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Effects of Saturn in transit:
Saturn will move through Scorpio sign till 27 Oct 2017 and during the period from 25 Mar 2016 to 13 Aug 2016, transit Saturn will remain in retrograde motion in Scorpio.
In your birth chart, the sign Scorpio is your ascendant and the 5th house from your Moon sign Cancer.
The effects of transit Saturn will be as given below:

Transit Saturn in the ascendant:

It is a time of shearing away from various aspects of life.
Your responsibilities will increase and your accomplishments will be quite good.
Focus on projects and things that require short time for completion.
Do not start new or long range projects as these will be delayed.
Since your Saturn is a functional malefic, health of your spouse, children and close relatives may suffer.
You may face disharmony, disagreements with others, and may have some fear from enemies.
Journey to a distant place may separate you from family.
Loss of wealth and honor, obstructions and delays to your undertakings, failure in attempts and increase in expenditure are quite possible.

Transit Saturn in the 5th house from Moon:

This is a difficult transit.
You will face false allegations, loss of money, increased expenses, mental agony, and separation from family and disputes with children, if applicable.
You may feel the burden of matters related to children.
Love affairs will become very difficult.
You may be associated with men older than you and though it may quite be unpleasant, it may turn out into a growth experience.
You will have confrontations, but if dealt with wisdom, these will be to your advantage.
Do not gamble or speculate or take any other risks in any matter as you will certainly lose in all of them.

Transit Saturn square to transit Nodes:

All events in life will move in destined manners and your own views or expectations or ambitions may not be given much weight by others.
You will need to accept them, whether you like them or not.
Any efforts from your side to block these events or to neutralize or ignore them will bring doubly negative results.

Transit Saturn trine natal Ketu/sextile natal Rahu:
You will have very good working habits and broad and serious outlook and you should stick to them.
The more you work hard the better will be the rewards.
Emotional and spiritual maturity is seen in this period.

Transit Saturn sextile natal Sun:
This is a favorable transit and it gives good strength to take good decisions.
Superiors and subordinates will be helpful.
It will not be a lucky transit per se but it can be much fortunate for you if you work hard to make it so.
You will gain recognition and material gains from the superiors if you work hard.

Transit Saturn sextile natal Venus:
You will maintain relations in a strictly practical way and help others so long as they help you.
You will be fond of men and every degree of indulgences connected with them.
This does not indicate love as love or romance and all affections will be subordinated to what you consider as practical needs.
Gain through creative projects is possible.

Transit Saturn square natal Saturn:
It is a very critical period of many tests, tensions, crisis of confidence and fear of taking wrong decisions.
Others may create many difficulties for you leading to your insecurity.
Superiors will not be congenial and all your actions will be questioned.
Avoid conflicts and arguments.
Increased responsibility and much hard work will be helpful but otherwise you will face many troubles and difficulties through your seniors and colleagues.
Relationships with others will sour, prove difficult and may even break up.

Transit Saturn trine natal Mars:

Controlled activity in any area of life will pay you.
You will be capable of doing hard work but you must organize them to the minutest details as only that can give you success.
Careful and controlled working will win you the respect of others.
It is a favorable period for any kind of work that requires precision and concentrated efforts.
Be contented with what you get and work slowly to get your work done.
It is not a glamorous time but your actions can lead you to real and lasting accomplishments.

Transit Saturn conjunct transit Mars, moving square to the transit nodes:
Some degree of cruelty and very stern nature will be indicated and you will notice much impatience in your thoughts and actions that will disturb your physical vitality.
This will, in turn, adversely affect your basic health and physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left when you have a lot to do.
Also you will have excessive energy when you have nearly nothing to do and this will disturb you physically and psychologically.
You will have too much sexual energy, sometimes to the point of being pushed to a temporary state of promiscuity.

