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It can be read under the following heads:

  • An analysis of the state of mind based on evaluation of position of Moon, Mercury, 5th lord, 2nd lord, 12th  lord & any other aspect:
  • Explanation why people get into depression, addictions, and excessive Social media exposure by citing planetary combinations that is typical of such issues.
  • Chances of the child or person to get sucked into depression, wrongful influences, drugs, stalking or any bodily harm due to external influences:
  • Suggestions on how to take away the child from such influences -
  • Time periods for precaution:
  •  Vedic Remedies - if required;


An analysis of the state of mind based on evaluation of position of Moon, Mercury, 5th lord, 2nd lord, 12th lord & any other aspect:
The following points can perpetuate each other. 

  • Moon, one of the most vivid representatives of mental state, is lord of the 10th house of all activities and of career in particular.
  • Moon is ill placed with nearly zero digit strength and very poor auspiciousness.
  • Saturn, the depositor of Moon in D1 birth chart is in 2:12 locations from Moon, a cause for depression.
  • In D9 Navamsa chart, Moon is very heavily afflicted by conjunction with malefic planets Saturn and Mars, while the combination of Mars-Moon-Saturn suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between Sun and Rahu.
  • All these factors take away much of the positivity from Moon.
  • This can cause much turbulence in mind leading to inability to take right decisions due to improper perception and analysis of events and imperfect judgment, thus leading to mental confusion and wrong actions and reactions in any matter, especially those related to emotions.
  • Affection to stability at any career situation or atmosphere is clearly a possibility.
  • Moon cannot protect or promote your life events, especially the area of career.
  • Moon placed in the 5th house will provide natural artistic ability and attraction to all forms of pleasure, while her location in Aquarius sign will lead you to humanitarian acts and together these will form a dilemma about righteousness.
  • These will affect your health, career, social life, home life, and also education if applicable.
  • Others may fail to understand you or assess you correctly and can lead to loneliness for you.



  • Mercury will rule the brain or logical mind more than the emotional mind and also your communication.
  • In your chart, Mercury is lord of 9th house of Dharma, higher-mind wisdom and good fortune and, of 12th house of losses, much mental worry and extravagance in sex life.
  • Mercury is debilitated - very weak, extremely poor in directional strength and has nearly zero auspiciousness.
  • Mercury is very ill placed at the centre of the nodal axis.
  • Hence Mercury is inactive in offering positive signals for right thoughts and actions and thus causes various losses and unhappiness, leading to internal pressures in your psyche.
  • You will prefer to communicate well for your comfort and also for success but you will often fail to do so for no apparent or obvious reasons.
  • The distance from others created in this manner will put a lot of pressure on your mind without showing the right path.
  • These are signs of loneliness and depression, but your control over your feelings will be very less and your health will suffer.
  • Adverse conjunction of Saturn with Venus and adverse 3rd aspect of Saturn on Mercury will also play ricks on your libido and can strongly affect your sex life and thus lead to further depression.


2nd house lord Mars:

  • The 2nd house is of family life.
  • Mars has nearly zero digbala and very poor auspiciousness, is conjunct with Venus and also Saturn, the lord of 4th house of home life and is engaged in planetary war with Saturn (exceptionally negative) and hence Venus just cannot support you positively and may even make you tempted to lower levels of passion caused by the traits of Venus-Mars-Saturn combination.
  • You may hastily pick up unworthy partners who can provide some immediate solace from boredom, loneliness and depression, through diversionary mundane enjoyments but will fall to make you internally satisfied and genuinely happy.
  • All these will cause loneliness, missing of home life bliss and anger arising out of them.
  • But such diversions do not bring permanent relief from loneliness and you may get bored soon and lonely again, while this cycle repeats, again and again.


5th house lord Saturn:

  • The 5th house is of love, creativity and conscience, investments and Saturn is lord of both 4th houses of home life and also of 5thhouse.
  • Afflictions to Saturn are already given under previous point.
  • Venus, lord of ascendant, being grossly affected, your soul power will take a beating and thus any unworthy or inappropriate action from your side will not immediately catch your attention.
  • Instant happiness or release from loneliness will be more important but in saner moments your inner conscience and culture will burn you.
  • You will turn profoundly self-critical and depressed, and this can become a vicious cycle.
  • At times you may feel a sense of worthlessness and may even develop
  • Inclination to harm yourself.
  • Only steady and dependable love and care can be useful here to pull you back, but the house being the house of love too, things may not get going in that direction.


12th house lord Mercury:

  • It is a house of confinement and loss, and also of separation from others.
  • Mercury is very weak and his location at the centre of the nodal axis will stand in the way of maintaining a strong bond with any one and especially when Ketu, the planet of dissociation, is the depositor planet of Mercury.
  • Lack of such bond in the early years of life (when the mind is likely to remain disturbed by many other factors as given above) can act as a strong separating agent that will tend to keep you away from people even if you have a ceremonial or conventional relationship with them.
  • You may lose your trust on relationships per se.
  • You may tend to wander from place to place, far and away.
  • You may not feel enthused to maintain normal routine discipline of daily life and may start ignoring the basics like timely eating, sleeping and taking care of your body and environment.


Overall expected effects:

  • Trust deficit about all associations or relationships or home life can gradually get quite strong, but the point of start of such change is often blurred and goes unnoticed.
  • Much loneliness, anger and depression can develop but may remain hidden for some time and explode later.
  • Such loneliness very often invites wrong friends and negative habits.
  • Golden years of life will have chance to be grossly affected.
  • Parental love, attachments to siblings or other similarly aged friends and attention from and quality time with them, along with intelligent counselling can help.


