Dear ABC,

Prasna or time based Question as a form of astrology is an exclusive Vedic Astrology practice from India.

A horoscope is cast based on the time a question is put forward to an astrologer. The Astrologer prepares a horoscope to find the answer based on placement of planets.  Since the Ascendant represents the Querist, only the first question asked based on casting of the horoscope is most reliable.

It is due to this only one question should be asked.

We have prepared your reply based on the query details as below:

  • Date of asking Question: 10 November 2010
  • Time of asking Question: 2:40
  • Place of asking Question:Amritsar, Punjab, India

Question: Will my current relationship lead to a marriage in the next six months?

Answer: There could be uncertainty since the 4th of this month. This will continue till the 25th / 26th of this month. The current situation is not totally clear with some facts not in the open yet.

However, yes the marriage will take place although with some hurdles.The timing could be slightly more than your expectation of six months.