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Description of presence of Raj Yoga - category (combination of 10th house with any/more of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th or 9th house): 

  • Ascendant lord Sun is well placed at his friendly sign in the 11thhouse of sources of income & hopes but having conjunction with 4th & 9th lord Mars.
  • The 4th house lord Mars is weak placed at inimical sign in 11th the house of sources of income & hopes as above conjunction with Sun. This is precious yoga-karaka position in your chart, which has influence of these both planets.   
  • The 5th house lord Jupiter is ill placed at his detriment sign in 2ndthe house of wealth & possession with having conjunction aspect with 7th the house of association lord Saturn. 
  • The 7th house lord Saturn is placed strongly at his friendly sign with above conjunction in 2nd the house of wealth & possession.This conjunction is making supportive kenda-trikona raj-yoga in your chart too.
  • The 10th house lord Venus is ill placed at his inimical sign in 12ththe house of expenses & journeys.


Strength of the yoga & how it can be made powerful:

Strength of Yoga-s:

 Strength of all raj yoga-s given above isaverage due to position of planets and indirect relationship as per following reasons:


  • However, Sun is placed at mitra rashi with conjunction to kenda-trikona lord Mars due to this it may revive his strength and boost its impact on professional & financial activities.
  • Mars is in shatru Rashi but has quite better strength due to strongest digbala and also having positive conjunction to natal Sun.
  • Mars (with Sun) is significant yoga as Kendra-trikona raj yoga, which may positively influence your position as leadership.
  • The Jupiter is placed at his detriment sign in the house of wealth with having close relationship with association lord Saturn so it is able to make good relationship in between Kendra and trikona lord that’ why it may helpful to get significant changes in personal and professional issues.
  • The Saturn is well placed at his friendly sign with having conjunction aspect with Jupiter that’ why it is also encouraging your professional & personal relationship.
  • Venus is ill placed at his inimical sign, has marginal overall strength, and is adversely conjunct with Rahu.


How the yoga-s can be made more powerful:

  • The strength of the yoga-s can be improved through specific remedies given below and by moderation of your expectation, attitude and by avoidance of impatience and haste.

3(a).Times during the report period when the yoga would be most visible:

  • Yoga effects may be prominent during the main and sub periods of the yoga planets.

Dasa periods of Sun, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn for yoga effects:

  • Sun:Main period of Sun may not occur during lifetime. Sub periods of Sun are from 26 Nov 2031 to 07 Nov 2032 and 28 Feb 2047 to 05 Jan 2048.
  • Mars:Main period of Mars may not occur during lifetime. Sub periods of Mars are from 06 Aug 2018 to 13 Jul 2019, 09 Jun 2034 to 19 Jul 2035 and 05 Jun 2049 to 03 Jun 2050.
  • Jupiter:Main period of Jupiter has been started by 05 Dec 2005 and continued until 05 Dec 2021. Sub periods of Jupiter are from 24 May 2038 to 05 Dec 2040 and 20 Dec 2052 to 28 Mar 2055.
  • Saturn: Main period of Saturn may be there during 05 Dec 2021 to 05 Dec 2040. Sub periods of Saturn are from 05 Dec 2021 to 08 Dec 2024 and 28 Mar 2055 to 05 Dec 2057.

3(b). Predictions for next 10 years:

