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Considering the planetary influences in your natal chart, the ascendant lord mercury is Placed in ascendant. This will make you intellectual and make you good by brain. Lord of 9th house Saturn is escalated in 5th house. This will cause the spiritual influence in your deeds and thinking. This influence will enhance the inclination towards spirituality to great extent.

You have 4 planets in ascendant again increasing the spiritual influence. The Progress will be slow but it will be consistent and permanent The 4th lord is placed with Jupiter and sun house which intensify the inclination towards spiritual matter. Mercury in ascendant provides foresight and some psychic power and spiritual thoughts. Ketu placed with 4th lord greatly enhance the spiritual success. 8th house lord which is the house which controls the serious research and nirvana is escalated.

So for the spiritual growth .this is a good combination of planets. You are running the Jupiter's period and the period lord Jupiter which is natural indicator of spirituality. This period of Jupiter will last till November 2020,making this period good for spiritual growth. With such planetary influences, some inclinations for spiritual progress are indicated. However, with other planetary influences, some characteristic dual thinking may incline you towards practical matters and some resistance, many situations diverting from spiritual path would prevail. You must act with determination and continue with your inclinations for spiritual progress.

Period after November 2020 will be the major period of Saturn which will enhance the spiritual growth to the great extent. You will find the high attainments in spirituality in this period there are some factors to negate spirituality. The Venus in second house in placed in the sign of moon and influencing mind and soul with the worldly thoughts and luxuries which brings distraction from the spiritual path. This can make you interested in luxuries which can deviate you from spiritual path.

You may incline towards career, wealth, and sexual pleasure as well practical things like common people. Much patience and strong determination would be needed to continue with your inclination. This Venus will give you much wealth and will distract you. Though you would incline for career and wealth matters, you may do it with inert attitude and continue with your spiritual inclination. You must act with determination as well sheer will power to control your emotions and continue with your inclination for spiritual progress.

Thus to embrace a spiritual lifestyle, you will have to remold yourself in a fundamental way. You have strong inclinations as the chart suggests, but as the other planetary influences suggests, there are some difficulties to proceed further. With characteristic dual thinking governed by zodiac sign of your ascendant, diverting from spiritual path, you should try to gain knowledge and act with devoted lifestyle at this stage.

Wear a yellow sapphire of 5-6 ratti. Bottom of the ring should be open and the gem should be able to touch your skin. Wear this on the index finger of your right hand.
Wear a blue sapphire of 4-4.5 ratti. This will increase the spiritual inclination. Bottom of the ring should be open and the gem should be able to touch your skin. Wear this on the middle finger of your right hand.


  • The points mentioned with reference to your chart gives some indications of existence of spiritual progress.
  • You have a good potential for spiritual progress. However the conflicting influences are also strong to some extent.
  • Counter points are present.

The spiritual progress can be achieved by means of three basic ways:

  • Devoting to God deeply.
  • Wear a yellow sapphire
  • Wear a blue sapphire
  • Acquiring knowledge.
  • By meditation


  • The Venus in second house in placed in the sign of moon is the strongest negative influence for spiritual growth which brings distraction from the spiritual path
  • Mars placed in 7th house is also distract you from the spiritual path.
  • Rahu placed in 7th house will make you more interested in money matters.
  • Saturn is favorable for spiritual progress.
  • Ketu is favorable for spiritual progress.
  • Jupiter is favorable for spiritual progress.


You are running the Jupiter period and the running Jupiter period will take you towards spiritual progress.. The oncoming period till October 2012 is average for spiritual progress. You may incline towards career, wealth and other practical matters. You must act with determination and keep patience at this stage. The further progress of major period would influence some favorable conditions and after December 2013, you are having good chances to achieve desired progress. In Saturn major period,You would be successful to achieve desired spiritual progress. You would be successful to achieve desired spiritual progress.


  • Get engaged in as much social development work as possible.
  • Try to remove "I" feeling as early as possible.
  • Love one and all and all the time, even if you have differences or disagreements.
  • Do introspect every day, at the end of the day.
  • Wear a blue sapphire.
  • Try to control your worldly desires with control and force.
  • identify your mistakes and omissions and confess.
  • Develop more and more control on your tendencies to be indulgent.
  • This will give you more success and you will make Him happy.
  • He prefers humble words and obedience.
  • Conform to social and religious directions and established norms very strictly.
  • Do physical work everyday to keep your body fit to do God's work without any break.


  • All of these are very useful, but ONLY IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY interested. Meditation will do you a world of good to put together all your positive energies and use them to help your progress.
  • During meditation, try to focus to remove "I" feeling from you. That is very important.
  • Wear a blue sapphire, it will be a great help.
  • Try to remove all thoughts and try to achieve void in your mind
  • Prayers can be for general Grace or for a specific task.
  • In prayers you must be regular and thank Him every day for all the good and all the bad too.
  • Specific prayers will depend on the form and sect that you belong to in your own religion.