may also happen that a delayed work may get completed or a work that may be moving gets delayed.
In any case, the happening going on that time also attains the reverse motion.
In general Saturn becomes more malefic while Jupiter and Venus become more benefic while in retrograde motion.
However the natural behavior may change with respect to any particular chart.
Rahu and Ketu:
On the other hand Rahu and Ketu are two very sensitive calculated points but they do not have any physical mass or existence.
Rahu is known as Ascending node or the Dragon’s Head.
Ketu is called as Descending Node or Dragon’s Tail.
Rahu and Ketu take about 18 years to complete the zodiac cycle thus gets 1.5 year stay in one sign.
In Vedic Astrology Rahu gives the effect of Saturn and Ketu gives the effects of Mars, the dictum states “Shani vat Rahu, Kuja vat Ketu” means Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars.
Rahu is “The Giver” and Ketu is “The Taker”.
This is indicated by the house and position of these planets in the birth chart.
Rahu attracts the blessings according to the house it occupies and Ketu robs of coveted prizes.
Rahu gives much opposition and respect for the area by house where he is transiting.
There is popularity in this place with optimism and cheerfulness.
Ketu is an ambition for power but can give poor timings.
However their effects are very important and cause profound influences on the life events during their slow but always reverse motion through the zodiac.
Rahu and Ketu being always retrograde in their motion, when conjunct with other planets then the events related to the subjects matters are reversed, restored, regained and compensated.
The transit of Rahu and Ketu is very mysterious and they have strong bearings on the events.
The transit of the Nodes through the houses of the birth chart should be noticed, as they will have powerful effects.
This adds to new acquisitions according to the nature of the house.
The transit status of these five planets will be as below:
Transit of Saturn in Libra [till 02 Nov 2014]:
Saturn will remain in retrograde motion till 07 Jul 2013.
Saturn will remain in Libra in direct motion from 08 Jul 2013 to 02 Mar 2014.
Saturn will remain in retrograde motion 03 Mar 2014 to 20 Jul 2014.
Saturn will remain in direct motion 21 Jul 2014 to 02 Nov 2014.
Till 13 Jul 2014, you will have both transit Saturn and transit Rahu in Libra and thus the transit effects will be mixed and more pronounced till this date.
After 13 Jul 2014 the effects will change.
Details of this are given in the later part of this report.  
Transit of Jupiter in Gemini [till 20 Jun 2014]:
Transit Jupiter till remain in direct motion till 06 Nov 2013.
Transit Jupiter till remain retrograde motion from 07 Nov 2013 to 06 Mar 2014.
Transit Jupiter till remain direct motion from 07 Mar 2014 to 20 Jun 2014.
Transit of Venus in Virgo and Libra [till 02 Oct 2013]:
Transit Venus will remain in direct motion in Virgo till 06 Sep 2013 and in Libra from 07 Sep 2013 to 02 Oct 2013.
Transit of Rahu in Libra [till 13 Jul 2014]:
Transit Rahu will remain in retrograde motion till 13 Jul 2014.
Transit of Ketu in Aries [till 13 Jul 2014]:
Transit Ketu will remain in retrograde motion till 13 Jul 2014.
Effect of Jupiter’s Transit in your horoscope:
Presently Jupiter is transiting over your 9th house from ascendant [good luck, fortune, good acts, legal matters and father], over the 4th house from Moon and in the 6th house from Sun [enmity, diseases, obstructions, debts].
These locations will energize the significations of these houses and will offer positive opportunities in the mentioned areas of life.
You will need to focus well on these areas and correctly observe, perceive, analyze, understand, interpret precisely and only then you can utilize these opportunities properly.
During transit of Jupiter in the 9th house from your Lagna, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
Pilgrimage and good spiritual progress will be possible.
Troubles will develop through children, if applicable.
This position for transit Jupiter is very good for expansion.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
You will give and get generous and good support to and from family.
Relation with parents will be cordial and you may gain through them.
This is a very good time for making your family life, home and personal life more secure and comfortable.
You will see increase in confidence level.