  • The coming four years of ten years period from now may be covered by main period of Jupiter until 05 Dec 2021 then main period of Saturn may be covered till 30 Oct 2027 & beyond.
  • The existing period lord Jupiter is significant planet of your chart which is weak placed at his detriment sign in 2nd the house of wealth & possession with having conjunction aspect with yoga karaka Saturn that’ why this phase may be mediocre which may be able to give gradual growth through balanced & systematic approach.
  • And the coming period lord Saturn is strongly placed at his friendly sign with having conjunction aspect with another yoga karaka planet Jupiter as above that’ why this phase would also be better than earlier which may be supportive to reach your objectives through your initiation and consistent approach.
  • The sub period of Moon may be continued until 06 Aug 2018, and then sub period of Mars may be effective until 13 Jul 2019 thereafter you have influence of sub period of Rahu till 05 Dec 2021 under period of Jupiter.
  • Post this phase you have sub period of Saturn under period of Saturn until8th Dec 2024, then sub period of Mercury till 18th Aug 2027, then sub period of Ketu would be continued till 20 Oct 2027 & beyond.
  • The running sub period lord Moon to Mars would be mixed for growth & development in your life in which sub period of Mars would be quite more beneficial to get expected perspectives in your life.
  • Transit Saturn is running through 5th house with having opposition aspect with natal Sun, Mars & Mercury till 24 Jan 2020 so such challenges may take place with less support of immediate environment and transit Jupiter in these years by position in 3rd & 4th house from Ascendant and 2nd & 3rd house from Moon sign.
  • Running position and condition may be average for your professional profile in remaining period of 2017.Most events in your work may happen in a fated manner and these may generally obstruct your progress.
  • During 1st half of 2018 professional relationship and communication may be low key and unfavorable.You may be restless for change and progress but you should very careful about your professional actions because it may incline happening of wrong actions.Professional profile might be become problematic due to disturbance in professional relations before Jul 2018.
  • Post 6th Aug 2018 there would be a positive change as getting new opportunity in your hand.This new development in career may be better for your professional profile in long term but place change may occur.
  • Therefore, you should accept this offer very positively and actively.You have the ability of good observing capacity in professional matters.Although profile wise you may be better position but financial enhancement would not be expected.
  • In remaining period of 2019 may be progressive and precious for professional prospects.Your seniors may also supportive for you.Therefore, you should utilize your available resources and try to get maximum results of that.
  • With this, you should always maintain relation with your senior authority, because you may be getting motivation and right path by their guidance.There would not be any positive change in the source of income in remaining period of 2017 and 1st half of 2018.Financial position would be continued as usual under this period.
  • With this due to huge expenses, you may not able to save money.Expense would be more on unusual and unwanted things during this period.
  • However, by Aug 2018 you may get financial enhancement by change of working profile.Then in remaining period of Mars, there would be good time for new investments in long term and systematic investment plans.
  • Nevertheless, in 1st half of 2019 you should not go for any short term profits and investments, otherwise losses may there which may disturb your professional path.Overall, financial condition may be going towards betterment.
  • You may be forced to make important and drastic changes in your life’s preferences.Some official differences may create the stress in your love life.Financial outlay for this may be considerable.
  • However, post 12th Jul 2018 you may get positive support by near & dear ones and friends.So in remaining period you may enjoy the comfortable in your personal life.This period would be better for your relations.However, such differences would be there but it can remove by positive communication.Spouse would be supportive for you in each condition.
  • Good co-ordination between you may be there.Good period for children.Physical growth would be good and positive.Health would be under controlled.However, such little ailments related to headache and working tension.You should control on food habits, otherwise indigestion may also be there. You should continue regular exercise and yoga.This may improve your inner power and immune system. 
  • The running sub period lord Rahu is shadow planet which is placed in 12th house and average to keep earlier positive circumstances that’ why you may have to make adjustment with existing environment.
  • Transit Saturn may transit in next sign Capricorn at 6th house Ascendant and continued till 17 Jan 2023 with having conjunction aspect to natal Ketu so this phase may also unable to give stability in career due to active professional foes.
  • With this, transit Jupiter may also be in 5th, 6th & 7th from Ascendant and 4th, 5th & 6th from Moon sign thus it would be quite beneficial and overcome negative influence of transit Saturn under this period.This period may be started with high pressure along with multiple challenges.Some hidden problem may develop with Jul 2019 onwards.
  • Remaining period of 2019 would not be positive for new development or growth in working life, so you may have to keep patience with existing working environment, otherwise your problems may rise more than your expectations. 
  • This period would not be very good for new professional change or decision.During 2020, you should very careful about any professional matter and should not involve knowingly.Lot of confusion and obstacles may there in working life due to family liabilities.
  • Due to this reason, you have some unwanted journeys during Aug 2020 to Jan 2021.So require the managed and organized work in this period.Whole of this period you may have to do lot of work pressure to complete your pending tasks in your career.Work may also be delayed due to frequent problems in your regular life.
  • Some dispute may again possible with colleagues during Mar-Apr 2021.You never like adjust with conditions and working style of existing period.Nevertheless, it may remove to keep positive vision and attitude towards working partners and associates.
  • With Apr 2021, there would be supportive working environment around your working designation.However; you should not incline towards illegal and inconsistent work.
  • Otherwise, it may be harmful for you.During 3rd Aug 2021 to 15 Oct 2021 you should very conscious about existing projects otherwise somebody may ditch you.Post this period you may overcome this situation by help and advice of seniors & dear friends.
  • Nevertheless, this period may not be good for new work, so you should concentrate in your existing work.Earlier financial status may continue with some little problems.In remaining period of 2019, new growth would not be there, so you may have to adjust with it.During 2020, you should take care while lending money to others.
  • After Feb 2021, onwards improve in your income by extra efforts.Nevertheless, post Aug 2021 time may not be good for new investment in shares and short-term plans.Some medical expenses may rise.Wastage of money on enjoyment and speculative activities too may not alter.
  • Much flattery lots of pleasure. Occasionally disputes may occur.Unwanted harassment, which may leads to unwanted, places e.g. hospitals and courts.This period may be beneficial for consistency in marital relationship.Your spouse may keep you and satisfied in every way.
