Dear ABC,


Please find below the Love Report made especially for you:




1.     In the matters of love, by nature you are caring, loving and sensitive.
2.     You like to receive the attention from the opposite sex.  You would like to be admired and praised by the beautiful members of the opposite sex in your circle.
3.     You are quite restless – in mood for changes, fond of music and right company.
4.     You will be very gentle, sensitive and sociable during this period.
5.     You have a tendency to be egoistic and putting self interest above everything else.
6.     You would like to have a happy and long life which is dignified and full of comforts.  In other words, you may find yourself getting more interested than enjoying luxuries of life
7.     Though you have sharp and active mind capable of weighing all pros and cons but at times you feel low / jealous if you do not get the attention or priority.
8.     Your circle of friends will increase, and so will be differences with them.
9.     Overall you will be much concerned with enjoying pleasant activities in your daily life.
10.  You also will be more concerned with making improvements / changes in your relations with your friends / loved ones through various methods and means such as, change in your dress sense / looks.
11.  While you will be more agreeable, happy, and creative, you will also be confused, indecisive at times during this year.

Socializing and networking is favored during this period.   This is also excellent period for growth in your professional capabilities as well upward movement of career. Financial transactions benefit during this period as it is favorable period for commerce.  Socially you found to be very affectionate, fortunate, virtuous, and skillful.  This period is bestowed about you happiness, fame and higher position. 
A word of caution – do not be selfish of self centered.  This is a good time to tackle diplomatically sensitive subjects and for negotiations. Therefore, you will have to consciously ensure that there is peace, and happiness at home.  You will have to forego your feeling of superiority, being fussy or obstinate or any other unwanted emotions because of your high position or professional success.  This will lead to happy home, sound mind and a great bank balance.  By all means increase your personal magnetism.
It is also a great time to tell someone how you feel. You are likely to be very self indulgent during this period and end up gaining some weight as a result. You will feel expansive and want to increase your enjoyment. You will also want to intensify the connections you have already established.
This harmonious aspect will activate all of your energies, emotional, sensuous and affectionate. In general you are going to be much surer of expressing your emotions. 
With regards to your abundant sensual desires now, don't rush things. Impatience needs to be kept under control. Organize yourself and your thoughts so that appropriate actions follow which suit your personality. Some of your fantasies or thoughts may be too finicky or mood angry at times,
The choice is yours during this period – to chose between career matters or too much romance.  In fact it would be a good idea if you maintain a balance and fully reap the benefits of a good career potential being offered at this times.  Treat this as a fun time for you as the period gives you an increase in your energy, and particularly in your sensuality. Having fun through spontaneous playfulness, singing, dancing, lovemaking adds zest to your time. After work, ensure that there is music and romance in the air. This way your rhythms shall be in harmony. A pleasing emotional or sensual experience can be part of the picture in this period.

This period can see you as a passionate lover yet demanding and aggressive at times in your love matters.  If proper checks and balances are not maintained then there is a likelihood of tempers may flaring up and you could be feeling bad later. If controlled and channeled properly, you may be able to express your feelings and have the other persons understand them.  This period also makes you anxious about your love life, love partners and related matters. Unless watched properly, you could be a little eccentric and at times nervous with regard to your love matters. Interestingly, at the same time you have the potential to be quite generous and charitable during this period but not so lucky in romantic matters. 
1ST MAY 2011 TO 31ST AUGUST 2011
While there will be continuity of most of the trends from the previous quarters, it is the later part which would change some of the situations and circumstances which have been discussed in detail in the next quarter.

From May 2011 onwards, interpret the dasha system, there are indications that you may tend to get somewhat bored or disillusioned and not really see much variety / thrill coming from others. When you realize that others have not lived up to your expectations, you may be very disappointed and disillusioned. Emotionally you could experience self - contradictory feelings.

There may be possibility that you will have to let go of son of the current / past relationships and welcome new ones in you life.  During this period you will find yourself wanting more stability in your life.
But it would be highly recommended that you see the things from a positive view point..  Your emotions and feelings are a result of your perception which needs to undergo a paradigm shift at this point of time.  Once you achieve a wholistic picture of the state of affair, you may actually start enjoying it.  You may then want to be away from anything that distracts you in this high period of romance and love.  Your emotions are highly lifted and your lust for life is strong. There's so much fun and enjoyment that it may be difficult to be level-headed.
This is a wonderful time for love, as this period brings you new loving feelings and thoughts. You will be tuned into the deeper and finer levels of love now.  It is a time of increased sensuality, and this brings a luxurious feeling to your life. You could have a particularly happy and satisfying experience now. If you chose wisely you will get a lot of positive feedback about a love relationship now. This will stir up in you a new lease on life and love.
If at all you are feeling disgruntled, this could be a good time to go in for self correction before you reach out to your romantic partner.  
There is a possibility that your time and attention is divided between love one side and domestic and social commitments on the other side. If at this moment you have no interest or are indecisive about being in a relationship, channelize your extra energy to get fit- both mentally and physically. This will leave you stimulated in every area of your life and ready for any opportunity that knocks on your door. 
This is a good time for initiatives and decision making and is often a time of increased activity and self confidence. You may like to think of settling down in your relationship. This way you feel energetic and capable of taking decisions with the ability to get a lot done quickly. Sometimes you may deal with individuals who do not play fairly. Self expression is more important to you now. This period may stimulate your libidinal energy.
This period slowly begins to bestow some social sense and good manners in dealing with the members of opposite sex as per your culture.  If you are looking for someone, look for the one who is temperamentally aligned with you and your mood swings.  Another tip could be that you analyze whether your feelings are reciprocated or not. If so then this will be the relation formed will prove to be stimulating one. 
Now you know how to use your charm to gain the approval of society and of the established institutions with which you deal. It is good time in relation to financial affairs, public relations, partnerships, social activities, and marriage.
Be assured that towards the end of the quarter luck will be on your side, with higher sex appeal you will be capable of charming and mystifying your love partner.
Your affections stabilize and mature. Relationships are reinforced and steady, although feelings are expressed reservedly, formally, or sparingly. A new sense of realism in existing partnerships comes now.
Overall during these 12 months, you will find yourself enjoying this period thoroughly and in more than one way such as a lot of name, fame, parental happiness and success through self efforts.

Best Regards,
Astrologer Sundeep Kataria