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Effects of Rahu/ Ketu

From 31 Jan 2016, transit Rahu will be in Leo sign, in your 12th house of loss from ascendant and in the 9th house of fortune from your Moon sign.
During the same period, transit Ketu will be in the 6th house from your ascendant and in the 3rd house from your Moon sign.
There transits will prominently influence all areas of your life with special emphasis on your mind set, dissolute activities and expenses, financial issues, relationships, your immediate environment, fortune and short and long travels.

Transit of Rahu in 12th house from your ascendant:
This transit will make you interested in the occult and you may gain through them.
You will give your service to the inferiors while you will have victory over enemies.
You may experience some intuitive or prophetic dreams.
You will meet with losses, get into the company of unworthy people, and suffer from bilious pains in the chest and heart.
You will become immodest, quarrelsome and hostile to relations.
You will also suffer from loss of property as your Rahu is afflicted in transit.

Transit of Rahu in the 9th house from Moon sign:
This transit can give you prophetic dreams.
You will take to scholarly activities, may go on pilgrimage and may give you philosophical ideas.
You may travel abroad to gain education and for expansion of career.
Spiritualistic practices may attract you.
You may gain through publishing and religious institutions.
Faith in religious practices will increase and you may gain from them.
You will become helpful to your relatives and get good reputation.
You will remain quite afraid of your enemies.
You may also be tempted to sexual relationships with low or unworthy men/women.

Transit of Ketu through the 6th house from ascendant:
This transit denotes change of working conditions, loss through service, illness and displeasure of superiors at work place.
Opponents will be very active.
You may experience loss or humiliation through them.
Gain and pleasures through maternal side can be achieved.
Servants will be unfaithful but you may get victory over enemies.

Transit of Ketu in the 3rd house from Moon:
You will experience strained relationship with siblings and colleagues.
In case you are in higher education, there will be a break in education.
You will face worries through neighbors.
Short journeys will not be beneficial.

Effect over natal chart:
Effects of transit Rahu and Ketu will much depend on their original natal position in your birth chart and the Karmic Control planets.
Natal Rahu is not well conjoined or aspected in your 5th house from ascendant and in the 2nd house from Moon sign in your birth chart.
Thus Rahu will basically affect your judgment, speech, investments, children, love life and accumulation of wealth.
Natal Ketu in Cancer in the 8th house from Moon sign and in the 11th house from ascendant will offer you a high position in career but will cause loss of wealth and make you short tempered and easily excitable while you will be quite bold and energetic.
You will be successful and will attain your desired goals.
Windy troubles and anxiety will be prominent.
Due to Rahu and Ketu being square to Mars in birth chart, some degree of cruelty and very stern nature will be indicated and you will notice much impatience in your thoughts and actions that will disturb your physical vitality.
This will, in turn, adversely affect your basic health and physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left when you have a lot to do.
Also you will have excessive energy when you have nearly nothing to do and this will disturb you physically and psychologically.
You will have too much sexual energy, sometimes to the point of being pushed to a temporary state of promiscuity.
Due to Rahu and Ketu being square to Venus in birth chart, you may tend to get into numerous love affairs.
This per se cannot deny love but will put several obstacles to getting real love that you must overcome.
This situation of Rahu-Ketu with respect to Venus is not good for lasting love and may tend to make you tyrannical and jealous or even frustrated.
Since your Karmic Control Planets, Jupiter and Mercury [KYC-dispositor planets of the nodes], are in 6:8 locations from each other in your birth chart, the effects of the nodes will always be more challenging, irrespective of their transits.

Transit with Jupiter or other planets:

Transit Rahu conjunct with transit Jupiter [till 14 Aug 2016]:
Till 14 Aug 2016, transit Rahu will be in conjunction with transit Jupiter, this forming Guru Chandaal Yoga.
Basically the conjunction of Rahu [a major malefic planet] and Jupiter [the most benefic planet] will create heady mix of conflicting tendencies with your sub conscious mind.
You may tend to act in an agnostic, if not in a truly atheist manner.
Latent hypocritical tendencies will try to raise their head and to break out of the control that you impose on them.
You will be an upholder of truth and justice but in your own life you may act contrary to what you preach or talk highly about.
You will be entirely practical in a strictly materialistic and worldly sense and will stay focused on desired results irrespective of the quality of ways and means to get them.
This approach will defeat the preference for practicality and usher in failure on longer term.
It will be best to stick to your inherent respect for personal honor.
Offer such honor to others too and stay on a righteous path without caring for immediate material benefits or tactical moves or any hidden agenda.
This will give you a clearer and peaceful mind and will bring social appreciation.
During the Guru-Chandala Yoga period, you may take actions [apparently practical] that will make you a poor manager of wealth and thus you will lose or waste your money and will invite financial stringency.
Avoid greed, haste, over confidence and showy behavior.
Stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.

