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1. Effects of Dhan Yoga:

Dhan means wealth, both material and intellectual.
Yoga literally means “combination or addition”.
When some planets in any birth chart are combined or placed in mutually gainful manners of high order, the combination produces a status that grants opportunity and capacity to generate and hold much wealth.

Under such situation these combinations of planets are called Dhana Yoga.
Moon plays a key role in the accumulation of wealth but this alone is not enough.
The company and support of other benefic planets to Moon is extremely important.
These include the favorable association of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus with Moon and their combination with each other in various ways.
Thus there can be several such combinations forming various forms of Dhana yoga.

2. How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart in its formation:
There are various types of Dhana yoga possible.
In your birth chart, you have two such yoga-s that are actually effective.
A].In the first Dhana yoga, you have Venus placed in the 11th house of gain from your Moon sign while Moon is very auspiciously placed with 9th house lord Jupiter in Sagittarius sign.
Venus is very well placed in own sign Libra and attains 100% digbala [directional strength].
This is a very strong Dhana Yoga.

This yoga will offer its good effects during the main and sub periods of Moon and Venus, but the effects during periods of Venus will be more.
However there is some affliction too, in the formation this yoga.
Moon is afflicted by conjunction with Rahu and this can cause some instability or restriction in the effects of this yoga through instability of mind at certain points of time.
The degree of benefit will depend on the auspiciousness, overall strength and directional strength of the yoga planets.

B].The second Dhana yoga is formed by the placement of Venus [lord of 11th house of gain from ascendant] in the 4th house of property from ascendant.
This Dhana yoga too is very strong and effective and will offer its effects only during the main or sub periods of Venus.
However the effects of this yoga will be somewhat restricted by conjunction of Mars with Venus [despite the fact that Mars is a natural yoga karaka planet for your ascendant Cancer] and can cause loss of money and health through excess of mundane enjoyments.
The degree of benefit will depend on the auspiciousness, overall strength and directional strength of the yoga planets.

3. Principles on which Dhan-Yoga operates :
The 2nd , 5th , 9th and 11th houses from ascendant or Moon control the growth of a person in terms of material wealth and also intellectual development.
The lord of the 2nd house and the 11th house are concerned with earning and accumulation of wealth.
Along with these two houses, the other houses to be reckoned with are the 5th [investments] and the 9th [fortune] houses which are known as the abodes of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.
Additionally the 4th house rules the area of landed property.

The inter-relationship of these houses, and their respective lords, ensure wealth and prosperity.
Planets simultaneously owning two wealth-giving houses become the prime indicators of wealth, the strongest indicator is the one that owns both the 2nd and the 11th houses and the next in order are the ones who own the 5th or the 9th house.

Dhana yoga-s depend on the lord of the 2nd house who determines wealth, gains or in-flow of wealth [income] is to be judged from the 11th house, gains through various investments or speculation from the 5th house and sudden unexpected gains from the 9th house [good fortune].
Vedic astrology considers the 2nd house as the house of accumulated wealth, and the 11th as the house of gains, these lords associated with the lords of the 5th and 9th give rise to formidable Dhana yoga-s which if unblemished and formed by benefic planets promise much wealth.
Further the lords of the 1, 2, 5, 9 and 11th houses, if associating mutually and favorably, cause Dhana yoga-s to arise, but only when the said yoga-s happen to connect with the lagna/Moon that more significant result are seen derived.

Besides the above there are also some more complicated planetary situations that produce yoga for wealth but they also bring in some form of negativity along with wealth.

4.Influence of Sunapha and/or Anapha yoga for guidance for making use of Dhana Yoga:
Two other important wealth related yoga-s namely Anapha and Sunapha, often influence and guide in acting along the right path.

Anapha yoga is present in your chart [Jupiter in cancer is 12th from your moon sign] and therefore inheritance of large fortune and riches may be possible for you. Traditionally you will be good at speech, wealthy and healthy, will have excellent character, will derive pleasure through good life, fragrant flowers, dress and ornaments and good ladies, will have good reputation, and have pleasing character, and will be happy and contented and fond of clothing.

Jupiter is making Anapha Yoga ,thus you will be bold, noble and upright, will have an enduring character, will be the head of an advising committee, intelligent, and honored by authorities , and will have creative side as well .

However Sunapha yoga is not present in your chart indicates that you will not earn your wealth smoothy but only through your personal efforts and difficulties.
These two points should be important for planning your actions based on real life possibilities.

5. How to best utilize Dhan-Yoga for success :
It is always the best, to NOT depend on any good yoga but to utilize its supports for maximum benefit.
This will imply that you must work very hard to earn better and hold on to the money that you earn.
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.

But you may not get the full benefit of your Dhana Yoga, if you do not develop an aptitude for solving difficult mental problems due to your careful, methodical approach, attention to detail, and tenacity in following a matter through to its conclusion. [Mercury square Mars]You have good powers of concentration and enjoy studying and thinking in solitude. You can get wrapped up entirely in your own thoughts and completely engrossed in some small detail. You are slow and cautious, but extremely thorough in your work. Conservative and something of a skeptic, you may be narrow-minded or closed to any idea which has no concrete proof or scientific verification. You prefer dealing with facts rather than abstract speculation.

You may also be distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You are well-suited to work in research or any field that requires careful study and thought.
You will also observe that you will frequently go to one extreme or the other of any issue, event or discussion and will refuse to remain on the middle of the road [this is due to location of Jupiter at the center of the nodal axis].

Your emotions are very intense, but often hidden. Like a volcano, one minute you seem quite peaceful and the next you are exploding with great force and unexpected fury. The intensity of your reactions often surprises even you. You have tremendous zeal and tend to be an emotional fanatic about things you care about. Your feelings and desires can be so compelling that you do things against your better judgment and reason. You can also be very manipulative, in a subtle way. Your personal relationships are deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy and painful as well. [Moon, conjunct Venus and sextile Mars which is placed in Nodal axis]

6.Remedies :
Worship Goddess Lakshmi every day.
Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Avoid any wrong or unworthy or unfair action.
7.Times in life when Dhan-Yoga effects would manifest :
The next two years of your life [till 31 May 2028 and beyond] will be ruled by the main period of Rahu.

Rahu is in challenging aspect to Jupiter, so there will not be enough opportunities to have gains during this period. Rahu is neutral for the chart not showing enough energies. So this main period of rahu will not be that good at the same time it can be challenging due to the basic nature rahu.
It can give you sad endings and also frictions with friends.
Financial favors are not expected.
Sun period of Moon will be there until 19 May 2017 , Moon doesn’t gave directional strength so will not allow you to have great changes or benefits.
Along with Venus it can give you opportunities to have an enjoyable life at material front and in relationship aspect.

19 may 2017 onwards there will be sub period Mars until 31 May 2018 and will continue till 7 june 2018, Mars also not getting connected to Anapha yoga, so results are not expected in this phase too.
Also Mars is making challenging aspect to Jupiter, so having gains and best results of Yoga will not be possible. This will be almost opposite from the benefits mentioned by Anapha yoga.
Mars phase can increase your courage and you can have some initiatives during this phase, however they will be sudden in nature and due to less proper planning and over expectation you will see more finance loss and it will make you disappointed as well.

During this phase it’s important to have a good healthcare and fitness sessions, if you will avoid your fitness and body, it will result into bad health and financial loss.
7 June 2018, you will have Jupiter main period and sub period, this will be the time to expect best results related to yoga, and there will be growth in all the areas of life.
So overall in coming two years you will not have such beneficial results related to Yoga.