Explanation why people get into depression, addictions, and excessive Social media exposure by citing planetary combinations that is typical of such issues.

  • All positive emotions nurture and promote good health and good habits and allow the normal flow of life and encourage its growth.
  • But there are many factors or events that can and do disturb this positive state of life.
  • When good feelings of emotion are challenged by events beyond human control or by mundane events life relocation, separation, lack of trust, any or all of the negative traits like depression, addictions, adverse effects of social media exposure start influencing a person more acutely and cause harm or danger to him or her.
  • These can take root since the person is in a vulnerable state, unable to judge good and bad and long term effects of various influences. 


Planetary combinations for Depression:

  • Affliction to Moon in any chart is the most basic and most important astrological factor for causing depression.
  • Weak Moon, low digbala of Moon, poor auspiciousness of Moon, Moon’s conjunction with any malefic planet or aspect of such planets on Moon, especially by Saturn and the nodes, bracketing of Moon by malefic planets, location of Moon in 3, 6, 8 or 12thhouses, position of Moon in the junction of two signs are particularly responsible for depression.
  • The above situation can be further aggravated by affliction to other areas of the chart and by presence of planetary combinations for loneliness.


Planetary combination for Loneliness:

  • Affliction to any of the causative factors of loneliness will cause, aggravate and perpetuate loneliness.
  • Loneliness is caused by the following planetary states or combinations:


Affliction to causative planets as given below:

  • Affliction to Saturn and/or Ketu, the natural karaka planets for loneliness.
  • Afflictions to the lords of the 3rd, 8th and 12th houses.
  • Lords of 3, 8, 12 houses afflicting the houses of 1, 4, 9 or their lords.
  • Occupation of or aspect on Moon sign or ascendant or their lords, by any or more of the above causative planets.


Applicable in your case:

  • Saturn afflicted by Mars.
  • Ketu deposited by highly afflicted Mercury.
  • 3rd house lord Jupiter suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga (PKY) between the nodes.
  • 8th house lord Mars is afflicted by Saturn and Venus.
  • 12th house lord Mercury is highly afflicted.
  • 3rd house lord Jupiter is in 6:8 locations from ascendant lord Venus, 4th house lord Saturn and the 9th lord house lord Mercury.
  • Moon is highly afflicted as given above.


Planetary combination for Material addiction:
Alcohol addiction:

  • 1, 2, 5, 6, 11th and 12th houses and the watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will specifically promote addiction to alcohol.
  • Affliction of these signs and houses by Moon, Mercury, ascendant lord, Moon sign lord (especially if they are weak or afflicted by malefic planets) will cause addiction to alcohol.
  • In the present case, afflicted Moon is placed in the 6th house and inspected by Jupiter, lord of Pisces.
  • However ownership of Sagittarius, a fiery sign, by Jupiter will dilute the negative possibilities to an extent.


Drug addition

  • The planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are primarily responsible as causative and maintenance factors for drug addiction.
  • They also obstruct de-addiction efforts.
  • Any of these planets having negative relationship with 1st, 2ndand 6th houses will cause and promote drug addiction.
  • Additionally if the 2nd house is per se afflicted, the chances of addition will be many times stronger.
  • Afflicted or badly placed Mercury also induces a thought process that often leads to a craving while the houses 1, 2, 5, 6, 11 and theirs lords, if afflicted, offer support.
  • In the present case, Saturn, aspects ascendant and also carries the effects of Mars to the ascendant, while Mars, the lord of 2ndhouse is afflicted by Saturn.
  • Thus they cause a supportive situation for drug addiction.


Planetary combination for harm by social media:

  • Weak or afflicted ascendant or ascendant lord, Moon sign and its lord and similar status of lords of the 5th and 9th houses from these reference points are the main causative factors for low self-esteem and strong desire to be recognized by fellow beings.
  • These will push people to social media for ready acknowledgement and a sense of participation on a bigger platform.
  • Hero worship and peer pressure will act as strong promoters.
  • For young and sensitive age groups, the impressionable, extra emotional, innocent and unaware mindset will make them more vulnerable.


Chances of the child or person to get sucked into depression, wrongful influences, drugs, stalking or any bodily harm due to external influences:

  • In your case, chances of loneliness, depression, wrongful influences, and alcohol/drug addiction are quite possible but these may not go to any extreme level.
  • Recovery from wrong path will remain quite possible if due and timely attention is in place.
  • Social media effects will remain confined to material addictions, if any and various short term enjoyments
  • A chance of bodily harm by others or by self is not expected.
  • No suicidal tendency is seen and is not expected to develop.


Suggestions on how to take away the child from such influences
Astrological & Behavioural suggestions:
Astrological suggestions:

  • Propitiation of Saturn, Mars, Mercury and the nodes and above all of Moon will remain essential and immediately necessary.


Behavioural suggestions:

  • Quality time should be spent by parents with the young man as frequently as possible.
  • Treat him as an equal, as a friend.
  • Share some of your thoughts, about other matters, with him.
  • Act as if you want his help and view on these matters.
  • Go for short travels with him.
  • Keep indirect watch on his friend circle and monitor his progress at school/work.
  • Stay in touch with authorities at school/workplace.


Time periods for precaution:

  • Precaution is necessary throughout but especially till Apr 2032.
  • Within this period the years 2018 to 2020 and 2025 to 2027 will be more important.


Vedic Remedies - if required;

  • Vedic astrological remedies are necessary and will be much useful.
  • Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
  • Even silent chanting will do.
  • This alone will take very good care of all negativities of the birth chart.