You will be able to handle your affairs more wisely for a better future.
In case you handle this transit properly, you will not feel lonely.
Otherwise you will experience sorrows through relations, loss of money, fear, suffer humiliation, false implications, domestic unhappiness and accidents during travel.
Transit of Jupiter in the 6th house from Sun is a good transit for any kind of work and fulfilling duties that contributed to your personal growth.
This indicates good health, personal growth, responsibility and service.
Progress in all these direction is indicated.
It is a good time for making long range projects and plans and to reorganize.
You can gain new perspectives through education and travels or by taking part in group activities.
Analyze your ideas and goals for their completion.
In case there is any tension in your mind or you are involved in any movement, it is a good time to take positive actions for success.
If you relax too much and do nothing then the transit will pass away giving you anything.
The transit is favorable for travel, pilgrimage, education, legal dealings and for good luck and ease.
You will get many advantages and resources to do many important things.
Therefore use this period for doing something constructively as you will succeed in your efforts and plans.
Transit Jupiter square to natal Moon will give you a feeling or changeable yet resolute variety.
You will be hated by women and will incur loss through others.
You will be much sentimental and therefore you must avoid any tension between your desires and your loved ones.
You will be sociable and generous.
Be helpful to others to gain during this period.
Transit Jupiter opposite to natal Mercury will be a good period for making plans and also for their completion.
Keep an eye on the details of any negotiation, business or contracts etc.
Do not dominate other as you will gain more if you work with others.
You will be prone to strife and contention and much problems with lawsuits, frauds and numerous vexations from highly placed people as Mercury is well placed.
You understandings will be generally weak.
You will be whimsical, unstable, rash and foolish.
Effect of Saturn’s Transit in your horoscope:
Saturn and Rahu will transit Libra together for quite some time and these combined results are given in a later paragraph.
Presently transit Saturn is exalted in Libra in your ascendant [related all events of life, especially health and progress], in the 8th house from Moon [all forms of negativity, especially related to health and finance], and in the 10th house from Sun [occupation and honor].
You will need to focus well on these areas and correctly observe, perceive, analyze, understand, interpret precisely and only then you can utilize opportunities properly.
Due to his position in the ascendant, transit Saturn will cause a time of shearing away the various aspects of life.
Responsibilities will increase.
Your accomplishments will be great.
Do not start on any long project as these will not be completed.
Take up projects that need a short time.
It is a time of introspection.
You will suffer loss of health of spouse, children and close relatives.
Food will not be to taste and fear of enemies will trouble you.
Disharmony, disagreements and disputes will rule.
Journey to a distant place and separation from relatives are indicated.
Loss of wealth and honor, and obstruction and delays in undertakings, failure in attempts and increase in expenses will occur.
Due to transit of Saturn in the 8th house from Moon you will get problems with finances and possessions that are held with or under control of others.
Conflicts will occur with others.
These will not be available at the time of need.
The resources of others held with you will be cut off.
These will include bank loans, marriage settlement etc.
So do not count on any one's help or others' resources.
Death of some relatives will occur or your own health may suffer from chronic ailments.
You will learn how to deal with others and you will also be in the know of your real resources and that of others.
You will face criticisms for your actions, separation from loved ones, loss, bad actions, and troubles through relatives, litigation, bad company and also much disrepute.
You will face displeasures of seniors and also confinement at work.
Due to his position in the 10th house from Sun, you will see gain in responsibilities in your occupation.
If you shirk these responsibilities, you will be a failure.
It is a good time to make your impression on others.
Negative energies can cause disaster with fall through your own wrong actions.
As these are malefic aspects on your 10th house, the situation will be especially difficult.
Your prestige, status and job can be threatened.
Irritation, disputes, unhealthy atmosphere, loss of money, scandals, increased expenses, loss of honor, and also new employments will be the results of this transit.
Transit of Saturn square to natal Saturn is a critical period of test and tensions, crisis of confidence and fear of wrong decisions.
Others may create difficulties for you in occupation leading to your insecurity.
Superior and persons in authority will not be appreciative and all your actions will be questioned.