Transit Saturn square transit Jupiter:

This transit will cause much troubles and sufferings, persecution by religious authorities and losses through own mean actions, folly or selfishness.
Restrictions will come to you in your working life.
This transit is unfavorable for finances, business or independent occupations.
Change in environment will cause restlessness while change of job or residence is possible.
You may experience much frustration in your work.
Children may irk you or oppose you.

How retrogression increases/influences the effects:
Retrogression of Saturn [or of any other planet except Sun and Moon] is the [apparent] backward motion of Saturn as seen from the earth.
This movement has its own strong effects that are very important for all.
It is all the more significant for Saturn’s retrogression since Saturn is the most important “social planet” and he will be closest to the earth during his retrogression and will thus influence all of humanity the most from this position.
He will also influence other planets in various important ways and the resultant effects will reach the earth.
Transit Saturn in retrogression will maintain status quo in all matters, activities or events or plans and efforts or in other words, it will simply impose a kind of 'stay' order!.
All the actions, progresses, as well as all issues, restrictions, obstruction and delays will be maintained without any relief or exacerbation of any kind.
Nothing new will happen, good or bad, but the events, issues or situations [irrespective of their quality or intensity] will be kept alive on low flame.
They will not go away either.
For those having a benefic transit of Saturn during retrogression, the beneficial results will be withheld and the good things will not happen now.
Similarly there will be a temporary respite from exacerbation of the evil effects of a bad transit of Saturn.

Effects of conjunction of retrograde Saturn with retrograde Mars:
Mars & Saturn are two very strong planets but they are poles-apart in their effects.
The effects will be even more pronounced since the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is occurring in the sign Scorpio ruled by Mars.
Mars gives the ‘energy’ to fulfill your needs and ambitions while Saturn is the ‘control’, which is necessary for eventual efficiency in your expression and growth.
During the Mars–Saturn conjunction, the essential energies fight with necessary controls.
This conjunction may often result in a stalemate or indecision. Occasionally this can also make a person prone to accidents.
These effects will be significantly influenced and even modified when either of Mars and Saturn or both turn retrograde during their sojourn through Scorpio.

Things to avoid during retrogression:
Enemies will be naturally defeated and thus there is no need to be combative against them but caution is called for to avoid loss through enemies.
Take care to avoid inviting displeasures from superiors and the authorities.
Avoid or at least restrict your expectations from any possible love relations.
Slow down social life.
Take care against sufferings through fraud, theft and menials.
Take more care of your marital relationship and especially the health of your spouse or partner.
Stay ready to face some minor failures and restrictions in a practical manner.
Try to build a bridge with your siblings, especially the elder ones, if any.
Make good use of patrimony, if applicable.

What to do, in order to increase gains:
This is a waiting period and thus it is eminently suitable for maintaining an even keel in your activities.
If you can continue with your good health, your hard work and your controlled way of living, you will be ready to receive and make good use of the good results of Saturn’s transit after the end of retrogression period.
With better observation and analysis of the events in your life and the people involved in them, you can make the path of your progress smoother and more assured.
Take absolute care of your communication in all forms of relationships and thus avoid misunderstandings and lack of cooperation that you will need sooner than much later.
Live, act and spend within practical and prudent limits.
Do not make promises that may be difficult to keep even when the retrogression ends.

Remedies and suggestions:

Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” 108 times, during morning, day and evening, totaling 108x3 times per day.
If possible, chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as practicable, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.

This definitely should be the time to revisit your plans and ambitions and to review the progress made so far and to carry out a reality check and a self assessment.
Anything new like starting new projects, making any on course corrections [even if good], shift of residence, starting a relationship, committing to a relationship, major investments & any risk concerning new projects should be avoided after the 25th March till Saturn remains in retrograde state.

Specific date ranges for challenging & progressive period:

Below mentioned dates would be beneficial to initiate or plan any steps for career progress:
***** (Month Wise Dates Given)

Below mentioned dates should be avoided for initiating any new work or scheduling any important meetings or travel for work:

***** (Month Wise Dates Given)