  • You may have many usual differences but may be ready to give enough space to each other.However, you should very conscious about and careful to health of spouse in last quarter of 2021.Good period for the growth of children.Mental, and physical growth would be decent.
  • Average health. Some intestinal and digestive troubles may there, but not acute.In spite of headache, problems may possible in this period due to unwanted situation.You should always conscious about food and drinking water.You can overcome your health problems by regular exercise and yoga.
  • The sub period of Saturn under main period of Saturn is having conjunction aspect with 5th house lord Jupiter that’ why it demands consistent approach & systematic working then it may able to give significant positive changes in working life.
  • Earlier period would be continued as usual and you may have to adjust with existing working environment up to May 2022.Position would be better now along with attaining new project in same organization with Jun 2022.You may attain it by your own hard work and get recognition for these works.
  • Reputation and position may be increase along with better benefits.Nevertheless, pressure of work may be increasing with Nov 2022 so you may have to do work in organized manner.So you should do your work in very organized or managed way, otherwise there would be disappointment to reach at your expected targets.
  • This working environment would be continued up to Jun 2023, so keep patience and regular efforts. With Jul 2023, your seniors may be supporting due to influence of your positive attitude and dedication towards work.
  • Your professional relations may also improve and get positive support through your colleagues.Professional targets may fulfill in 2nd half of 2023 and period would be decent for your professional growth.Nevertheless, with Feb 2024 some hidden issue may create problems in regular life, which may obstruct your professional path.
  • Up to 14th Jul 2024 you should conscious about it and should not argue with any professional person.Otherwise, there may again such possibilities for such confusion with your working partners or colleagues.Post Jul 2024 you may finish such earlier projects, which may give good rewards and good name along with financial growth in career.
  • Positive support would be there by your seniors and authorities in remaining period of 2024.Then there would be right path of many achievements and success in professional life.Gradual growth would be there in financial condition in a regular way with Jun 2022.Now you may unable to save money due to major expenses.Expense would be more at pleasurable and required things.
  • In Jul-Aug 2022 your income may enhance by promotion in position.All material pleasure would be around you.Nevertheless, you may have to do regular efforts to control your expenditures.During Oct 2022 to Jun 2023 period would be unfavorable to invest in property or fixed assets or other risk factors.
  • However, in spite of this period things would be profitable for good investment in bonds and government securities.Financial position may again improve in mid of 2024 by getting schedule growth point.Overall things would be progressive about financial level but such unwanted issues are giving indication for losses.
  • So knowingly, you should avoid all legal matters under this period.New relationships may occur.Understanding and attachment may be increasing with new professional friends.
  • Due to regular success, life may also be happy.Professional success may also increase it and gives more happiness.However, such disturbance may be there due to hidden issues in your relationship.
  • Sacrifice must be required in some issues of marital relation.In spite of no big problems may be there.In this period, marital relation may be improved.Good understanding may be there.Overall good for children
  • Nevertheless, in 2024 you should concern about children’s requirement.Children may be take care by you at this stage of life.Average period for health.Ailments related to infection and disturbance in proper functioning of stomach organs.
  • Bones problems may develop at the end of 2023, which may affect your regular health.Sitting posture would be right otherwise, backbone problems might occur now.Medical consultancy is required during time-intervals.You should overcome through regular exercise and precautions. 
  • The sub period of Mercury to Ketu may be positive and progressive with such bearable challenges.Transit Saturn may transit in next sign Pisces post 29 Mar 2025 so this phase may also fruitful to keep positions & attainments.
  • With this, transit Jupiter may also be in 8th, 9th& 10th from Ascendant and 7th, 8th & 9th from Moon sign thus the positive influence of transit Jupiter may possible which may be strengthening and encouraging your professional attainments.This period would be fortunate for retrieval the benefits by your previous hard work and devotion to work.
  • Get the success after completion of running work post May 2025.Hopes and wishes from work may also fulfill in remaining period of 2025.You may enjoy this precious time of professional life with positive environment to do better in professional life.
  • In Dec 2025-Jan 2026, you may get the new obligation in career with change the designation.Working environment may also support you.Until Jun 2026, you may get much reward and recognition by authorities.After getting this responsibility, you may face some opposition during Jul to Oct 2026.During this period, you should more conscious about work.
  • With Dec 2026, there would be such strong chances for place change but it would be favorable for professional and personal life.By starting of 2027 professional contacts may be increasing along with reputation and recognition in professional work.
  • You may dominate at your foes through success of your work in remaining period of 2027.Increase your social recognition through some other good deeds of life, which have not correlation with professional work until Oct 2027.Period would be precious for your financial enhancement by two growth points during May 2025 and in Dec 2026.Some losses through sub-ordinates or more extravagance on built up the resources during Jul to Nov 2026.In spite of, expenses may there on top enjoyments and luxury.
  • Gain through speculation and earlier investments.Expenses may be very high for your expensive style, medical measures and increased outlay on the home front.This period may be well for savings and new investments in other work also.The 1st three quarter of 2027 may be beneficial for investment in property and related things.
  • There would be good possibility of 2nd source of income.The area of love may be slightly positive.A few new relationships can develop.Some of these may involve you emotionally after a long time.However while you relish them, you may do well to take note that these relationships may have very short life.Good support from spouse.Martial relationship may get boost.During this period, her intimate support may encourage you.Overall, satisfy with your life partner.
  • Such pleasurable journeys may there, which may give good influence in your life. Physical and mental growth may be occurred.Children may grow well and may get all possible cares and attention from both of you.The growth of them may be at good pace.Your health may be improve and would be under controlled by your optimistic efforts.
  • Such little problems may be there as- fever, food poisoning, constipation etc.However, such unexpected health problems may occur now so you should b.e alert for any injuries or accidents.With this, the 1st half of 2027 would not be good for spouse health, so you should very concern about her.In addition, keep in the contact of doctor along with precautions