Avoid conflicts and arguments.
High increase in responsibility and demand for much hard work will prevail.
You must accept this or you will suffer through colleagues and seniors.
Relation with people will be strained and may even break up.
Transit Saturn square to natal Sun brings a time of infamy and contempt.
You will be too proud, prodigal, revengeful and even quite insolent with superiors but you will lack in real courage.
You will remain unfortunate..
Power and authority will show their adverse effects in any way.
Critical developments like conflicts, challenges and accidents can occur.
You will feel discouraged and discouraged.
Superiors will be very difficult to deal with.
Your ambitions may remain unsuccessful
Only patience and perseverance can take you out of these circumstances.
Transit Saturn square to natal Rahu/Ketu, you will see a destined phase in life.
Do not go against the natural flow of events and try to get in sync with them with total discipline.
Any negative against the natural developments will bring doubly negative results.
You will face loneliness either way.
Effect of Venus’s Transit in your horoscope:
Presently transit Venus is [in Virgo and then in Libra] in your 12th house and then in ascendant, in the 7th and then in 8th house from Moon and in the 9th and then 10th house from Sun.
Effect of Venus transit in 12th house from ascendant:
This transit will show selflessness in love, gain of things of enjoyments and luxury, increased expenditure and pleasure of bed are expected.
Gain of money, investments and improvement are seen.
You may be involved in charitable activity, will be helpful to others, and especially to loved ones.
Do not inflict sarcastic remarks on others.
If you cannot help anyone then you should not do anything rather than giving false hopes and promises.
being spiritual will keep you happy.
Effect of Venus transit in your ascendant:
This transit will offer to influence all your expressions to other for all kind of enjoyments, pleasures and happiness.
It is good for personal compromise and for avoiding contest.
Peace with others, good food, sound sleep, good dresses, perfumes, articles of luxury and enjoyment of marital relations are expected.
Success in education, new position and status is possible.
You may attract other people but do not manipulate others.
Effect of Venus transit in 7th house from Moon:
This transit will promote all relationships, love affairs, romance with partner, spouse or even colleagues.
Marriage is possible, if applicable.
It is a good time to express your feelings of love and affection to your spouse, beloved, superiors etc and this will be reciprocated equally.
Litigation will have only small chance while out of court settlement will be easy.
Effect of Venus transit in 8th house from Moon:
The transit may offer gain of wealth through spouse, business partner or bank etc.
You will have good health.
Love relation started now will be a lasting one.
Increase in landed property, pleasure through opposite sex, domestic bliss, fame, honor and all round prosperity are possible.
Effect of Venus transit in 9th house from Sun:
This transit will give good deeds, good friends, gains, mental happiness, romance, charitable deeds, donations, comforts, marriage, distant travels for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors, increased knowledge, fame and prosperity, love and experience of beauty  in arts, pleasures and amusements.
You may be attracted to a new person who may be a foreigner, or to a strange place.
This is an easy and rewarding transit.
Effect of Venus transit in 10th house from Sun:
This is a favorable transit for business or self employment.
Superiors and authorities will be favorable and helpful to you in a harmonious manner.
But be careful of mercenary relation as this can ruin the association and bring obstacles, impediments, irritation, humiliation and quarrels and defeat in litigation.
Effect of Rahu’s Transit in your horoscope:
Presently transit Rahu is in Libra in your ascendant [related all events of life, especially health and progress], in the 8th house from Moon [all forms of negativity, especially related to health and finance], and in the 10th house from Sun [occupation and honor].
Transit Rahu in the ascendant will need you to develop self confidence and to learn to do things by yourself.
You should not rely on anybody's help except on your own.
You should develop personality but avoid being self willed.
Safe guard of health is necessary to avoid infection and ailments.
Marital life can be quite disturbed.
Victory over enemies and too much of sexual desire will be prominent.
Transit of Rahu in the 8th house from Moon may offer gain through legacy, from others' money, gain from in-laws, and pleasure of bed.
You will be short tempered.
Death of some loved one may occur.
Many problems and stomach troubles are seen.
