Thanks for putting your trust in me- I will do my best to solve your problem.

The report is divided into 3 parts- talents of the children, pitfalls that you need to avoid about the child and a bonus section of suggestive remedies based on the ancient (over thousands of years) proven esoteric super science of astrology and affiliated studies
We sincerely pray all this proves helpful for the child/you. Which it will. For sure.


First we will try to give you an over view of what your potentialities are based on your birth star.
• You have creative intelligence and love for drama
• You have leadership skills and could be self employed ( You see you are also born on 17 = 1+7 = 8 = Saturn, gives good basic capability to organize things).Also mars in your case the planet of entrepreneurship- and action rules your mind strongly. You want your way in things. 
• You may love to travel an be a wanderer
• You could have sweet speech, generosity and beauty
• You could have mystical nature and teaching skill
• Creative impulses of nature should be well chanelized
• You could be of a philosophical nature and a good speaker
• You could be highly strung with strong sexual attractions
• You could have changes of residence and often fond of travel
• Money through government is possible
• You have good longevity

Your ascendant = Aquarius = defines your core personality.

This sign is ruled by Saturn, which sits in 12th house.
So one thing is important- try to follow what you are told by your parents- than what your peer group tells you. Until and unless it is fair step to take.
Take an open approach to life, than being insistent on matters.
Avoid stress by doing YOGA.

Also try to follow the path of dharma, the reason is Saturn is a planet of lower caste and when it sits in 12th house it could instigate such a though process. Just a word of caution. Not to worry.
Instead Saturn is strong in your case- so it would give you good capability to build big things.
Your moon is in 7th house-ruled by Leo = sun.
Also in cancer sign ruled by moon= represents your mind you have mars/Jupiter and Venus.
So over all it will give you an individuality of own- Leo.
You might also dominate.
There could be tendencies of aggression as well due to mars- but you might good at action.
Also try to stay grounded it could help you a lot.


As you can see above – most of the pitfalls are already discussed.
Just don’t be fixed, follow the right advice and develop originality instead of domination of any kind, If any.
Cultivate more interest in religion/dharma as Jupiter does send energy to you.
So over all you have a good potential of worldly success- just tap your talents as discussed above and kindly do follow the remedies fro your benefit.


• Use your freedom constructively
• ii)OM SHAM SHANAYE NAMAHA 108 times daily with devotion, after praying to ganesh ji, it would help a ton
• For stabilizing the impulse to spend at times- OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA- 108 times daily. This will help to build up discrimination. and also to help you in your studies. Mercury has gone weak/combust as it is very near to sun

•  Donating black  things on Saturday would greatly help you. Like black pulses.
Kindly feel free to revert back- if you have any queries. Wishing you all the best.