Suggestions on how to maximize the gains:

  • The best and most prudent action required to maximize your gains is to not wait for or depend on the yoga periods to operate and offer you opportunity for growth and benefit.
  • Your own efforts must be the primary and the most important tool in your hand to develop your career and life.
  • Good results of such efforts may be boosted automatically during the operating periods of the yoga planets.
  • Also due to various afflictions to the yoga planets, their good effects may have chances to get restricted and/or nullified at times.
  • To act against this trend you must resort to promotion of healthy self-confidence and resort to steady and focused control over your attitude.
  • Always maintain good, respectful, and rational equation with seniors and colleagues such that your own issues, if any, are more easily sorted out by mutual help and support.
  • Avoid in fructuous efforts to win over others, as gains through such actions may be next to nothing.
  • Stay regularly sincere, focused, and happy in doing your duties at work place.
  • It is also equally important to follow the remedies given below._


Any pitfalls to avoid:

Before you try to avoid any pitfall, you may need to have a clear and unbiased assessment of what your specific pitfalls can be.The possible pitfalls are:

  • Over expectation from the yoga-s.
  • Yoga-s cannot replace hard efforts.
  • Attitude issues like conceit, indiscipline, impatience, haste, and afflicted communication.
  • Tendency to argue needlessly.
  • Speculative approach to progress at work.

Though planetary influences are responsible for these, you may need to avoid these harmful and obstructive inclinations by yourself such that career and success through it becomes easier, smoother, and more assured.



  • Chant “Om NamoBhagvatyehVasudevayehNamah” every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.Even silent chanting may do.This remedy may neutralize the adverse effects of both natural and functional malefic planets, in one stroke.
  • Worship God Hanuman, every Tuesday, in a Dev temple.
  • Donate cooked food to needy person, social organization or any religious place on each Thursdays.
  • Wear a Ruby, of weight 1100mg or above, in a gold ring, with bottom open, on your Ring finger of right hand.Start wearing this on any Sunday.