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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Money Transit Report For 3 Months:

It can be read under the following heads:

Major transit over the next 3 months
Detailed Analysis
Forecast for next three months
Remedies and Suggestions

Major transit over the next 3 months:

Your ascendant is Virgo and Moon sign is Aries.
Transits of major planets that practically influence money matters are of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu.

Effects of transits that can alter financial health either way, directly or indirectly:
Transit Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th house from Moon till 19 Jun 2017:

There can be long journeys.
Learning will be much pragmatic at this stage.
You will concentrate in religion, metaphysics and philosophy.
Enemies may trouble you and your health may be weak.
Some financial issues and unhappiness may occur.
Ill health of father may be possible.

Transit Saturn in Sagittarius in the 4th house from ascendant till 19 Jun 2017:

Start carefully to gain and rise.
Domestic problems, if any, must be handled calmly.
The issues may involve simple reorganizing to major reshuffling of your relations and contracts within your domestic life.
Your house/residence may need some expenses for payments of taxes, repairs and renovations etc.
Parents' health may need some attention.
Disagreement with spouse, relatives and superiors are possible.

Transit Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house from Moon after 19 Jun 2017:

This is a transit that is good for you on long term.
You will learn to depend more on yourself and will get to know your own abilities, resources and the value of them.
You will also get to know the reality of people around you.
You will need to take decisions carefully to avoid mistakes.
Differences with relatives, superiors or the authorities should be avoided.
You may have some shortages with your finance and various  possessions.
Money held under the custody of others may not be easily available when you need them.

Transit Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd house from ascendant after 19 Jun 2017:

You will see many successes, pleasant functions, recognition in service [job] career, many agreeable events, outstanding reports, and gain of wealth, pleasures, prosperity and success in your undertakings.
Defeat of enemies, happiness, power, position and various enjoyments may occur.
his period influence your immediate surroundings and the daily status of your mind.

Transit Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th house from Moon:

It is a good transit for any kind of work and for meeting duties that brings personal growth.
You will see good health, personal growth and higher responsibility.
Enjoyment and fulfillment of desires, improvement in service, or getting a new job or position with better opportunities are indicated.
This is a very good period for health, vigor and vitality.
Avoid all kinds of over indulgence.

Transit Jupiter in Virgo in the ascendant:

You will get good results.
However its influence may be marked by other transits that are longer  lasting and more powerful.
But this transit will serve the purpose of giving you a break from the negative [if any] effects of other transits.
Good health, optimism and every other thing will work out well for you.
You will start new projects, expand your activities and get opportunities for travels that will be beneficial for you.
It is a good time to study.
ou will meet new people indicating the new aspects of your life developing now.
You will feel more freedom.
Avoid overdoing anything and exercise a certain amount of restraint.
Be very careful about extravagance.
Avoid investing money anywhere.
Accepting donations and bribes will give quite malefic results.
You and your father living together will give good results.
You should use his bed or cot or any other intimate thing for your own good in case living with father is not possible than.
Keeping articles of Jupiter [gold and saffron] in the home will be auspicious and lucky.
If handled like this, you will have a good time during this transit.

Transit Rahu in Leo in the 5th house from Moon:

You can earn well through creative ability and also through your education.
Love affairs, if any, will bring material gains.
This transit can try to tempt you into speculation through some initial gains but speculative investments should be avoided.
Matters of children will be highlighted.

Transit Rahu in Leo in the 12th house from ascendant:

This transit will make you interested in the occult and you may gain through them.
You will have victory over enemies.
You may experience some intuitive or prophetic dreams.
Take care of your money and property.

Detailed Analysis:

Occupation (source of main income) obviously governs financial state in a major way.
Occupation of ascendant by Jupiter, and occupation of Moon sign by its lord Mars are quite positive.
Mercury, the lord of career house from ascendant, and Saturn, the lord of career house from Moon, are not fully active for career and in finance but these are well covered by Jupiter.
The lord of 9th house from Moon, Jupiter is well placed in ascendant and favorably aspects the 9th house of fortune and the 5th house of investment from ascendant, very positive.
Saturn aspects Venus, the lord of wealth house from ascendant and from Moon.
Wealth house from Moon is occupied by Ketu.
Thus potential for financial accumulation may be occasionally less.
Saturn is in the 6th house from Moon (Moon is the lord of gain house from ascendant) very positive.
Transit effects of Saturn and Rahu will offer mixed results while transit Jupiter will maintain a very positive influence on overall finance in the coming months and also later.
Overall financial growth and stability may be a bit slow and you will need to push it.
Your overall finance will remain within safely manageable level.

Forecast for next three months:

These three months are ruled by the main period of Rahu and sub period of Sun and their help may not be enough all the time.
But transit Jupiter will offer more than enough support for rise in  income from career.
This rise in income may spill over to period after these three months.
Expenses for your home or residence or on your mother can be present till 19 Jun 2017.
This also a good phase to pay back any debts that might or might not have occurred till Jan 2017.
You may be also be able to conserve some money if you practice regular thrift.
Keeping this saved amount of money safe will be very important and will help you much afterwards.

Special observation:

In overall financial dealings, you will may face cycles of good gains and some losses.
You will do well to save as much as possible during periods of good inflow so that you have a backup arrangement for finance during the demanding periods.

Remedies and Suggestions:

Developing your finance is your responsibility.
You will need to be very cautious about taking or not taking any advice or guidance from outsiders about your expenses and investments.
Your friends and relatives are not expected to be very intelligent or balanced in their judgment or much favorable for your growth while you may also have some unworthy people in your social circle.
Thus it is better to avoid their suggestions and use your own intelligence and determination to save and invest safely for your financial welfare.
Strictly avoid spending on avoidable areas.
Also DO NOT invest in speculative or other risky areas.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi daily.
Chant "Om Durgaoii Namah" as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.