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1) Whether you would find success overseas/away or in home environment:

You will get success in your own country as well as in foreign lands.
But the level of success is expected to be more in foreign countries than in own country.
However the duration and quality of successful period in a foreign land will be lesser than the total length and satisfaction level of the successful periods in own country.

2) Planetary combinations that describes where success in career would be achieved:

Venus, the lord of 4th house from ascendant, is well placed in her own Mool Trikona sign.
Venus is also the lord of 11th house of material gains.
Thus success in career in India will be quite well supported.
However due to presence of Rahu with Venus, occasional unhappiness about and detachment from working in India can develop and can push you to assignments abroad.
Working abroad is quite well supported due to the following planetary combinations present in your horoscope.
Rahu is in the 4th house from ascendant and in the 12th house from Moon sign.
Moon is very well connected with 9th house lord Jupiter [mutual trine] and is placed with 12th house lord Mercury.

Moon, lord of ascendant is friendly with Mercury and Jupiter, the lords of 12th and 9th houses from ascendant.
Ascendant is in a movable sign Cancer while it gets the positive aspect of Jupiter from a dual sign.
12th house from ascendant is occupied by Mars, the 10th house lord and the yoga karaka planet from ascendant.
Jupiter, the lord of 9th is placed in a movable navamsa while Mercury the lord of 12th is in a dual sign in Navamsa chart.
Moon, Jupiter and Mercury, the respective lords of ascendant, 9th house and 12th house from ascendant, are all placed in watery signs.

10th house lord Mars is in the 12th house [professional journey].
4th house lord Venus is in strength but is afflicted by Rahu and is square to Saturn [unexpected opportunity or unexpected time of expected opportunity].

3. Level of your growth potential overseas:
Level of growth will be better than moderate but may not be up to your ambition, expectation or your ability.
You will expect and will be ready for hard competition at work but you will not expect or like needless contest at work arising out of mean actions.
But this will actually occur and will try to obstruct your growth and make you unhappy.
Yet staying calm and generally non-responsive while you stay professionally fully cooperative will gradually stop such attempts.

4. When moving is recommended or good periods for a good move:
You are running the main period of Venus who is connected with a malefic planet, Rahu.
This malefic association makes the main period of Venus immensely suitable for causing travel abroad.

Under this main period, the sub periods of 9th house lord Jupiter and 12th house lord Mercury will much support the movement.
Sub period of Jupiter will run from 20 Dec 2018 to 19 Aug 2021, while the sub period of Mercury will run from 19 Oct 2024 to 19 Aug 2027.
During the sub period of Jupiter the slot from 20 Dec 2018 to 20 Jan 2020, you will enjoy the very good support of transit Saturn, since he will aspect your 12th house [Gemini] directly.
During the sub period of Mercury, transit Jupiter will be in your 9th house and over its lord Jupiter, for almost the entire period.

Thus the above tow time slots are quite favorable for going on assignments abroad.
But the sub period of Jupiter will more potent for this purpose and will more gainful too [transit Saturn in your 6th house from ascendant] and from before this stage you should try to seek out opportunities and grab them when offered.

5.Periods where opportunities or hurdles could come in:
If you make any efforts during any other sub periods, you will see many hurdles as your chart will not support you and these sub periods will not bring good results or success.
Even during the sub period of Jupiter, your transit Saturn will be opposite to Mars [inimical colleagues] and thus you will miss out on adequate cooperation from colleagues and will face various obstructions from them in your place of work.

They will try to create delays in the steps that you will need to go through or cause various confusions and uncertainties.
But since at this stage, the opportunity is supported in many ways, finally you are expected to be quite successful.

6. Suggestions and remedies:


It is important that you make your efforts to go abroad and take care to ensure that the assignment is within your domain of work and specialization.
Also try from well in advance before the given sub periods of Jupiter and Mercury.
In case you need to create an opportunity, you should not hesitate but you should be careful not to give any indication that you are trying for yourself.
Create a work situation that needs someone to go abroad with a specific purpose that will be important to your employer.

You should also perform the following remedies.

1. Worship Saturn in a Sani temple on every Saturday and this should be stated from now itself as such remedies take effect quite slowly.

2. Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day from now, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
This remedy is very effective, if done with total trust and surrender.