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Health, Medical and Wellness - for 2 years

Next 2 years [Till December 2012] - an overview:
Understanding your natal chart:
1. In a horoscope, 1st house / Lagna stands for self, health, longevity, happiness, physical body, appearance, nature, disposition etc.
2. In your natal chart, the lord of 1st house is MOON which is placed in the 10th house, stands for career, occupation and profession etc.
3. In your natal chart, there are 5 planets in your 8th house – SUN, JUPITER, VENUS, RAHU and MARS.
4. 8th house denotes sorrows, debts, gifts, unearned or hidden wealth, and some time windfalls like insurance money or -lotteries-legacies etc.
5. The 8th house and 2nd house are in Rahu – Ketu axis.

Understanding the current and next 2 years Dasha and sub Dashas:


From January 2011 to December 2012:
Balance of Saturn / Mercury / Venus

Saturn / Mercury / Sun
Saturn / Mercury / Moon
Saturn / Mercury / Mars
Saturn / Mercury / Rahu
Saturn / Mercury / Jupiter

Saturn / Mercury / Saturn upto 25th December 2012
Since April 2007 you are running the Dasha (main period) of SATURN – is placed in the 3rd house, which denotes stamina, courage longevity, younger brother, neighbors, brokerage, commissions, communication etc. 
SATURN aspects your

(i) 5th house - Children, love affairs, knowledge, skills, intellect, wisdom, intelligence, higher education etc.
(ii) 9th house - Luck, dharma, religion, journeys, foreign travel, fame, etc and
(iii) 12th house - which denotes bed comforts, losses, expenditure, sexual enjoyment, foreign travels, moksha. etc.
Similarly, since April 2010, you are running the sub dasha of MERCURY which enjoys the lordship of 12th house and 3rd house. MERCURY is posited in your 7th house.
The 7th house stands for spouse, marriage, sexual desires, and general happiness etc. and MERCURY aspects your 1st house.
It is a unique combination which links self with your courage, health / sickness, thoughts, mental make up, marital life, general happiness, luck, religion and spirituality. 
In the ensuing lines, we shall see that how this combination unfolds itself in a divine manner during the sub-dashas.
Understanding the current year’s major transits:

1. Saturn is transiting over your 3rd house
2. Jupiter is moving over your 9th house and
3. Rahu and Ketu are in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively.  i.e., in 6 - 12 axis.


Period wise forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.
January to December 2011
Balance of     Saturn / Mercury / Venus
Saturn / Mercury / Sun
Saturn / Mercury / Moon
Saturn / Mercury / Mars
Saturn / Mercury / Rahu
1.      By nature you sensual, sensitive, prone to depression – especially during this period.
2.      You are quite reserved by nature – in mood for mysticism, tantra and are secretive.
3.      You will be very gentle, sensitive but not very sociable during this period.
4.      You have a sharp an active mind capable of weighing all pros and cons.
5.      Especially during this period, you have to fight off a tendency to be sad or despondent or broken hearted.
6.      Emotionally or physically or both, you may not be very happy with your marital life.
7.      Physically, you may feel less energetic or lazy, at times.
8.      You must take full care of your health as there are indications of bouts of illness, which may make you irritable.
9.      Such experiences and circumstances are likely to make you rigid or critical or unattractive or not wanting to be in the company of friends / relatives.
10.  You must shun all thoughts which make you melancholic or very conservative.
11.  It would be advisable that you should be more concerned with making improvements in your nature, thinking pattern, health and / or changes in your daily routines / food habits because of the concern about the self, and anxiety about health.
12.  You may also try some changes in your dress sense / looks.
13.  You are likely to see some disturbance to your domestic life or ill health of your mother.
14.  Your circle of friends will be limited but close.
15.  At times you will have serious differences with them.
16.  While you will be more agreeable, happy, and creative, you will also be critical of others, at times confused, slow or indecisive at times during this period.
17.  Emotionally you are by and large stable but at times could experience self – contradictory.
January to December 2012

Balance of     Saturn / Mercury / Rahu
                        Saturn / Mercury / Jupiter
                        Saturn / Mercury / Saturn
1. During this period you will find yourself wanting more stability in your life.
2. Though you may have been troubled by some disease or discomfort, since the last quarter of the year 2011, this will now be better diagnosed by the doctors and you’ll feel better from March 2012 onwards.
3. In fact, it would be a good idea if you maintain a balance and also look after your financial matters to prevent against any possible losses or overspending. 
4. This is a good time for initiatives and decision making and is often a time of increased activity and self confidence. You may like to settle down in your relationship, you feel energetic and are capable of taking decisions with the ability to get a lot done quickly.
5. It also is possible that you will have moments of doubt and indecision. You will be less decisive and practical, and you will tend to be more influenced by your feelings and emotions.
6. Sometimes you may deal with individuals who do not play fairly.
7. Be warned, at times your communication (verbal / non verbal) tends to be not so friendly because of the ego. Therefore, it needs to be checked and refined. Be very especially polite. This promotes your self-confidence and boosts your energy.
8. There may be possibility that you will have to let go of some of the current / past relationships and welcome new ones in you life. 
9. Self expression is more important to you now. This period may be better for your physical energy.
10. It would be highly recommended that you see the things from a positive view point.  Your emotions and feelings are a result of your perception which needs to undergo a paradigm shift at this point of time.  Once you achieve a wholistic picture of the state of affair, you may actually start enjoying it. 
11. A word of caution – do not be selfish of self centered.  This is a good time to tackle diplomatically sensitive subjects and for negotiations.
12. Trying to correct things and / or in pursuit of happiness / bringing more comfort in a life into your life, so be careful about overspending.
13. Therefore, you will have to consciously ensure that there is peace, and happiness at home.  You will have to forego your feeling of superiority, being fussy or obstinate or any other unwanted emotions because of your high position or professional success. 
14. This will lead to happy home, sound mind and a great bank balance.

Best Regards,
Astrologer Sundeep Kataria