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 It can be read under following heads:

  • Detailed description of Moon in 10th  house considering the Sign & house position & the periods when these results would manifest in life
  • Analysis in navamsa, dasamsa, & some other key varga-s
  • Comments on Shadbala:
  • Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects, and results:
  • Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report:
  • Do-s and don’t-s

Detailed description of Moon in 10th  house considering the Sign & house position & the periods when these results would manifest in life

Detailed description of Moon in 10th house considering the Sign & House position & the periods when these results would manifest in life: Your ascendant is Aries and he is very ill occupied by Rahu.Mars is the lord of ascendant and also the lord of 8th house of sudden negative effects from ascendant while Mars has extremely poor overall strength, very poor digbala (directional strength for positive action) and very poor auspiciousness.

Moon occupies your 10th house of career.

The 10th house and Moon will rule career but will also actively influence other areas of life. Per se Moon is a benefic planet but the specific effects that Moon in the 10th house will offer will depend on her placement in a particular sign and the planets associated with it.
Moon is too closely conjunct with debilitated Jupiter, very ill placed at the centre of the nodal axis and also gets adverse aspect of Saturn and thus Moon is highly afflicted to ensure adequate stability of mind, health, financial status and above all careers. Further Moon has nearly zero digbala and very poor auspiciousness and hence she is entirely inactive to protect or promote career, finance, health and mental stability.

Due to location of Moon in the 10th house, 

Moon can give you virtuous nature and expertise in diverse fields.
You will face many changes in your occupation, most of them undesired.
But Moon in 10th house will also allow travel, wealth and a comfortable and long life.

Due to location of Moon in Capricorn sign,

You will be reserved, practical and liberal. The above effects will be generally effective throughout life but will be especially effective and noticeable during the main and sub periods of Moon. As per your chart, main period of Moon is over during your childhood. During the current 2year period till 15 Aug 2019, you will go through main period of Jupiter and sub period of Saturn till 15 Nov 2018, and then by sub periods of Mercury. There will be no period of Moon during these two years.

Analysis in navamsa, dasamsa & some other key varga-s

Navamsa chart D9:

Ascendant is Taurus while ascendant is ill placed at the centre of the nodal axis and gets very adverse aspect of Saturn from Leo sign. Ascendant lord Venus suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Ketu and Mars-Moon-Jupiter, while being square to her dispositor Jupiter.

Moon is afflicted by Mars.

Saturn, lord of 10th house from ascendant in D1 chart is very ill placed with Rahu in Leo sign in the in the 4th house from ascendant in D9 chart, extremely negative. Moon in D9 chart is in 6:8 locations from her dispositor Mercury.
Moon is very ill placed in the 2nd house as lord of 3rd house in D9 chart and with Mars. Also in D9 chart, Saturn, lord of 10th house is highly ill placed in the 4th house with Rahu.

Main period lord Jupiter is debilitated in D1 chart and is in 6:8 locations from his dispositor Mercury. Sub period lord Saturn is afflicted as given above. The next sub period lord Mercury suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between Rahu-Saturn combination and Ketu. Mercury also gets adverse aspect of Mars. Thus none of the period lords in D9 chart, is helpful for your cause.

Dasamsa chart D10:

Ascendant is Taurus and is very ill placed at the center of the nodal axis and gets very adverse aspect from loss house lord Mars. Venus, lord of ascendant is opposed by Saturn. Saturn, lord of 10th house of career from ascendant, is opposite to ascendant lord Venus, and also Moon.

Jupiter, lord of 10th house of career from Moon, is in the 12thhouse of loss from Moon. The various period lords are Jupiter-Saturn and Jupiter-Mercury. All of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are much afflicted as given above. In D10 chart Jupiter and Mercury are in the 12th house and afflicted by the nodes and by Mars, while Saturn suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between Rahu and Mars.

This is a highly mixed up situation that can cause many confusing, challenging and obstructive situations in career and also in other life events.
These will need very mature handling, for good results.

Comments on Shadbala:

Moon has nearly zero digbala and poor auspiciousness while her shadbala is only modest. Saturn, dispositor of Moon, is 100% combust and hence his shadbala gets totally ineffective. Main period lord Jupiter and sub period lord Mercury are highly deficient in shadbala and also in digbala for Mercury.

The sub period lord Saturn has fairly good shadbala and also digbala but cannot use these strengths due to individual afflictions and total inauspiciousness. Thus the overall good results will depend on clarity of thought and propriety of actions. Steady focus on these areas is essential to utilize the good effects elsewhere in your chart.

Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects and results:

Moon gets very adverse aspect from Saturn and is at the centre of the nodal axis. Moon does not aspect any planet. Debilitated Jupiter is with Moon but cannot make much difference in status.

Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report:

During the current 2year period till 15 Aug 2019, you will not go through any main or sub period of Moon. The results of the periods are as below:

Up to 15 Nov 2018: Balance of Jupiter-Saturn.

  • The basic horoscope with its divisional charts or the period lord does not encourage or protect or promote your life events during this or the next period.
  • Only major transits will control the overall effects while your own initiative, wisdom and self-control will be able to guide the positives to happen.
  • In career your attitude till 27 Oct 2017 will falter much and will create many occasions of strong differences with seniors and colleagues.
  • Thus major obstructions and restrictions will occur.
  • No progress in career will be possible.
  • Income will however increase in moderate degree.
  • Expenses will be wastefully high and choice of investments will be wrong and loss oriented.
  • Financial status will not progress.
  • Marital life will not get better as many differences will escalate.
  • Children, if any, are not expected to enjoy any adequate good luck or good health.
  • Personal health will suffer through many common functional ailments.
  • From after 27 Oct 2017, all the negatives will increase further while your attitude will not improve.
  • Communication failure, wrong observation and judgment will be near total and thus progress in any area of life will remain stuck though income will increase.

From 16 Nov 2018 to 15 Aug 2019: Part of Jupiter-Mercury.

  • Events in all areas of life will be long the lines similar to period after 27 Oct 2017.
  • However your overall luck will much improve and this will remove or reduce many issues that you may face at work, at home and in society.
  • Career will be more stable through differences will remain.
  • No progress in position will occur but your income will increase at a higher rate while your expenses will reduce without any extra efforts.
  • Overall communication will get better but still you can improve it further.
  • You will get better communication from others while your attitude will become more reasonable.
  • This will help your marital life but luck related to progeny may remain the same.
  • You will have more stable health and a better energy level


Do-s and Don’t-s

  • Maintain clarity and propriety of thoughts and actions.
  • You should stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.
  • Try hard to improve communication gap or failure and thus improve your communication.
  • This is very important since you may take actions [apparently practical] that will make you a poor manager of opportunities and wealth, and thus you will lose or waste your chances and your money and may invite displeasures of others and other problems.
  • Avoid over ambition, inclination to dominate, avoid haste, over confidence and showy behaviour.
  • Avoid making commitments if you are not sure of being able to honor them.
  • Do not expect any real respect, help or even suggestions or cooperation from anybody on any matter, if you cannot follow the above line of action.
  • Do not act in overriding manner.
  • Do not expect to get more than your dues.
  • Do not overestimate what you are to get as this can lead to troubles.
  • Strictly avoid ego, conceit, arguments, controversies and conflicts or you will face extreme form of restriction everywhere.
  • Do not seek help when you can do without it as such action will improve your image.
  • This is also due to the reason that you may be refused any help any way