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It can be read under the following heads:

Detailed description of Mars in 10th house considering the sign & house position & the time
Analysis of Navamsa and Dasamsa Charts
Comments on shadbala
Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects and results
Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report
Do's and Don’t' s

Detailed description of Mars in 10thhouse considering the sign & house position & the time slot during which these results would manifest in life:

Your ascendant is Libra and Mars in your birth chart is located in the 10thhouse in Cancer sign.
Being in the 10thhouse, Mars attains very high digbala (directional strength) and hence he becomes very active to offer and promote positive results, especially those related to the 10thhouse of career and  

However since his residential strength is restricted to 79%, his digbala effects cannot reach 100%.
Further, Mars is highly inauspicious, especially in career chart, and thus good effects will be further restricted.

Due to location in the 10thhouse,Mars gives you executive ability of high order, capacity for leadership and as a result of these you get to attain much prosperity.

You will have inexhaustible energy, capacity to win over obstacles, hindrances and impediments, and to gain and retain authority.
On the flip side, this 10thhouse location of Mars, runs the risk of making you over confident at times and less aware of your immediate environment.
This can lead to hurried and hence imperfect speech and decision making.

Due to Mars’s location in Cancer sign, you will be grossly lacking in self-control, will foster suppressed anger and will be very much inclined to speculation.

You will also be highly covetous, needlessly competitive and assertive.
Your wit can be quite biting and you can be notably rash on several occasions.
Further Mars is located opposite to Moon, the disposition of Mars and hence they become naturally inimical.
Hence sudden and hasty decisions should be avoided as the may not be very sound most of the time.

The above effects will be effective throughout life but will be especially effective and noticeable during the main and sub periods of Mars.

As per your chart, main period of Mars is already over on 27 December 1974.
During the current 5 years period till 15 July 2022, you will go through main period of Saturn and sub periods of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars.
During other main periods, the sub period of Mars will operate during 27 June 2036 to 24 June 2037.

Analysis of navamsa and dasamsa charts:
Navamsa chart D9:

Ascendant is Capricorn while its lord Saturn is placed in the 11thhouse of gain, but very adversely conjunct with debilitated Rahu.Thus gains promised by Saturn may not be realized due to sudden adverse effects of Rahu.

Saturn is also the main period lord and cannot offer good results for above reasons. Further Mars, the disposition of Saturn, is the planet of obstruction for Capricorn ascendant and thus effects of Saturn main period will be further affected downwards in general while the sub period of Mars will offer mainly obstructive and negative effects.

Due to effects of Mars, the obstructions originating from colleagues (Mars) will have chance to sour professional relationships and then proceed to affect career.

Additionally adverse aspect of Mars on Venus in the 12thhouse will cause loss through unreliable associations and the consequent sudden excitement can push you to wrong actions and you may lose sense of propriety.This can affect career, professional relationship and all other related matters.

Dasamsa chart D10:

Ascendant is Capricorn, while Saturn, lord of ascendant, is in the 4th house opposite career house and in debilitation sign and in the center of the nodal axis, all negatives.

Mars is very ill placed with Sun and suffers from strong Papa Kartari yoga between Saturn and Rahu and thus offers more negative effects in career than in other areas of life.

This is a highly challenging and negative situation that can cause many confusing, challenging and obstructive situations, especially career and also in other life events.These will need very mature
handling, for good results.

Comments on shadbala:

Mars has high overall strength and digbala (hence he is capable for promoting good results).
However since his residential strength is restricted to 79%, his digbala effects cannot reach 100%.
Further, Mars is highly inauspicious, especially in career chart, and thus good effects will be further restricted.
Thus the good results of Mars will depend on clarity of your thoughts and propriety of your actions.
Steady focus on these areas are essential to utilize the good effects elsewhere in your chart.

Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects and results

Mars gets opposition aspect of Moon from a Saturn’s sign (quite adverse) and does not get any aspect from any benefic planet.

Overall effects on Mars are mixed but more inclined to be negative (exacerbation of negative effects of tendencies to dominate and to get into controversies).

Mars adversely aspect the ascendant, Moon and also the 4th house of home life from ascendant and the 2nd house of family and wealth from Moon sign, and tries to cause restrictions on good results in these areas.

Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report:
(In case no dasa or antardasa is operational during the order period then pratyantardasa of this planet for the period)

During the current 5 years period till 15 Jul 2022, you will go through main period of Saturn and sub periods of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars.
None of the sub period lords are placed in favorable manner with respect to the main period lord, Saturn.
Thus there is no mutual support between main and various sub periods.

Saturn-Venus period till 17 December 2018:

Main period lord Saturn good strength and digbala and he is a yoga karaka for your ascendant Libra but Saturn is square to Jupiter and opposite to Mercury, and also gets very adverse aspect of Rahu in your birth chart D1.

Thus Saturn can offer only mixed results of average quality.
Sub period lord Venus is highly ill placed in 6:8 locations from Saturn, very contradictory and hence negative in effects.
Individually Venus has nearly zero digbala and hence she is highly inactive for offering or promoting good results.

Till 27 October 2017, transit Saturn is in 2ndhouse from ascendant(negative) and in the 11thhouse from natal Moon (positive).

