Dear XYZ,


Your physical features and traits

General: Dear Shri. XYZ, you were born under Uttarabhadra star- 1 padam, Meena rashi, Meena lagna.
You are currently under Venus dasa Venus bhukti till December 2016.
Now we shall see the Yogas present in your horoscope.

  • Yogas are special combinations of planets in an horoscope and are capable of giving specific special effects.
  • Yogas can be favorable or unfavorable depending on the type of results they bestow on a native.
  • Raj Yogas are a specific group of favorable Yoga-s and can make a person enjoy very high position, status, power, wealth and abilities.
  • These do not necessarily make one a king [Raja] but makes the person much superiors than others.
  • Each horoscope will generally have a number of Yoga-s while Raj Yogas are rare in their occurrence.
  • There are certain situations that cancel out a Yoga present in a chart and this phenomenon is popularly known as Yoga Bhanga [destruction of Yoga].


A. Major Yogas present in your chart:

  • Papakartari Yoga.
  • Budhaditya Yoga.
  • Kalasarpa Yoga.
  • Anapha Yoga.
  • Meerati Yoga.
  • Kedar Yoga.

B. Description of each Yoga present in your chart:

Papakartari Yoga.

  • Due too this yoga you are likely to have a poor health and financial status.
  • You will also possess quick anger and a clear streak of cruelty.

Budhaditya Yoga.

  • You will be intelligent, skillful and respected but taciturn.

Kalasarpa Yoga.

  • You will have an uneasy and obstructed life.
  • Life would be beset with strife.
  • However mental faculties and longevity are not affected.

Anapha Yoga.

  • You will inherit large fortune and wealth.

Meerati Yoga.

  • Due to your easily excitable temperament and improper actions, you will develop many enemies.
  • Your enemies will defeat you easily while you will be devoid of strength and courage to save yourself.
  • You may not have any brothers or friends to come to your help.

Kedar Yoga.

  • You will acquire wealth and agricultural lands.
  • You will be very polite and always interested in doing social service and help to others.
  • You will be superior to others in respect of character and bravery.

C. Expected time of manifestation of the Yoga's:

Papakartari Yoga.

Oct 2008 to Mar 2009, Apr 2011 to Dec 2014, Oct 2021 to Nov 2022, Apr 2036 to Mar 2037, Dec 2042 to Apr 2045.

Budhaditya Yoga.
May 2010 to Sep 2010, Apr 2019 to Oct 2021, Nov 2025 to Oct 2026, Dec 2033 to Apr 2036, Nov 2039 to Aug 2040.

Kalasarpa Yoga.
Oct 2008 to Mar 2009, Apr 2011 to Apr 2029, Apr 2036 to Mar 2037, Dec 2042 to Apr 2045.

Anapha Yoga.
Mar 2009 to May 2010, Jun 2016 to Oct 2021, Nov 2022 to Nov 2025, Jun 2031 to Apr 2036, Mar 2037 to Nov 2039.

Meerati Yoga.
May 2010 to Sep 2010, Jun 2016 to Oct 2021, Nov 2025 to Oct 2026, Jun 2031 to Apr 2036, Nov 2039 to Aug 2040.

Kedar Yoga.
Mar 2009 to May 2010, Nov 2022 to Nov 2025, Apr 2028 to Apr 2029, Mar 2037 to Nov 2039, Dec 2041 to Dec 2042.

D. Strength of the Yoga's in your chart:

  • Papakartari Yoga: High.
  • Budhaditya Yoga: Medium.
  • Kalasarpa Yoga: Medium.
  • Anapha Yoga: Medium.
  • Meerati Yoga: Medium.
  • Kedar Yoga: Medium.

E. Advice based on your Yoga's

Papakartari Yoga.

  • Take care of health and practice tolerating some delays in your undertakings.
  • Good health and patience hard work alone will do you good.

Budhaditya Yoga.

  • Maintain stability of thought and action.
  • Kalasarpa Yoga. You will need to live your life within the limitations of your horoscope and work very hard and patiently.
  • You should worship the snake goods to free you from troubles.

Anapha Yoga.

  • Make good use of your wealth.
  • Avoid dissolute expenses.

Meerati Yoga.

  • Think well before you act, stay humble and avoid anger.
  • Sudden excitement may occur suddenly and automatically.
  • But this will never do you any good but will only produce many enemies.
  • Such enemies will defeat you.
  • Your own strength and courage would be lesser than theirs always.
  • So avoid such situations with people and your siblings if any.

Kedar Yoga.

  • You must not feel proud about your good fortune or about the good turns done by you to others.