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Please find below the Health, Medical and Wellness Report for 5 years made especially for you:

Next 5 years [Till April 2017] - an overview:

Understanding your natal chart:
1. In a horoscope, 1st house / Lagna stands for self, health, longevity, happiness, physical body, appearance, nature, disposition etc.
2. The 6th house stands for wounds, illness, obstacles, disappointments, accidents, debts, ill health, service, servants etc.
3. In your natal chart, the lord of 1st house is MARS which is placed in the 2nd house.
4. 2nd house stands for wealth, family, its growth & expansion, worldly attainments etc.
5. The Lord of 6th house MERCURY is posited in the 5th house with two more planets SUN and VENUS.
6. 5th house stands for children, love affairs, knowledge, skills, intellect, wisdom, intelligence, higher education etc.
7. Lord of 5th house SUN is in its own house.
8. VENUS is the lord is the lord of 2nd house and 7th house. (both the houses are (markesh)
9. Rahu – Ketu are in the 6 – 12 axis.

Understanding the current and next 5 years Dasha and sub Dashas:
From balance of Year 2012 to April 2017:
Saturn / Jupiter up to 6th September 2012
Mercury / Mercury up to 2nd February 2015
Mercury / Ketu up to 31st March 2016
Mercury / Venus / Rahu up to April 2017

Since September 1993 you are running the Dasha (main period) of SATURN – is placed in the 8th house which stands for sorrows, debts, gifts, unearned or hidden wealth, and some time windfalls like insurance money or -lotteries-legacies etc.

It is a unique combination which links self with your courage, health / sickness, thoughts, and spirituality.

In the ensuing lines, we shall see that how this combination unfolds itself in a divine manner during the sub-dashas.

Understanding the current year’s major transits:
1. Saturn is transiting over your 7th house.
2. Jupiter is moving over your Lagna.
3. Rahu and Ketu are in Scorpio and Taurus respectively (2 – 8).


1. By nature you sensual, sensitive, reserved, prone to anxiety – especially during this period.
2. You will be very gentle, sensitive and very sociable during this period.
3. You have a sharp an active mind capable of weighing all pros and cons.
4. However during this period you are prone to be confused or not very clear when called upon to take a decision or to exercise an option.
5. You will carry with you traits like compassionate, religious, god-fearing and superstitious.
6. You are likely to be intuitive, adaptable, receptive, easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surrounding conditions,
7. The potential areas of disease or type of physical problems you could be – Phlegmatic, gastro-abdominal system, below the navel etc.
8. Be careful and avoid the vices like alcoholism, self pity etc.
9. Especially during this period, by conscious efforts, you will have to fight off a tendency to be sad or despondent or broken hearted – a problem which will come and go at different intervals.
10. Physically, you may feel less energetic or lazy, at times.
11. You must shun all thoughts which make you melancholic or very conservative.



Period wise forecast:

The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.


From balance of Year 2012 to April 2017:

Saturn / Jupiter up to 6th September 2012

There is no denying that presently you are experiencing stress, pressure and worries also. Let us also accept that these tensions are mostly due to chronic nature of diseases / illness.


In metaphysics, it is believed that we create our own happiness or unhappiness through our thoughts and emotions. The negative thoughts may lead to dis-ease. So it can be and should be kept under control if you want to stay healthy and fit. Therefore, at regular intervals, give yourself rest and your mind a divine break from stress.

Besides the mental stress, you may have to guard against the problems of stomach or pancreas or knees (if not suffering already)- overall in general the areas below the navel. Don’t get surprised, if it takes longer than normal time or the routine tests to nail down the exact nature of problem for the right diagnosis.

Thankfully, in the beginning of this period, you are going to find yourself quite better – if not very energetic and mentally charged. As per the planetary alignment of this period, there could be a lot of challenges to health both physically and emotionally.

If you have been concerned about the health, you may have to show patience while getting the best line of treatment.

However, you can maintain robust health if you adopt a healthy life-style. You should make conscious efforts to give yourself the benefits of fresh air, meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. — which you will begin to enjoy as you advance in your practice.

Mercury / Mercury up to 2nd February 2015

At this point of this time, you are entering a new maha dasha i.e. of MERCURY. MERCURY is the lord of 3rd house and also 6th house. While there may not be great news in terms immediate reversal of all your health problems, however, you may expect some changes towards betterment.

By all means, this period is expected to be a better one compared to the previous dasha or the earlier ones. You have to endure less during this period. This harmonious aspect will activate all of your energies, emotional, sensuous and affectionate. In general you are going to be much surer of expressing your emotions.

You may feel some pain / problem related to your abdomen / skin / speech. This is also the time to get your muscle and nervous system related checks done regularly. Overall treat this as a fun time for you as the period gives you an increase in your energy, and particularly in your sensuality. Having fun through spontaneous playfulness, singing, dancing, lovemaking adds zest to your time.

Self expression is more important to you now. This period may stimulate your spiritual energy. Your philanthropic side may want to come out and do good works during this period.

As per the dasha system, you are advised to avoid any kind of argument or negative discussion with neighbors or people around you during this period, as it could turn into a negative phenomenon and you may feel hurt by their actions. These arguments are needless, but they are likely to crop up today nonetheless. Just keep a cool head and try to maintain that neighborly feeling between yourselves.

On the positive side, a pleasing emotional or sensual experience can be part of the picture in this period.

While you will be more agreeable, happy, and creative, you will also be confused, indecisive at times during this period. You will have pleasing emotional or sensual experience can be part of the picture in this period.

Mercury / Ketu up to 31st March 2016

Why me? You may feel like you ask yourself this question more than anyone else. Your life may seem like an alternating between good and bad; enjoyments and sufferings that never stops. But deep down you realize that you would have it no other way. Take a break from it all today if you can. Communicate your thoughts and feelings. By talking, you will feel much better about the situation.

It also is possible that you will have moments of doubt and indecision with regard to the matters of improvements of your health and well being. You will be less decisive and practical, and you will tend to be more influenced by your feelings and emotions.

Mercury / Venus / Rahu up to April 2017

This is a period to be careful against age related issues such as prostate / genital / water retention related problems in the body. Be careful not to jerk your back or injure your shoulder by lifting a heavy bag etc. It would be highly recommended that you see the things from a positive view point. Your emotions and feelings are a result of your perception which needs to undergo a paradigm shift at this point of time. Once you achieve a wholistic picture of the state of affair, you may actually start enjoying it.

Be warned, at times your communication (verbal / non verbal) may tend to be not so friendly irrespective of the reason. Therefore, it needs to be checked and refined. Be very especially polite. This promotes your self-confidence and boosts your energy.
Therefore, during this period, you must watch against the occurrences of behavioral tendencies such as lacks self- confidence, vindictive, selfish, hypercritical, finicky, cranky and irritable


Sometimes you may deal with individuals who do not play fairly. If at all you are feeling disgruntled, this could be a good time to go in for self correction before you reach out to your doctor or counselor.

Best Wishes,
Astrologer Sundeep Kataria