Lucky Personal Name


Comments: “Name : Esther Ellen Harrington
Dob : 26 Aug 1966
Btime : 11 Hrs.-05 Min.
Gender : F
Bcity : Waterloo
Bstate : Iowa
Bcountry : Iowa - U.S.A.

Question: Should i move from my current region to the San Francisco bay area?
yes, year 2009 ending and 2010, is a fair time to make a change.

Reply: November ending/December 2010 is a good time.
Feb,April,September is good time in 2011.

I have made your chart and done a detailed analysis of your name for the purpose of name correction as desired by you based on accuracy and correctness of the information provided by you.
The analysis of your chart is done scientifically- suing the best methods in astrology and numerology for your benefit.

Your ascendant being Scorpio- gives the basic passion and energy in your personality.
It gives you the basic action force.

One just needs to take care to keep the best company so that best habits can be inculcated.
One might have focus to build up luxuries- but based on the position of your moon, you might be interested in pccult/tantra and astrology as well.

Your numbers are:
name 1 = 30, name 2 = 21 name 3 = 61
LIFE PATH number is = 51 [6] = VENUS
BIRTH DATE Number is = 26 [8] = SATURN
NAME NUMBER is = 112 [4] = RAHU
POWER NUMBER is = 163 [1] = MARS

HEART # 1 = (10) and     HEART # 2 = (10) and     HEART # 3 = (16)

As you can see MARS( heart number and power number), plays an important role in your life.
It gives action/passion /impulse and compassion as well. It inclines one to action.
Your birth date is = 8= SATURN and name number = 4= RAHU.
4-8 is a not a very good combination.
Instead it should be some number other than 8 or 4.


The name suggested by you is by coincidence well balanced and suits the planetary combinations in your horoscope as well.
This is a good name and would help you have peace at home and in general success. Do also follow other suggestions for more success.
This name has been adjusted based on many methods- some are proprietary and very effective.
The vibration of name changes to 5= MERCURY.
Which is not in conflict to your destiny number 6 = VENUS and also your birth date 8 = SATURN.
It should reduce the overall obstacles in life.
Attract more money and properly you towards the spiritual goal and ultimate goal of life.
It will increase your already existing initiative levels to achieve all your life goals.

One important lesson of life is
Success = Numerology + Directed Hard Work
i) Your chart is a good one., it gives good action and success in general in all areas of life
ii) Chant this mantra for best results in life- it should act as a backbone mantra for you
OM KUM KUJAYE NAMAHA 108 times daily
iii) At least 108 times daily or once 4000 times and wear it.
One needs to remember that though name change helps- but the over all result is what planets promise and what the name gives you a boost.
Kindly feel free to ask, if you have any more questions in this regard.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Also wishing you best of luck for the future :)!

Name change takes effect from 3 weeks to 3 months. Use the changed name as much as you can in your written communications, visiting cards and there may not be much need to get it changed legally.
One has to understand that the scientific name change will not fundamentally alter the destiny, but will definitely improve on the imbalances in your number chart, reduce conflicts in the numbers and make the vibration of your name relatively luckier for you.