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THANKS FOR CHOOSING http://indastro.com/  and trusting us with your query and allowing me to do the reading on your unique horoscope on the subject of overseas travel and settlement abroad.
In following lines is the “Overseas Travel & Settlement Abroad Report” made especially for you containing the readings based on the detailed analysis of your horoscope cast as per the birth particulars given by you.

Understanding your natal chart:

1. Lagna stands for self, health, longevity, happiness, physical body, appearance, nature, disposition etc.
2. The 4th house is seen for education as well as residence.
3. The 5th house is seen for higher / professional education.
4. The 5th house is also seen for intelligence, wisdom, mental level and emotions.
5. The 10th house stands for career, occupation and profession.
6. The 11th house stands for gains, ambitions and aspirations.
7. In your natal chart, SUN is the Lagna lord and it is posited in the 5th house.
8. SUN is the posited in the 5th house.
9. In your natal chart, the 4th lord MARS is placed in the 3rd house and it is a Yogkarka planet.
10. In your natal chart, the 4th house is occupied by SATURN, MERCURY and VENUS. All these planets aspect the 10th house.
11. JUPITER is the lord of your 5th house and in your natal chart, it is placed in the 6th house.
12. The 9th house is in RAHU – KETU axis.

Are there combinations for foreign travel?

As per the classic texts and the experience of the astrologer, there are many combinations present in your chart indicating overseas travel, such as:

1. Lord of 9th house is in the 3rd House.
2. The 9th house is aspected by its own Lord Mars from the 3rd House.
3. The lord of 7th House is posited with the benefices.
4. Moon the lord of 12th house is in 7th House and it aspects the Lagna.
5. The 4th house lord has gone to 12th position from itself
6. Moon is in kendra
7. Rahu is posited in the 9th house.
Thus it is established beyond doubt that you will travel overseas, whenever there is supporting dasha / sub dasha and the exact timings shall be determined by the transit of the planets.

Specific combinations for study abroad

After satisfying ourselves with the promise of foreign travel in your chart, let us see if you would be going abroad for receiving higher education

In your Natal Chart

1. You are running the maha dasha of Jupiter. Being the lord of the 5th house, it also denotes promise of higher education.
2. Jupiter is aspected by MARS ( lord of 9th house, associated with long distance travels) and SATURN (Lord of 7th house)

In your Dasamasha (D 10)

Mercury the 12th lord, indicating foreign lands is associated with Saturn the lord of 4th house (residence) and 5th house (higher education).

Are there combinations for stay / settlement abroad?

As per the classic texts and the experience of the astrologer, there are not very strong combinations present in your chart, but there are some interesting combinations, such as:
3. Affliction to the 4th house by a malefic Saturn (6th lord).
4. Mercury in 4th  house – indicating changes of residence
5. According to Jatak Parijat Sun in 5th House., involves stay abroad

Timings of your Foreign Travels & Stay Overseas

1. Currently, you are going through the Maha Dasha of JUPITER – the 5th lord and with the support of sub sub dasha of MARS (starting June 2007), you should go overseas for further studies.
2. The field of study will be technical subjects – in the areas of Engineering with further specialization in Electronics / Communication / Airport / Aviation etc.
3. You may come back to India during the period 5th December 2007 to July 2008 and leave again for longer duration
4. After completing your specialized course(s), you will enter into a career and stay overseas till May 2019 (when maha dasha of Jupiter gets completed).
5. All this while you will continue to travel and keep coming to your home land.
6. After that you may settle down in India

Period of excellence and difficulties in settlement abroad
1. Throughout your stay, you will feel attached to your home, parents & relatives in India.
2. You will be required to work very hard to maintain your job overseas.
3. Similarly getting legal permissions to stay overseas will be a difficult challenge.
4. The presence of SATURN in the 4th house will demand a lot of hard work with sincerity and dedication. This would be difficult at times and if not regularly, but some time you will be erratic in your performance lacking consistency of results.
5. At times you may feel like “throwing in” the towel but you will soon recover from such unwanted phases.
6. You are expected to work hard, face challenges and enjoy life.
7. After initial struggles, you will settle down and you may expect better periods 17 June 2010 to 16 October 2021.
8. Most likely this will be the period just before (or during) your final exams.

1. During the dasha of Jupiter, you will have gain of education, wealth, success, prosperity through your perseverance, self-confidence and assertiveness boost your career.  This will be outside your country of birth.
2. During the unfavorable periods, you will be called upon to use your mastery over human behavior to drive excellence from your team. 
3. Some distractions to career due to mood swings / pessimistic thinking / competition.
4. Some lack of clarity, changes of decision, re visiting the decisions taken etc.

Remedies for overcoming difficulties in settlement
1. Apply kesar (saffron) tilak on your fore head.
2. Don’t eat banana on Thursdays.
3. On Saturdays, light Mustard oil lamp under peepal tree in the evening
4. Daily Recite Aditya Hridyam Strotram.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness, success and prosperity on you.

Please Note: All Predictions And Opinion Provided Are Based On The Birth Data Provided By The Querist. Any Discrepancy Or Doubt About The Birth Details Can Render The Entire Opinion Unreliable.