Dear ABC Namaskar!

Thank you very much for showing interest in Astrology and posing faith in us. The answer to your query is given as under for your kind reference pls.

Question :> When will I be able to have a baby? In case there is some problem or delay, kindly tell remedies?

Answer :> Cancer sign was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, which is ruled by the Moon that is conjoined with Saturn in the 3rd house. 5th lord that belongs to the child Mars is well positioned in the 2nd house but afflicted with Rahu and 2nd lord Sun is positioned in the 6th house. Possibility of being blessed with the child is absolutely indicted. It is just delayed and not denied. Its probable time looks to be from June 2011 to Dec 2014.

Most probably later part of 2011 or 2nd half of 2012 looks to be strong for this objective. I am hereby suggesting you a few of the remedies toward of the ill effects of the planets and to experience good results soon on this part.

  • Wear White or light Yellow Sapphire of 960 mg or more, on your right hand, index finger, in gold on Thursday morning before 10 am.
  • Wear Red Coral of 1320 mg or more, on your right hand, ring finger, in Silver on Tuesday Morning before 10 a.m.
  • Keep 10 gram Silver ball with you always.
  • Donate 800gram yellow gram dal + 800 gram Ladoo Bundi wale on 8 consecutive Thursdays at some temple.
  • Do not keep artificial flowers at home.
  • Offer 11 packets of fresh milk half kg each at some bhairon temple/shiva temple twice a month for 2 months.   
  • Thanking you n wishing you all the best! Yours truly,

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma Astrologer