Transit Rahu trine to natal Jupiter:
You will have financial good luck and material success without any sacrifice.
But proper use of knowledge of wisdom will be required.

Transit Rahu opposite to natal Sun:
This transit will create greater difficulty in establishing a new growth path.
You will lack general vitality and there will be situations that will suppress your natural ego.

Transit Nodes square to natal as well as transit Saturn:
Transit nodes will be square to transit Saturn and this will form a quite strange aspect to such an extent that limitations in life are doubly significant.
Your ambitions, views and suggestions will not be fruitful or be accepted
This transit will give much loneliness.
Life will seem to be fated.
You will have no option than surrendering to the natural flow of events in very strict discipline.
Otherwise you will have to face doubly strong difficulties

New areas and opportunities
You will get fair options for changing over to a better job or a better role in your current job with better remuneration.
Initiation of this process will start immediately but gradually and will take effect from after Aug 2016.
You will need to try from now and build the base for it.
Marriage cannot be possible in case you are looking for it but marital life, if applicable will get better after Aug 2016.
In social life you will need to be alert and intuitive for good enjoyments while you avoid problems.
New associations with members of the opposite gender can develop throughout.
Here you will need to be cautious and discriminative to make the right choice for long term happiness.

Challenges and shortcomings
Within the destined effects of transit of the nodes, the following challenges may develop and you will need to be alert and careful about them.
Since transit Saturn will move square to natal Sun, you will have several differences with seniors at work and also in other important areas of life.
Further since transit Saturn will move opposite to natal Saturn, you will be prone to make significant mistakes at work and this will increase many fold your problems with seniors.
Often your decisions of speech and all other communication can be much hasty and short sighted.
Thus you will appear quite unconvincing and wayward to others and this can create and enlarge many differences and disagreements and can lead to some failures.

Suggestions on how to use this transit for best results and avoid
Stay cool, calm and collected and maintain a well grounded attitude.
Lie low and avoid ego clash or power struggle.
Maintain decent professional relationship with all at work place and do not antagonize anyone since this can only bring disappointments and sorrow but no benefit or gain.
Spend and invest with total discretion, self control and try to better your accumulation of money through conservative ways.
Stay truly circumspect in social life about making right choice of associates.
Control your anger, even if you believe that anger is on justified ground.
Exercise daily or talk a long walk to maintain better health, as the time will demand this more now.

Worship Lord Siva, every day.
Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Chanting of this mantra will usher in the blessings of Jupiter as well as of Moon.
Avoid any wrong or unfair action, especially on Mondays and Thursdays.

Important dates with relation to transit nodes versus Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter:

Related to Moon: [solar eclipse]
08 and 09 Mar 2016 and 01 Sep 2016:
You will require caution about health, especially fever and stomach ailments, injuries, accidents, investment, expenses, relationships and home life.

Related to Mars and Saturn:
[Transit Mars conjunct transit Saturn, and opposite natal Saturn]
[a]. 20 Feb to 17 Jun 2016 and 12 Jul 2016 to 17 Sep 2016:
You will require much caution about relationship with colleagues and superiors and for investments anywhere [especially in real estate] and for communication with anyone.
Avoid dealing in landed property in any form.

[Transit Mars over natal Mars]
[b]. 18 Jun 2016 to 11 Jul 2016:
Avoid sudden anger with siblings, friends and during short travels.
Enjoyable associations will be possible.

Related to Jupiter:
31 Jan 2016 to 14 Aug 2016:
All events will be somewhat destined in nature.
You may handle your finance inadequately or inappropriately and thus you may lose or waste your money and will invite financial issues.
Avoid greed, haste, over confidence and showy behavior.
Stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.

Below mentioned dates would be beneficial for any purpose [without reference to the transits]

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