After 27 Oct 2017 Transit Saturn is positive in the 3rdhouse from ascendant but is very negative moving over Ketu, while transit Saturn in the 12thhouse from Moon is negative. Overall transit Saturn gives
 mixed but mainly negative effects.

Transit Jupiter is positive from both ascendant and from Moon. Transit Rahu is negative from after 22 Aug 2017. Overall all transit effects are mixed and average like the period lords. Till 27 Oct 2017 career will remain much disturbed.

Many differences with seniors and major restrictions from them along with severe failure of judgment and communication will ensue. After 27 Oct 2017, problems with seniors will be more while problems with colleagues will start too.

Throughout this period till 17 Dec 2018, you will fail to handle the career dynamics and no progress is seen while your role can be expanded with more workload. Support from transit Jupiter will help
 your career stability and will ensure regular hikes in pay.

Your expenses will be quite high and lack of control quite less than necessary. Loss through needless expenses and wrong investment decisions will be significant.

Thus accumulation will be quite inadequate.Do not invest in property  in any form. Marital life will not improve and more attention is required here. Sex life will be not satisfactory.

Health of spouse can suffer. Social life will be active but not good for you and you will need to restrict social life. Children, if any, may not enjoy adequate good health or good luck.Happiness in the area of progeny will remain absent or weak.

Care of personal health required, though no serious ailment is expected. Special attention is required for vision and prostate gland.

Saturn-Sun period: From 18 December 2018 to 29 November 2019:

Career will not get better and many issues will be present. Career dynamics will not change in character. Relation with colleagues will be mutually obstructive while you will not have good relation with seniors.

You will react where you should only respond. Regular tiffs will vitiate working atmosphere and this will annoy your seniors. You will not be seen as a good team person.

You will work hard but much of your attention to various arguments with peers and seniors will take away your focus from important areas. Thus performance will not be as you or others expect it to be. No
progress in career position but another hike in pay will be possible.

If you cannot change your approach to work and to people at work place, some threat to your job may start developing.

Expenses may rise rapidly, especially on your social life and other needless expenses. Finance will not get better and you will need to restrict expenses.

Invest with total care, avoid real estate. No love or romance is expected. Home life will be quite difficult at this stage. More differences or disagreement are expected within conjugal life. Children will not be luckier in this period either. Stomach issues and lack of vitality are expected and these can make you weak.

Saturn-Moon period: 30 November 2019 to 30 June 2021

Till 25 January 2020 career will not be able to come out of the difficult situation, in case you do not change your attitude and approach to work. Progress will not be achieved.

After January 2020, equation with seniors will get better modestly while that with colleagues will come down very sharply. Very severe differences with peers will obstruct your career strongly. Seniors will  dislike this regular controversies and will act against you for lack of team spirit, despite their milder tone at this stage.

Career will be strongly miss a positive tone now. You will get due hikes in this period but these will be a modest ones. Till 25 January 2020 your expenses on people and issues in your immediate environment, and in personal life along with health related areas must be avoided or at least restricted.

After Jan 2020, major expenses will arise regarding your home or residence or any other property and/or on your mother, if applicable.
You may fail to meet all the demands if you do not censor some of the less important ones.

Financial stringency is quite possible. Social life will be inactive or fruitless. Marital life will not get better as no peace or understanding is expected. Children will get lesser attention from you.

Your own health will be under much stress. Much anxiety and lack of proper sleep will make you weaker.

Part of Saturn-Mars period: 01 Jul 2021 to 15 July 2022.

This period is ruled by sub period lord Mars. At this stage transit Saturn will continue to remain opposite natal Mars and the adversity in career will become even more now.

Mars sub period will cause more problems in career than doing anything good. Seniors will totally dislike your attitude with colleagues and will not support you any longer.

Transit Jupiter will help but this alone will not be enough. You will need to change your outlook and control your attitude. More tolerance and practical sense will be necessary.

Only stubbornness of mind will not do.No progress in career will be possible and change of job will be ruled out. Threat to career is possible too.

You will fail to bring any meaningful change if you do not change things from your side. Career, finance, social and domestic life and children will remain stagnant without any relief.

This period demands early understanding and resolution of your issues at career, finance and in your home life.

Do's and Don’t' s

Maintain clarity and propriety of thoughts and actions. You should stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.

Try hard to improve communication gap or failure and thus improve your communication. This is very important since you may take actions [apparently practical] that will make you a poor manager of
      opportunities and wealth, and thus you will lose or waste your chances and your money and may invite displeasure of others and other problems.

Avoid over ambition, inclination to dominate, avoid haste, over confidence and showy behavior. Avoid making commitments if you are not sure of being able to honor them. Do not expect any real
respect, help or even suggestions or cooperation from anybody on any matter, if you cannot follow the above line of action.

Do not act in overriding manner. Do not expect to get more than your dues. Do not overestimate what you are to get as this can lead to troubles. Strictly avoid ego, conceit, arguments, controversies and
conflicts or you will face extreme form of restriction everywhere.

Do not seek help when you can do without it as such action will improve your image. This is also due to the reason that you may be refused any help any way.