• Name: A
  • Date of Birth: 14 Apr 1984
  • Place: Fort Worth
  • Gender: Female
  • Time: 14:00 PM
  • Name: B
  • Date of Birth: 12th May 1976
  • Place: Dallas Texas
  • Gender: Male
  • Time: 14:13 PM

Dear Mr A and Ms B

THANKS FOR CHOOSING The details submitted for Relationship Analysis are as below -

1) Name A
Date of birth 14 Apr 1984
Time of birth 14 Hrs.-00 Min.
Place of birth Fort Worth (TEXAS-USA)
Nakshatra and Moon sign: Hasta Virgo

2) Name B
Date of birth 12 May 1976
Time of birth 14 Hrs.-13 Min.
Place of birth Dallas Texas (U.S.A)
Nakshatra and Moon sign: Swati 

Ms.A has Virgo moon sign and is a Cancer Ascendant. She will  be liberal and large hearted generally. She will be very sensitive and reserved in nature. She will possess qualities of inquisitiveness and intuition. She will be interested in a lot of things at a time. She will tend to believe that the slightest of the illness affects her. Generally she will be worried most of the times. But she will make for an excellent domestic life partner.

She will be a very good talker and will know how to get things done. However she needs to be controlled in her temper, as she may hurt people with her speech. She will   work with dedication but she may be prone to problems related to the reproductive organs. Laziness will marher image. She may suddenly leave all work due to her laziness. She will try to live happily in all circumstances. She will be religious, charitable, egoistic and high on self-respect.

Mr B will be very sensitive. He will have a sharp and curious mind and will love things related to art and culture. He will find communication coming to him easily and he can be very impressive at it. However he may be at times over suspicious and possessive, which  may create hurdles in the relationship. He may, at times, show extreme emotions, which can be crucial points in a relationship. He will be change his opinions often, sometimes seriously and at other times for the fun of it and being playful about it.. He will be skilled and eloquent in speech. Due to which, h e will be able to impress people quickly with his communication. He will be a skilled diplomat and will like to keep his things  secret. Due to his inquisitive and analytical nature he will be keen to go into the depth of the matter, as if it were some research.

Due to his inquisitive and analytical nature, A can struggle in the negative phases and tough times.
On the mental level: Although both the sign lords are not too aggressive, there are chances that both of you may not gel harmoniously in the relationship. One will be more aggressive while the other may find himself to be submissive. This can lead to  a breaking point in the relationship. The aspect of the Saturn on the 7th house of A tends to create a delay in forming long term relationships, but once formed ,they will be maintained. However the 7th house of B is hemmed in malefics, and even the Moon is with Rahu indicating a complete dissatisfaction in social life and partnerships.

As per traditional analysis, followed over the last few hundred years, below is the analysis based on your Moon sign and Nakashatra:

Mental compatibility- Mental compatibility among A & B says that  there will be a need  make some adjustments. There may be problems and you both will have to mutually agree to work on the relationship. There is a willingness to work on the relationship as of now, but it needs to be a long term agreement. At times you can find some extreme opposition for basic thinking but at the end, you both will understand each other. There is a desire to help each other and give importance to each other's views that is making this compatibility more interesting.

Wealth- This chart does not show a positive indication in case of wealth. There is likely to be more expenses than income, but if both of you team up, you can help resolve some major issues. So there are average points for wealth. Since it's not so bad, there is scope to make it better. You can improve your luck by creating harmony around and wealth can be managed by proper plans and managed expenses.

Sexual- The comparative combination is indicating very good points in this regard. Both of you will understand each other's moods and temperament. The relationship will be interesting and will be lasting. There will be a good balanced behavior and you both will help each other to become more comfortable with time. There is a tendency to support each other. You both will allow yourself to see the positive points and appreciate each other. A tendency to support each other's actions and thoughts in front of outsiders would be a positive point of this relationship. There is an extreme compatibility on the physical plane.

Children- Planning for children needs to be done meticulously. There are chances of  some delay in this matter.
Values and instincts - There is a combination which indicates mutual areas of interest and the ability to discuss and resolve problems. Both of you will stimulate each other to work positive areas. You both will share information and help each other to do resourceful work. There seems to be lot of mutual love and respect. However in this marital relationship, sexual jealousy and possessiveness can be a problem. This is a difficult aspect for a close personal relationship and you will have to enter the relationship knowing fully well about this.
Instincts are favorable and you enjoy each other's company, and you seem to have an inner intuition to understand each other's moods and work accordingly. You have ease in your relationship, so the ups and down will be manageable.
The total matching as per the ancient Vedic Astrology is 26.5 out of a maximum of 36 and classifies this match as a good match.

Practical and Luck dominated parameters of this match:

Soul matching - There is a strong sense of union in this match and the two will be able to communicate things almost on an inner level.

Mental matching - You motivate each other and share information to help the other to get over his or her problem areas.
Ego and physical attraction - Ego problem is seen in the chart of Mr. B and he may be very possessive at times.

Love and affection - This aspect is looking very good in compatibility. You tend to build up each other's confidence by love and affection. This relationship will always tend to be honest  that will provide harmony in family life.

Intellectual compatibility - This is an aspect of intellectual compatibility. You stimulate each other towards interesting and intellectual work and you enjoy doing such things together.
Wisdom and Spirituality - you have enough support of energies to understand each other's view and that will definitely help both of you to grow spirituality together.

Exchange of vitality and support to each other - Very positive. You both have really compatible match and that adds more positive energies in this aspect. However A may have to take care of emotional low down which may affect his health.

Based on the above, we can say  that the match is acceptable and the relationship is good enough for a friendship, love as well as marriage with each other.