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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles. We have prepared Stock Market Analysis:

This report will enable you to handle the stock market in an informed manner, informed about how your kundali favors or disfavors speculation and what are the industries which your kundali chart indicates.  But the first question first.

The first thing you need to determine is whether you have speculative “luck”.  There are astrological indicators of speculative luck and if you have the luck, it is worthwhile to try your hands in stock market but not otherwise.

The speculation luck is determined by a combination of factors. There are three important parameters which determine whether you can make money in stock market or other speculative type of investments.
The first parameter is based on your natal chart in the form of the lords of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11 th house who contribute to wealth. The lords of 6/8/12 (6/8/12 houses are called “Trika Houses” and their lords are called “Trika Lords” )contribute to ruin and misery. In order to determine the “luck” aspect in day trading and stock market generally, (including futures and options trading), we need to look at the lords of 2/5/9/11 houses and see if they are associated with any trika houses or trika lords in any form. Also it needs to be studied if they are in good strength If such association is there with the Trika House or Trika Lord, or Rahu and Ketu (Rahu may give the impetus to play stock market and ruin you while Ketu will remove the wealth and give you “Jyanana” or Wisdom through experiential learning ,or the planets concerned are weak, there is unlikely to be speculative luck and even if in the short run, some money is made, in the long run, overall the losses are likely to outweigh the profits made.

In your chart, the 2nd lord and 5th lord are relatively un disturbed although both are positioned in the star of Ketu. The 9th lord is placed with the 6th lord and 11th lord is un disturbed by any malefic. The current period is that of 9th lord and except for its association with the 6th lord, should give you good wealth (not necessarily from stock market- to see if stock market can give that, you have to see your score under speculative potential, further down in this report)

The second parameter we need to look at is 5th house (purva punya sthana) and its lord. Astrology is based on Law of Karma and in Law of Karma there is absolutely no free lunch.  As you sow so you will reap. Purva punya basically means that in the earlier births, lot of efforts have been made but the fruits thereof has been delayed and will be reaped in this birth. If the purva punya is good, there is a good possibility of “windfall” gains (although strictly speaking these are only rewards for efforts made in the earlier birth but the fruits of which have not been given earlier but is given in this birth). Please understand clearly that in the law of karma (on which is based vedic astrology), there is no effect without a cause which means that unless you are bringing forth accumulated effects from previous births in the form of strength of purva punya sthana, it is unlikely that you will make profit over time in stock market or speculative lines.

In your chart, the 5th lord is positioned in the nakshatra of Ketu. It is unlikely that you can make any big money in stock market in consistent manner.

The third parameter to be looked into is your wealth potential, investment potential and speculative potential from the birth chart. These need to be calculated which we have done for you and the position is as under:
Wealth potential 75.04%
Investment potential 37.50%
Speculative potential 37.50%

The number 100 represents full potential in these cases. The closer these are to 100, you will have that much potential (you can take the numbers given above as probability of success in these matters).

In your case While the wealth potential is pretty good indicating that you can be really wealthy by earning in normal course, especially by taking up business lines linked to Mars, the investment and speculative potential are low indicating that the route to wealth will not be through speculation.
Conclusion: You can be quite wealthy but it is unlikely to happen through stock market where you are likely to lose in more than 2/3 of the deals.

The contribution to your investment potential by each planet in your chart is given below.
Jupiter 75.00
Sun 25.00
Mars 12.50
Venus 06.75
Mercury 25.00
Saturn 100.00
Moon 12.75
Rahu 0.00
Ketu 12.50

We give below the sectors represented by each of the above planets. You can choose the sectors in which the contribution by the planet concerned is high
The planet Sun represents all the Public Sector units and precious metals pharma sectors, lights, government related industry, grains, leader in the industry etc .

The planet Moon represents fish, prawn, sea food, aquatic animal, milk, egg, agriculture, hotel, pearls, under water, water reservoir, hydro electricity, travel, women related and shipping industries, drilling of oil and gas in off-shore, Textiles etc.

The planet Mars represents Power sector, Hotel industry, Batteries, Heat creating industries etc. it also represents the automobile industry, metallurgy and surgical instrument, engines, furnace, forging, weapons, war equipments, guns etc

The planet Mercury represents Telecom sector and FMCG it represents knitted textile sector including sports goods transport, IT, trade, computers etc.

The planet Venus represents Media and sugar sector it further represents perfume, fashion, stationery goods, beautifying objects, alcohol, sex related, condoms, , female related including inner wear fabrics and visual media sector..

The planet Jupiter represents Banking sector and Financial sector precious jewellery, gems, gold, treasure, spiritual, holy, sacred objects, management consulting, education, food (especially sweets made of ghee) and non-banking financial sector..

The planet Saturn represents Iron and Steel Metal industry, mining sector, industry where large number of labour force is employed, crude oil, petroleum & gas sectors, mineral mining, security and ceramics etc.
The planet Rahu represents film media, very hi-tech industry, poisons, disinfectants, medical instruments, space stations, submarines etc.

The planet ketu represents represents atomic power, heavy water, uranium, radioactive minerals, rockets, missiles, artificial satellites, weapons, R&D etc. .
In choosing specific shares within the sectors, you have to exercise proper discretion and do considerable research, for investment.

We give below a formula for bettering your luck: 

The first step is to know Favourable Nakshatras for you and the second step is to know the favourable:
time for investment within these nakshatras.

Favourable Nakshatras for you:
The favourable nakshatras for you are the following: .
Kritika Mrigasira Punarvasu Ahilyam Magam
Uitiram Chitra Visakham Kettai Moolam
Utradam Avittam Pooratadhi Revathi Aswini

We give below the Sarvashtaka Varga distribution in different signs in your chart which will indicate the favourable time.:

It may be observed from the above table that in Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Libra and Capricorn the number of bindus are 30 or more. This indicates that your luck is enhanced during the period when these signs become Lagna everyday.

This means that on the specific nakshatra mentioned above, when lagna arises in these signs, it will be a lucky time for you.

You can calculate it yourself but If you want us to do this calculation for you, you can take from us the product “Monthly investment diary” which will contain the days and time favourable to you on the above basis for a month. For this calculation we will require additional detail of where you are presently (place of birth is required for drawing chart but the present location is required for calculating these timings as they differ from place to place)

You can time your efforts accordingly for optimizing your return from the stock market.