Dear ABC,


Health, Medical and Wellness - for 1 year




1.      By nature you sensual, sensitive, prone to depression – especially during this period.
2.      You will be very gentle, sensitive but not very sociable during this period.
3.      You have a sharp an active mind capable of weighing all pros and cons.
4.      The potential areas of disease or type of physical problems you could be – Eyes, ENT, Stomach ailments, Hernia or Urinary ailments.
5.      Especially during this period, by conscious efforts, you will have to fight off a tendency to be sad or despondent or broken hearted.
6.      Physically, you may feel less energetic or lazy, at times.
7.      You must take full care of your health as there are indications of bouts of illness, which may make you irritable.
8.      Such experiences and circumstances are likely to make you rigid or critical or or not wanting to be in the company of friends / relatives.
9.      You must shun all thoughts which make you melancholic or very conservative.
10.  It would be advisable that you should be more concerned with making improvements in your nature, thinking pattern, health and / or changes in your daily routines / food habits because of the concern about the self, and anxiety about health.
11.  Emotionally you are by and large stable but at times could experience self – contradictory.
12.  While you will be more agreeable, happy, and creative, you will also be confused, indecisive at times during this year.

1ST JANUARY 2011 TO 31ST MARCH 2011 
 The maximum part of your body put to use is your brain. And there is no denying that you do subject it to stress, pressure and worries also. Let us also accept that these tensions are mostly of your own making. So it can be and should be kept under control if you want to stay healthy and fit.
Therefore, at regular intervals, give yourself rest and your mind a lovely break from stress.
Besides the mental stress, you may have to guard against the problems of ENT, Eyes or shoulder (if not suffering already). Don’t get surprised, if it takes longer than normal time or the routine tests to nail down the exact nature of problem for the right diagnosis.
Thankfully, in the beginning of this quarter, you are going to find yourself quite better – if not very energetic and mentally charged. As per the planetary alignment of this quarter, there could be a lot of challenges to health both physically and emotionally.
If you have been concerned about the health, you may have to show patience while getting the best line of treatment.
However, you can maintain robust health if you adopt a healthy life-style. You should make conscious efforts to give yourself the benefits of fresh air, meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. — which you will begin to enjoy as you advance in your practice. 
1ST APRIL 2011 TO 30TH JUNE 2011
By all means, this period is expected to be a better one compared to the previous quarter or the earlier ones. You have to endure less during this period.
This harmonious aspect will activate all of your energies, emotional, sensuous and affectionate. In general you are going to be much surer of expressing your emotions.
Treat this as a fun time for you as the period gives you an increase in your energy, and particularly in your sensuality. Having fun through spontaneous playfulness, singing, dancing, lovemaking adds zest to your time.
This is a good time for initiatives and decision making and is often a time of increased activity and self confidence.
Self expression is more important to you now. This period may stimulate your libidinal energy.
A pleasing emotional or sensual experience can be part of the picture in this period.

It also is possible that you will have moments of doubt and indecision with regard to the matters of improvements of your health and well being. You will be less decisive and practical, and you will tend to be more influenced by your feelings and emotions.
Self expression is more important to you now. Be warned, at times your communication (verbal / non verbal) tends to be affected. Therefore, it needs to be checked and refined. Be very especially polite. This promotes your self-confidence and boosts your energy.
Sometimes you may deal with individuals who do not play fairly.
It would be highly recommended that you see the things from a positive view point.  Your emotions and feelings are a result of your perception which needs to undergo a paradigm shift at this point of time.  Once you achieve a wholistic picture of the state of affair, you may actually start enjoying it. 
If at all you are feeling disgruntled, this could be a good time to go in for self correction before you reach out to your doctor or counselor.  
While there will be continuity of most of the trends from the previous quarters, it is the later part which would change some of the situations and circumstances which have been discussed in detail in the next quarter.
From late October 2011 onwards, interpreting the dasha system, there are indications that you may tend to get somewhat discouraged or depressed or disillusioned and not really see much variety / thrill coming from others. When you realize that others have not lived up to your expectations, you may be very disappointed and disillusioned. Emotionally you could experience self - contradictory feelings.
There may be possibility that you will have to let go of some of the current / past thoughts of attachment or relationships and welcome new ones in you life.  During this period you will find yourself wanting more stability in your life.
Though generally, but especially during this period you may have to guard against the problems of stomach ailments and windy disposition or problems in other parts of abdomen connected with below the navel (if not suffering already) - which will need regular attention. 
Let me share a secret and also give you a tip —you would be healthier than you think you are this year. I advise you to do regular exercise and meditation.  You may have to consciously make efforts to give yourself a dose of meditation — which you will begin to enjoy as you advance in your practice. You may also find yourself trying some ‘Alternate Healing System’.   

Best Regards,
Astrologer Sundeep Kataria