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It can be read under the following heads:

Description of presence of Raj Yoga - category (combination of 10th  house with any/more of 2nd , 4th , 5th , 7th  or 9th  house)
Strength of the yoga & how it can be made powerful
Times during the report period when the yoga would be most visible
Predictions for next 2years
Suggestions on how to maximize the gains
Any pitfalls to avoid

Description of presence of Raj Yoga - category (combination of 10th  house with any/more of 2nd , 4th , 5th , 7th  or 9th  house)

 10th house [Profession] lord Sun is in the 8th house with 9th lord Moon, 4th lord Saturn and 8th lord Mercury.
 2nd and 5th house lord Jupiter in the 5th house aspect by 4th lord Saturn.
 7th  house lord Venus is placed in 10th house aspect by 4th lord Saturn,

Strength of the yoga & how it can be made powerful:
Strength of Yoga-s

 Strength of all raj yoga-s given above are much restricted and quite nominal due to the following reasons:
 Sun, Moon and Saturn is not so powerful as they are placed in most malefic house 8th house so loss its strength.
 Thus Sun, Moon and Saturn planets involve in raj yoga loss its auspiciousness but Jupiter and Venus has good strength and able to give you good result.

This nullifies effects of all Raj yoga-s present in the horoscope.
Overall effects will be restricted to mild forms of Dhana yoga, as applicable.

How the yoga-s can be made more powerful:

The strength of the yoga-s can be improved through specific remedies given below and by moderation of your expectation, attitude and by avoidance of impatience and haste.

Times during the report period when the yoga would be most visible:
Yoga effects will be prominent during the main and sub periods of the yoga planets.

Dasa periods of Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Venus, for yoga effects:

    Main period of Sun will start from 28 Jul 2045.

Sub periods of Sun are:

    From 24 Feb 2020 to 30 Jun 2020, 27 Nov 2028 to 27 Nov 2029 and 28 Jul 2045 to 15 Nov 2045.


    Main period of Moon is not come in life.

Sub periods of Moon are:

    From 30 Jun 2020 to 31 Jan 2021, 27 Nov 2029 to 29 Jul 2031, 15 Nov 2045 to 16 May 2046 and 28 Jul 2051 to 28 May 2052.


    Main period of Jupiter will not come in life.

Sub periods of Jupiter are:

    From 16 Jul 2022 to 22 Jun 2023, 27 Sep 2035 to 28 May 2038 and 16 Aug 2047 to 03 Jun 2048.


    Main period of Saturn will not come in life.

Sub periods of Saturn are:

    Till 28 Jul 2018, 22 Jun 2023 to 31 Jul 2024 and 28 May 2038 to 28 Jul 2041.


    Main period of Venus will start from28 Jul 2025 to 28 Jul 2045.

Sub periods of Venus are:

    From 25 Dec 2018 to 24 Feb 2020 and 28 Jul 2025 to 27 Nov 2028.

Predictions for next 2years:

    The 2yr period from now will be covered by main period of Mercury till 28 Jul 2018 then Ketu.
    The same period will be covered by the sub period of Saturn till 28 Jul 2018 under Mercury main period and Ketu till 25 Dec 2018, Venus till 24 Feb 2020 under Ketu main period.
    Main period lord Mercury may give you some result indirectly as Mercury is placed with Saturn, Moon and Sun.
    Sub period Lord Saturn under Mercury will also offer yoga effects as Saturn is the one of the planet make yoga and placed with Mercury.
    After this the Main period of Ketu and sub period of Ketu is also indirectly supportive as Ketu’s nakashtra lord is Sun.
    Sun period of Venus under Ketu is also give good result of Yoga as Venus is one of the powerful planet of yoga.

    Thus the main period and sub period are able to offer good support to career, status or good name.
    In transit chart, transit Saturn is in 2nd house and supportive for success in career, competition and growth Saturn is 4th lord and transit Saturn aspects the 4th house
    Transit Jupiter in the 12th houses from ascendant will be quite favourable in many matters, mainly relationship with others and financial gain through decent hikes in pay.
    Overall you will have a stable and somewhat growth oriented stage in career but career status will remain challenging.
    Income will develop but you will need to watch your expenses and investments to keep your accumulation right and proper.
    Avoid needless expenses and investments in risky areas.
    Your home/marital life will improve, mainly by support of Saturn, and this should be maintained by own efforts.
    Children too will do better in this period of 2yrs.
    Personal health will remain normal and can improve too.

Suggestions on how to maximize the gains:

    The best and most prudent action required to maximize your gains is to not wait for or depend on the yoga periods to operate and offer you opportunity for growth and benefit.
    Your own efforts must be the primary and the most important tool in your hand to develop your career and life.
    Good results of such efforts will be boosted automatically during the operating periods of the yoga planets.
    Also due to various afflictions to the yoga planets, their good effects will have chances to get restricted and/or nullified at times.
    To act against this trend you must resort to promotion of healthy self-confidence and resort to steady and focused control over your attitude.
    Always maintain good, respectful and rational equation with seniors and colleagues such that your own issues, if any, are more easily sorted out by mutual help and support.
    Always take blessing/good wishes of Wife, Teachers, Mother, Father and Servants who provide services to you.

    Stay regularly sincere, focused and happy in doing your duties at work place.

Any pitfalls to avoid:

    Before you try to avoid any pitfall, you will need to have a clear and unbiased assessment of what your specific pitfalls can be.

The possible pitfalls are:

    Over expectation from the yoga-s.
    Yoga-s cannot replace hard efforts.
    Attitude issues like conceit, indiscipline, impatience, haste, and afflicted communication.
    Tendency to argue needlessly.
    Speculative approach to progress at work.
    Though planetary influences are responsible for these, you will need to avoid these harmful and obstructive inclinations by yourself such that career and success through it becomes easier, smoother and more assured.


    Chant “Brashpati Stotram” every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
    Even silent chanting will do.
    This remedy will neutralize the adverse effects of both natural and also functional malefic planets, in one stroke.
    Worship Lord Sani, every Saturday, in a Sani temple.
    Donate seven ripe bananas to any temple on each Thursday.
    Wear a yellow Sapphire, of weight 1000mg or above, in a gold ring, with bottom open, on your ring finger of right hand.
    Start wearing this on any Thursday.