Transit of Rahu in the 10th house from Sun will offer gain through occupation by hard work.
You may get recognition and rewards by hard work.
Advancement in professional and social life can occur.
You may gain through father after efforts.
You will be clever and tensed up.
Effect of Ketu’s Transit in your horoscope:
Presently transit Ketu is in Libra in your 7th house from ascendant [marriage, spouse, marital life], in the 2nd house from Moon [speech, family, education and wealth], and in the 4th house from Sun [home life, mother, education, property, domestic life].
Due to transit of Ketu through the 7th house from your ascendant, you may miss happiness.
You will face discord in partnership, marital discord and domestic unhappiness.
Litigation can be a source of worries and expenses on separation or divorce cannot be ruled out.
Due to transit of Ketu in the 2nd house from Moon, you may see change of job, financial setback and difficulties.
Progress in day to day working life will be delayed, will upset you and will create worries.
Repayment of dues and other expenses will occur.
Your possessions too may be affected.
Loss of wealth, ineffective speech and harsh and critical attitude will develop.
Due to transit of Ketu through the 4th house from Sun you may see impaired domestic happiness and disturbed peace.
You may seek seclusion for speech.
Change of residence may be possible.
Loss of one parent may be expected.
Loss through property and conveyance and loss of reputation through the mass and loss of inherited wealth through friends, critics and others are possible.
Finally we come to the Maha Yoga effects caused by the combined transit of Saturn and transit Rahu through Libra:
The effects of transit Saturn will be corroborated by those of Rahu but not the other way around and these effects will peak during the last quarter of 2013.
Transit of Venus too will be will promote the above during her transit through Libra, her own sign but not when Venus is in Virgo as Venus is debilitated here.
In addition to the individual effects of Saturn, Rahu and Venus in transit through Libra, their combined effects will be prominent in the following areas.
You will be charming and loveable.
You will be successful and will enjoy prosperity in and through marriage and/or love.
You will be too much self opinionated and highly over ambitious and covetous.
But you will not be ready to achieve things in rational or organized manners.
You will tend to say and do things in quite unreasonable and unexpected manners and at wrong moments and will thus invite many controversies regularly.
You will become much fond of travels.
You will be prodigal of expenses and will spend and invest money without any discretion, forethought or self control.
You will suffer loss of wealth, troubles through the government and authorities and may even face some bereavement.
These negative events can happen even if you can maintain good harmony with all concerned.
Specific periods & dates for the effects of Maha Yoga:
30 Sep 2013 to 18 Oct 2013:
Very good growth possibilities in career will develop.
Chance of working with foreigners will occur too.
You may even get invitation to go abroad.
Increase in income will be noticeable.
15 Feb 2014 to 22 Mar 2014:
You will get higher responsibilities that will be discharged with much sharpness of mind.
Gain of money through intelligence will be easy for you.
You will get many opportunities for progress.
Overall you can get the following advantages during this period:
Good chances of many relationships or very good chance of improving marital life or love relationships will occur, if they have gone sour.
A totally new relationship, possibly with a person of another community or country can be possible.
Gain & growth through in occupation, honor and personal life can occur.
You need to be cautious about the following:
Anger, sarcastic speech and haste can hurt people, sour relationships and thus kill opportunities.
Too much desire and restlessness and too much of expectation from loved ones can cause relationships to get bitter and cold.
Excessive ambition and unreasonable attitude can hurt your long term interests.
Minor accidents and injuries are possible.

You would do well to recognize the high energy level and the destined vibrations of this period and react positively and with discipline. Keep your anger, ego and desire pegged down to decent and rational levels.
If you have any latent issues or biases against your life partner or business partner, then shed them.
These biases could be the basis of wrong utterances and eventually disputes.
Improvements would come with care and caution.
You should try & maximize gains from joint areas of your life as there would be gains now.
Do not miss opportunities or be in too much hurry to grab them.
Avoid creating pressure or unpleasantness on any form of relationship.
Astrological remedies:
Offer sugar and white flowers to temples.
Donate money to orphanages.
Perform community service.