Dear ABC,

Please find the Vedic Mantra given below:

Your rising sign is Scorpio and now you are running under the dasha of Mercury/Saturn which will run till 28th August 2011. it is the ending phase of the major dasha of Mercury and then major period of Ketu will start there from. Since the coming period of Ketu is afflicting Venus and also Saturn is moving towards Virgo where natal Saturn is placed.

This brings the changes in equation in relationships. hence fear of relationship is developed.

You are suggested to perform the given remedies for relationship given below:

1. This mantra is to be followed for at 21 days starting from Friday morning. After getting up early in the morning the first thing is to take half a cup of water and recite the given mantra and blow into the cup. Repeat it seven times and drink the water.

'Om Chimi Chimi -----------aye Swaaha'

Fill up the gap with the name of your partner.

2. You are suggested to keep the mystic knot of china as a show piece in your room where you spend most of your time or in your bedroom.

For reducing the trouble caused by sub period lord Saturn:

1. Recite the following mantra for 108 times daily:
Aum Shanai-scharaaye vidham-he, Soorya-putraayae dhee-mahi, tanno manda pracho-dayaat.