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Transit dates of Rahu and Ketu and important transit moves (movement over signs, stars and with respect to natal planets):

  • Presently Rahu is in Cancer sign and Ketu is in Capricorn sign.
  • Their presence and movement through these two signs, Cancer and Capricorn, will see their passage over various stars.
  • Rahu will move over Aslesha star till 26 Apr 2018, over Pushyami star from 27 Apr 2018 to 03 Jan 2019 and over Punarvasu star from 04 Jan 2019 to 07 Mar 2019.
  • Ketu will move over Dhanishtha, Shravana and Uttarashada stars.
  • The nodes will also form various important relationships with the important reference points and also planets in your birth chart.
  • These will change for each birth chart.

Effects of the above movements:

Transit of Rahu moving through Cancer, the 12th house from your ascendant Leo:

Transit Rahu in Cancer:

  • Rahu will allow wealth, power, position, some level of public favor and will assist acquisition of landed property.
  • Rahu may also make you somewhat deceitful.

Transit Rahu in the 12th house from ascendant:

  • This transit will make you interested in the occult and you may gain through them.
  • You will give your service to the inferiors while you will have victory over enemies.
  • You may experience some intuitive or prophetic dreams.
  • You will meet with losses, get into the company of unworthy people, and suffer from bilious pains in the chest and heart.
  • You will become immodest, quarrelsome and hostile to relations.
  • You will also suffer from loss of property as your Rahu is afflicted at birth and in transit

Transit of Ketu moving over Capricorn, the 6th house from your ascendant Leo:

Transit Ketu in Capricorn:

  • Ketu will make you hard working, bold and famous but all round troubles are expected in all areas of life.

Transit Ketu in the 6th house from ascendant:

  • This transit denotes change of working conditions, loss through service, illness and displeasure of superiors at work place.
  • Opponents will be very active.
  • You may experience loss or humiliation through them.
  • Gain and pleasures through maternal side can be achieved.
  • Servants will be unfaithful but you may get victory over enemies.

Transit of Rahu/Ketu with respect to natal planets (aspects and conjunctions):

Transit Rahu/Ketu square natal Jupiter:

  • This transit will take you to one extreme or the other and never let you remain at the middle of the road.
  • Hindrances in good luck and opportunities are often seen in this aspect.
  • You can have revolutionary ideas but be actually quite reckless.

Transit Rahu/Ketu square natal Sun:

  • This transit will put a stronger than usual accent on what Sun represents.
  • Thus you will need to adjust with everything to a very precise degree.
  • It will make it difficult for you to arrive at success in life and the action and stress will come from the house occupied by Sun (the wealth/speech and family house from ascendant in your present case).

Transit Rahu/Ketu square natal Venus:

  • This transit can bring in many love affairs.
  • It cannot deny love but will put several obstacles that you will have to overcome.
  • This aspect is not good for lasting love and will tend to make you tyrannical and jealous.

Transit Rahu over natal Moon and Ketu opposite natal Moon:

  • You will be quite creative, causing happiness to loved ones.
  • This transit often leads to gloomy days till it completes.
  • It will be good for you to share the happy influence with someone so that he can take the full advantage of it.
  • Women will play an important role on your life.
  • You will be more practical than imaginative in career matters, for better results.
  • Realization of debts possible.
  • Your suggestions will be useful to those who are in distress.
  • An important interview could work out to your advantage and may have long lasting value.

Transit Rahu over Mars/transit Ketu opposite natal Mars:

  • This transit will give you much energy and urge to do things that will be beyond natural inclinations.
  • New projects started now will offer good results.
  • You should choose to your chosen path and do things tactfully, and not let others interfere with it to cause you to lose temper or good judgment or discretion.
  • But you should avoid losing by haste.
  • High BP and irritable behaviors are expected.
  • Take care to avoid accidents and injuries.

Transit Rahu over natal Saturn and Ketu opposite natal Saturn:

  • Your efforts will not be appreciated.
  • Limitation is working may arise.
  • Old habits hard to break, may now seem easier to cope with.
  • Compromise with situations through patience and good stamina.
  • Older persons, ideas and methods will be more useful.
  • Take their assistance for benefit.

Transit Rahu sextile natal Mercury/Transit Ketu trine natal Mercury:

  • This transit will intelligently stimulate you.
  • Communication and externalization will the notice of others.

Effects of transit Rahu and Ketu over various stars:

  • During the current transit, Rahu will not offer good result during his transit over the mentioned stars.
  • Ketu will not offer any result, good or bad, during his sojourn over the mentioned stars.

How life would change:

  • The various changes due to occur will include opportunities for career growth along with gain of wealth, subject to utilization of these chances with due self-control over mean thoughts and actions.
  • Restlessness and sudden lack of soul power, decline in positive energy along with excess of negative ones, will try to misguide and tempt you to wrong actions and associations.
  • There will be contradictory inclinations towards fairness and hasty unfair gains.
  • Self-justification will be disastrous and must be avoided.
  • Day dreaming will sap your energy and need for hard work may irritate you.
  • At the same time respect for elders and the experienced, will decline.

Precautions advised:

  • Within the destined effects of transit of the nodes, the following challenges may develop and you will need to be alert and careful about them.
  • Your equation with seniors and colleagues will be quite strained while you will need their support.
  • You will face many oppositions and restrictions.
  • Your decisions of speech and all other communication can be much hasty and short sighted.
  • Thus you will appear quite unconvincing and wayward to others and this can create and enlarge many differences and disagreements and can lead to some significant failures.
  • Under pressure of such situations, you will be prone to make significant mistakes at work and also in other important areas of life and suffers from/due to them.
  • Stay cool, calm and collected and maintain a well-grounded attitude.
  • Lie low and avoid ego clash or power struggle.
  • Maintain decent professional relationship with all at work place and do not antagonize anyone since this can only bring disappointments and sorrow but no benefit or gain.
  • Spend and invest with total discretion, self-control and try to better your accumulation of money through conservative ways.
  • Stay truly circumspect in social life about making right choice of associates.
  • Control your anger, even if you believe that there is really no anger or your anger is on justified ground.
  • Exercise daily or take a long walk in open space to maintain better health, as the time will demand this more now.

Any special opportunities that can be exploited:

  • You may have chance to get a fair option for changing over to a better job or a better role in your current job with better remuneration.
  • Initiation of this process may start by end of Aug 2017 but gradually and may take effect well after 27 Oct.


  • Worship Lord Siva, every day.
  • Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
  • Even silent chanting will do.
  • Chanting of this mantra will usher in the blessings of Jupiter as well as of Moon.
  • Avoid any wrong or unfair action, especially on Mondays and Thursdays.

Lucky Dates:

  • January-****
  • February--****
  • March--****
  • April--****
  • May--****
  • June--****
  • July--****
  • August--****
  • September--****
  • November--****
  • December--****