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1. The 4th house stands property, property (hereditary, landed, constructed), Fixed assets, comforts, trade, crops etc.
2. In your natal chart, the 4th lord VENUS is placed in the 7th house, along with SUN (lord of 7th house) and Mercury (retrograde). Mercury is lord of 8th house and 5th house.
3. VENUS is also the lord of 9th house, which stands for luck, besides dharma, religion, journeys, foreign travel, fame, etc. 
4. 8th house stands for sorrows, debts, gifts, unearned or hidden wealth, and some time windfalls like insurance money or -lotteries-legacies etc.
5. 5th house stands for intelligence, knowledge, skills, intellect, wisdom, intelligence, higher education etc.
6. As per the Vedic Astrology, planet MARS is the significator of property.
7. In your natal chart, MARS is posited in the 12th house along with RAHU.
8. MARS is the lord of 3rd and 10th houses and it is exalted and retrograde.
9. 12th house stands for bed comforts, losses, expenditure, sexual enjoyment, foreign travels, moksha. etc.
10. 11th house, which denotes gains, elevation, ambitions, aspirations, desires and the fulfillment, etc. also has in it 12th and 5th lord VENUS. VENUS is retrograde.
11. Your lagna lord SATURN, which is also the lord of 12th house is placed in the 4th house.
12. SATURN aspects 6th house, 10th house as well as Lagna.

Understanding the current Dasha and sub Dashas:

Since end of May 2007, you are running the Dasha of Ketu which is posited in your 6th house. 6th house stands for employment, debts, ill health, service, servants.

Currently you are running the sub dasha of Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord of two houses 2nd and 11th representing Wealth and Gains respectively. Jupiter also aspects your 2nd, 4th, and 6th houses in your natal horoscope.


1. Signification of property MARS, is exalted in your horoscope.
2. Mars has 1.3 Shad bala points.
3. In your natal chart 2nd (wealth), 4th (property), and 6th (debts, employment) houses receive the aspect of Jupiter
4. Jupiter is the lord of 2 houses 2nd and 11th representing Wealth and Gains respectively.


1) You have medium level (average) promise to own properties.
2) Your current Dasha (which will last up to May 2014) is not so conducive for you to own property and it will require a lot of efforts and you may have to buy this through loan / mortgage system rather than outright purchase.
3) The sub dasha of Jupiter is rather favorable for you (up to April 24, 2012) in this regard.
4) Jupiter’s aspect will give you gains.
5) There are chances that you may go in for second hand / old property instead of new one.
6) Do examine the documents with regard to the property as well as the loan and mortgage very carefully before putting your signatures and if necessary take the opinion of a legal / property expert.

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Astrologer Sundeep Kataria