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In following lines is the Education Report made especially for you containing the readings based on the detailed analysis of your horoscope cast as per the birth particulars given by you.

Understanding your natal chart:

1. Lagna stands for self, health, longevity, happiness, physical body, appearance, nature, disposition etc.
2. The 4th house is seen for education.
3. The 5th house is seen for higher / professional education.
4. The 5th house is also seen for intelligence, wisdom, mental level and emotions.
5. The 10th house stands for career, occupation and profession.
6. The 11th house stands for gains, ambitions and aspirations.
7. In your natal chart, MARS is the Lagna lord and also the lord of 6th house. 6th house denotes employment, debts, ill health, service, servants
8. MARS is the posited in the 9th house which denotes luck, dharma, religion, journeys, foreign travel, fame etc
9. In your natal chart, the 4th lord SATURN is placed in the 4th house and in its own sign – Aquarius – which is also its Mooltrikana sign.
10. Your 4th house is also being aspected by Lagna lord MARS and JUPITER which is the lord of 5th and 2nd houses.
11. JUPITER is the lord of your 5th house and in your natal chart, it is placed in the 12th house.
12.  SUN which is the lord of 10th house aspects your 5th house.
13. There are two more planets – VENUS and MERCURY posited along with JUPITER in the 12th house.
14. Also 12th house is in RAHU – KETU axis.

Navamasha Chart
1. The lord of 4th house is VENUS, which is in the 11th house of gains and in its own sign – Taurus.
2. The lord of 5th house is MARS, which is in the 3rd house – indicator of stamina, courage, efforts and challenges.
3. KETU is present in the 4th house.
4. The 4th house receives the aspects of JUPITER and SATURN
5. The 5th house also receives the aspect of VENUS - a good indicator.

Moon Chart
1. The 4th lord is JUPITER, which is placed in 11th house.
2. The 5th lord is MARS, which is placed in 8th house and KETU posited in the 5th house.
3. The 5th house receives the aspects of JUPITER, VENUS, MERCURY and SATURN.
Understanding the current Dasha and sub Dashas:

You are running the mahadasha of SUN and antardasha of MOON up to 6th February 2012 and thereafter the antardasha of MARS upto June 2012.

Overall Observations
1. You are likely to have a good school education and easy flow till your 15th year.
2. You may take up science / combination of subjects which are inclusive of technical subjects in your senior secondary.
3. The presence of SATURN will demand a lot of hard work with sincerity and dedication. This would be difficult at times and if not regularly, but some time you will be erratic in your performance lacking consistency of results.
4. At times you may feel like “throwing in” the towel but you will soon recover from such unwanted phases.
5. The results of the school are likely to be above average but perhaps not in 95% category.
6. The sum total of analysis is that Saturn is likely to demand a lot of hard work for your school and graduation studies.
7. The sub period of MOON (Aug 2011 to February 2012) is likely to cause a lot concern and anxiety to family and well wishers.
8. Overall, you have a good promise for education – school, university and professional studies in your horoscope. This will be an excellent support for being a successful career oriented person in life.

Period of excellence and difficulties in studies

1. Throughout your school education and upto Feb 2010, you should have an easy and enjoyable period with regard to your schooling.
2. Feb 2010, you will become aware of the tough competition and develop a competitive spirit yourself.  Also this period is going to be very tough, demanding itself. Sometimes the output may be very disheartening too.
3. Specifically, the sub dasha of MOON for a period of 6 months approximately (Aug 2011 to February 2012) is likely to cause distraction / dilution of concentration in your studies – for one reason or the other.
4. This is likely to be a main issue of worry to you and family. However, you will quickly bounce back and make up once the sub dasha of MARS starts.
5. Most likely this will be the period just before (or during) your final exams.

Remedies for overcoming difficulties in studies

1. Apply kesar (saffron) tilak on your fore head.
2. Don’t eat banana on Thursdays.
3. On Saturdays, light Mustard oil lamp under peepal tree in the evening
4. Daily Recite Hanuman Chaalisa – 11 times.

Suggested areas / streams for graduate and higher studies for maximum success

1. The analysis of your Natal chart, divisional charts and dasha system indicates that you will be successful in getting admission for graduation in a technical line.
2. In the 2nd or 3rd year of your graduation you will find yourself taking interest in non technical subjects too or participating in some extra curricular which are not related to your subjects of your study / graduation.
3. You are also likely to go in for post graduation studies in the area / line which is connect with management / administration.

Chances of education abroad /away from home or not

1. Most of your schooling and graduation education is likely to be away from your place of birth.
2. The same can be observed from your chart with regard to your post graduate studies – i.e. most likely away from your place of birth.
3. When the maha dash of MOON starts in April 2017, you are likely to go overseas for post graduate studies in non technical subjects.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness, success and prosperity on you.



Please Note: All Predictions And Opinion Provided Are Based On The Birth Data Provided By The Querist. Any Discrepancy Or Doubt About The Birth Details Can Render The Entire Opinion Unreliable.