• Name: ABC
  • Date of Birth: 9th August 1975
  • Place: New Delhi
  • Gender: Male
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Specific Matters Consultation 

Dear ABC,

We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. Replies of your questions are as below:

Question 1: Will my marriage last?

As per planetary combinations in your horoscope you will have to make a lot of adjustment in your married life. At present you are under the influence of the major period of Rahu which is placed in the second house and afflicted by Sun, Saturn and Mars. The major period of Rahu will be over during February 2016. There will be ups and down in married life till February 2016. At present you are under the influence of the sub-period of Sun which will be over during July 2013. This period is not favorable for love and harmony in married life. The sub-period of Moon from July 2013 – January 2015 will be auspicious for married life and relationship will begin to improve from July 2013 onwards. After January 2015 till February 2016 you will be under the influence of the sub-period of Mars. Mars is forming manglik yoga. This will not be favorable for love and harmony in married life. But chances of pregnancy will be strong during this period. Plan accordingly.

Question 2: What can I do to improve my married life?

As per planetary position in your horoscope you will have to make initial adjustments and compromise in marriage but once the understanding is reached, life becomes easy for both of you spend a loving married life together.

You will have to make your married life from complex to comfortable through compromise, opening the lines of communication, giving self-less love and respect, mutual understanding, taking short trips/spending quality time with each other, getting out, otherwise taking a light-hearted approach to love.

The root of improved relationship in your married life will be inner-confidence, contentment, and balance of mind. You will have to display more responsibility towards your spouse.

You can wear a Moon stone Pearl in silver on the smallest finger on Monday. Worship of God Shivji along with Goddess Parvathiji, Ganesha, Kartikey and Nandishwar on Monday will bring peace of mind and harmony at home. Fasting on Monday will also help. But you must spend sometime in temple during the morning or evening hours daily otherwise on Monday and Thursday. 

Avoid red cloths. Wear light colors only. Avoid non-vegetarian and spicy food.

You can also develop a hobby or join some course. This can be done from January 2013 onwards.

Question 3: How many children will I have?

Progeny prospects are good from July 2013 onwards. Mars is the ruling planet for progeny. Mars is ill-placed in the eighth house. You will have to recitate Shri Santan Gopal Mantra (can be downloaded from internet) at 108 times during the pregnancy. People use contraceptive methods now days so exact prediction of number of children is difficult. However, Jupiter is the natural significant planet for children. Jupiter is in retrograde motion but aspects the fifth house of progeny. Thus, progeny prospects are good.