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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Saturn Transit Report:

Your Saturn Transit Reading is covered under the following sections:

1.    Transit dates & change of sign:
2.    Change of Nakshatra
3.    Effects from your Moon Sign
4.    Effects from your Lagna/ Ascendant
5.    Effects of Saturn transit on your natal planets
6.    How & what will change in your life
7.    Tips to use the changes to your advantage and to counter any negatives due to this transit
8.    Vedic Remedies
Transit dates & change of sign
This section covers the important dates related to this transit

Saturn in transit leaves Scorpio on 27 Oct 2017 and enters Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, transit Saturn will be retrograde on two occasions, from 18 April 2018 to 05 September 2018 and 30 April 2019 to 17 September 2019. It will start moving in direct motion at other times till it leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 25 January 2020.

Change of Nakshatra
This section details the journey of Saturn through Nakshartras in the sign of Sagittarius

During this transit through Sagittarius, Saturn will move over three stars, namely Moola, Purvashadha and Uttarashada in this order. The duration of stay in these three stars is as below:

1)    Moola: 27 October 2017 to 27 November 2018
2)    Purvashadha: 28 November 2018 to 26 December 2019
3)    Uttarashada: 27 December 2019 till 25 January 2020 and beyond

Effects from Moon Sign:
This section covers the effects of transiting Saturn on your Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was present at the time of your birth. Moon Sign holds a very important significance in Vedic astrology. Thus the effect of Saturn on your Moon sign has also been covered in detail here.

Transit Saturn will be in the 9th house from your Moon sign Aries and its effects will be as under:
This transit can indicate legal difficulties.
There can be long journeys.
Due to adverse planetary effects of Rahu on transit Saturn, chance of accident is possible.
You will concentrate on religion, metaphysics and philosophy.
Learning will be much pragmatic at this stage.
Enemies will trouble you and diseases will make you weak.
Possible criminal prosecutions [if applicable] and punishments thereof may occur.
Decrease in income, fruitless attempts, sorrows and unhappiness will be met with.
Ill health of father, if applicable or even some harm to him is possible.

Effects from Lagna:
This section covers the effect of transiting Saturn on your rising sign.

Transit Saturn will be in the 5th house from your ascendant and its effects will be as under:

This is a difficult transit.
You will face false allegations, loss of money, increased expenses, mental agony, and separation from family and disputes with children, if applicable.
You may feel the burden of matters related to children.
Love affairs will become very difficult.
You may be associated with persons (of opposite gender) who are older than you. Though it may quite be unpleasant, it may turn out into a growth experience.
You will have confrontations, but if dealt with wisdom, these will be to your advantage.
Do not gamble or speculate or take any other risks in any matter as you will certainly lose in all of them.

3. Effects on natal planets:
This section covers the effects of transiting Saturn on your natal planets.

Transit Saturn square natal Nodes:
This is quite a strange aspect to such an extent that limitations in life are doubly significant.
This transit will give much loneliness.
Life seems to be fated.
You will have no option than to surrender to the natural flow of events in very strict discipline.

Transit Saturn sextile natal Jupiter:
You will need to work very hard during this period and take advantage of every opportunity for growth and expansion.
It is a favorable period for occupation and for getting appreciation and good will of all.
This period is also good for intellectual and spiritual progress.
Long plans made now will be completed successfully.

Transit Saturn over natal Sun:

This transit will offer mixed results.
It is a time of tremendous responsibility and hard work leading to success of old projects and to get the best out of them.
It is the time to focusing all your energies and not for scattering them.
You will spend on unwanted ventures and will be deprived of comforts of children.
Your freedom at work will be much restricted as well as within the family.
Do not take on any new projects [if possible] as too much responsibility can cause health issues.
This time will hold the chance of personal and professional defeats in some issues but there will be no failure.

Transit Saturn over natal Saturn:
You may retire from service or any other occupation.
You may change your residence or end many relations.
You may suffer financial loss, face radical changes in life.
This is a time of endings and making new beginnings.

Transit Saturn over natal Venus:
This is a very important conjunction that has strong effects on emotions and relationships with others as they will go through a period of testing and examination.
This is a very tricky period and one should be very careful of relationships.
Accepting responsibilities is more important than personal comfort and advantages.
If any new relationship is formed it will have profound significance.
You are likely to withdraw from others.
Stay austere and conservative in financial matters and avoid all new financial ventures.

Transit Saturn trine natal Mars:

Controlled activity in any area of life will pay you.
You will be capable of doing hard work but you must organize them to the minutest details as only that can give you success.
Careful and controlled working will win you the respect of others.
It is a favorable period for any kind of work that requires precision and concentrated efforts.
Be contented with what you get and work slowly to get your work done.
It is not a glamorous time but your actions can lead you to real and lasting accomplishments.

Transit Saturn trine natal Moon:
This transit brings a period of balance and harmony.
Sobriety in emotional attitude will make domestic life happy.
It is a good period for personal life like buying and selling property, repairs in your home and organizing your finances.
You will get solace and gain through old women.
If you plan for future now, it will be favorably completed.

How & what will change in your life?

This section covers the composite effects of Saturn transit on your life.

This transit of Saturn would bring in many changes in your life. Due to the aggressive nature of the sign placement of Saturn, all events would come forth very strong & suddenly. You will see changes in your mental makeup with regard to how you perceive religion. There would be a tendency to be religiously inclined but more to appease god rather than on spiritual lines. You need to have faith during this period as without that true blessing won’t come up.
Also work related travels would come up bringing a direct opportunity for increase in income. These opportunities should be grabbed with both hands.

Issues & arguments with siblings could erupt. You should be careful about your general manners. Bad attitude could cost you a relationship during this period. This could happen especially during periods that Saturn would be retrogressing

Relations with father (or an elder ) could deteriorate.
Further stomach region looks under pressure & long term indigestion, chronic stomach region problems have to guarded against. Be very regular with walks, exercising & good diet. Health & immune system would get pressured, especially during 2018. Avoid anger & deep sulks as that would spoil health.

Do not take chances with law during this period & be very careful about taxes & long term debt.

New cycle of growth in career is around the corner, no matter how unexpected. There would be changes that would seem like hurdles & irritants. Treat them as an opportunity for best results.

Love life would give you a few hiccups & a new relationship could come in that will bring problems. Be very careful as it could affect your reputation during Saturn’s retrogression.
A tendency to favor drinking or intoxicants is present. You need to be careful as that could trigger off depressive thoughts.

5. Tips
This section covers the dos and don’t to use the changes to your advantage or if negative changes, how to counter them/ suggestions/ guidance & advisory

Considering the above points I can suggest the following:

1.    Lots of physical activity, good diet & yoga for positive thinking & to banish negative & pessimistic thoughts.

2.    Travel well & well planned. This is a period of opportunities in foreign lands. Don’t miss the bus.
3.    Avoid misdoings in love / relationships as fall in position possible.
4.    Control your debts, finances & taxes well. Don’t be lax.
5.    Health of self or father or elderly members of family needs care.
6.    Strive for true spirituality. Don’t try & be something you are not.
7.    Work very hard. That will be the key to success.

6. Vedic Remedies

Saturn is known to respond well to Vedic remedies. This sections covers them for you:

Worship Lord Hanuman every day.
Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning along with your regular pooja.
Visit Saturn temple on Saturdays.
Donate useful articles made of iron as well as other articles of use like black blanket or leather goods to old, poor or needy person.
Most importantly, respect your elders, superiors and stay genuinely honest and don’t do anything that is harmful to others.