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Effects of Mars & Venus Conjunction:

Mars & Venus are two highly sensitive and very active planets yet radically different in their ways, tone and character.

Mars is loud and hasty while Venus is sober, tender and creative.

Mars is about action, raw energy and aggression arising out of extreme and sometimes uncontrolled desire, ambition and impatience.

It believes in appropriation and easily resorts to dominance and even combat to win over people or in getting things done.

Venus, on the other hand is persuasive through tender passion, accommodation in love & marriage and uses charm to achieve success much more easily and without any chance of conflict.

When these two planets come together in a chart, it increases the intensity - be it in love & relationships or in karma & work, through their diverse yet complementary ways.

When they get together, it creates a very charged up scene in the sphere of passion that can be a winner but often at a premium and deserve a controlling watch on them.

Where Mars and Venus will be together and when:

Mars will be conjunct with Venus during the following time slots.

In Aquarius from 01 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017, in Pisces from 28 Jan 2017 to 01 Mar 2017, in Leo from 16 Sep 2017 to 09 Oct 2017, and in Virgo from 14 Oct 2017 to 02 Nov 2017.

Most often they will be over or in trine or sextile to natal Venus which is good.

Effect on Entire Horoscope/Natal planets:

The Mars-Venus conjunct will occur in only four signs, Aquarius, Pisces, Leo and Virgo.

In your birth chart the conjunction will occur in the 6 , 7, 11 and 12 houses from ascendant, in this order of time over the year 2017.

This transit will offer various results with respect to your entire horoscope but will be especially prominent in the above houses.

Results of 7 house, Aquarius 01 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017

in this period you could be faced with important
decisions, need for adapting yourself, changeovers in life or may be re-structuring of your life.

You could expect to have sudden events that in turn require decisions from your side, which could be turning point in your life. A change in job, location or a new relationship which will demand a altogether new set of thoughts and actions from you. You should be able to view the pros and cons of the present situation.This will help you to make a right kind of plan for the future.

You could expect yourself to be a bit restless and uneasy, so an antidote it is that you make the ideas practical. This is not the time to waste time. This is a time for germination. So the key lies in not resisting the change but being open with your common sense activated and ready for change.

Results of 7 house, Pisces 28 Jan 2017 to 01 Mar 2017

you could expect positive changes, rewards for your good work, overall success and travel. As indicated you could expect positive changes during this period in which old things will go away and make way for new things. You could expect realization of your hopes and wishes, so keep an eye on the opportunities that this period has to offer.

This is the time for attainment and advancement. You could expect to travel. During this time you may start thinking about change of job or change in your residence. Investments have a higher chance of bearing fruits.

A negative reaction in this period can result into one being emotional and flying away from responsibilities. If this happens one could expect delays and roadblocks and opportunities getting
slipped away. Negativity is to be consciously controlled and if it persists one has to keep in mind that business dealings are to addressed after legal counsel as there is a possibility of losses.

This is a rewarding period and keep in mind that the opportunities in this period have the potential to grow up to your expectations.

Results of 11 house, Leo 16 Sep 2017 to 09 Oct 2017

this time is a bit contradictory in nature on one hand it offers opportunities and promises things but could be taken away, there is possibility of loss through law or trust in others, competitions and obstacles, chances of restarting things again.

This is the time when many opportunities would come your way and if caution is exercised one could expect to gain in terms of money and general prosperity. One could expect good deal of competition and
possibility of losses through law or partnerships for that matter.
Property dealings could get profits or losses depending on your intent when you started the transaction. So start things with the right kind of intention. Rash behavior is to be avoided. What you get
in this period rests in your hands.

Results of 1 house, Virgo 14 Oct 2017 to 02 Nov 2017

this is the time one could expect this to be a learning period, help would be there and ample business opportunities will be there. uncertainty and be careful from deception for others could prove to be a trying period with you not getting much help from your friend.

This is the time when could accomplish a lot but the requisite effort has to be put in. Keep an eye on the opportunities that you get and use your insight in evaluation of offers that are presented to
you. Make use of all the opportunities presented to you.

On the business front and commercial undertaking offer a new way in looking at things. You could expect partnerships. This is time when you could be exposed to new and inspired ideas and try to work with
people who already have a reputation. On the downside one could expect fears of all kinds uncertainties. Reliability on friends will reduce.

At the same time this is a time for inner illumination so tune with yourself. Put your abilities to use. Do it the right way so that you can profit under this period. You could also expect recognition during this time.

Opportunities in Love life:

Good time to start a new relationship
Respect others person’s individuality for best results
New relationship may happen on its own.
Disputes due to conflict of ego possible
Possibility to get involved with a prominent person.
Gain in position would help to substantiate new relationships
Your relationship might come into prominence at this time
Use of wit would help you to build up better relationship

Opportunity in other aspects of life:

you could expect love and marriage happening, obstacles being overcome, new starting and recognition of your efforts. This is a period for love and marriage. You could expect contentment and good fortune. You may expect to happy re unions with your friends and family.

You could expect this time period to bring a new start for you, which will promise prosperity. Your energy levels are high during this time. The roadblocks will be cleared during this time. You
may want to control your impulsiveness during this time. Selfishness also needs to controlled as it could lead to breaking of relationships whether it is personal or professional.

The key is to keep an eye on every opportunity that comes your way and have faith in ones abilities-, which will lead you to success.

Suggestions for benefit:

Use your work in hand(goals at personal and professional life) to discover the very best from this time period. You can find excellent accomplishment by means of efficient by using self-control. Indeed strength wrestle could possibly be there. Assure you don't get in to a rivalry scenario at often office or home front. A number of opportunity to find reputation of this work.
Furthermore could be many achieve in position- or else linked to almost any discord or perhaps spats. Properly thought out efforts beyond doubt could cause achieve in position.

Remedies & caution:

Pray to lord shiva regularly.

Donate to poor people.

Perform free community service whenever possible.

If possible chant “Om DurgaoiiNamah” of maa durga every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.

Silent meditation or chanting would help.

This remedy will remove all obstructions in any area of life grant you a smooth passage.